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cruising with dilligaf
Dilligaf heading for the Tuamotu Atolls and have been underway for 24hrs.
-Bill on Dilligaf
11 April 2011 | Punta Los Chivos OR Chacala
Good Morning! Dilligaf is basking in the Sun this morning on our way to Kauehi in the Tuamotu Atolls and is only a mere 330 nm away. We have done 170 nm in 24 hrs which is doing just fine we are not pushing the limits at all and enjoying our time at sea. We split the night shift and I get the first 6 hr shift from 8pm to 2am then Sue does the 2 am on. We both nap during the day and both are on watch during the day. It has been working well. We have had a good breeze of 15-20 kts all night and this morning is not disappointing us. Of course there are those few hours of very light winds but that is mirrored in our distance covered in 24 hrs. Our average speed is 7 kts with swell 6' and wind waves 2-4' our COG is 227 degrees but that will change when I get done with e-mails. we will head about 235 degrees. I forgot to add: Dilligaf is at 10*45'--141*51' if you are plotting it out. Our Solar Panels are keeping up with light loads of reffer, navigation, auto pilot but we do turn off the inverter when we are not using it. That has saved us quite a bit of energy. We are getting 320 watt's out of the panels when the clouds don't cover them. Right now we are about 30 percent cloud cover so I don't think we will suffer because of the cloud cover.. Yesterday we caught two Skipjack Tuna and threw them back because we heard from other cruisers that Skipjack is not that good tasting. Please give us a shout if you know how to cook them where they taste good. I hate to throw them back. Besides water and more water, sky, a few clouds and warm temps. nothing more to report. Air temp 82, Sea temp. 83 and RH 67 percent and barometer reading 1020 (30.12) and no squalls around us. When we first set out from Oa-Pou a huge Squall was 30-40 miles away to the west and we kept our eyes on it. The wind was and is from an easterly direction so all is good! Bill and Sue S/V Dilligaf [email protected]
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