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Sailing vessel Whirlwind
1985 Alajuela 48
Paint Job for Whirlwind
8/02/2008, San Carlos Boat Yard

We decided it was time for Whirlwind to have a new paint job. She was looking kinda tired. We headed back to California to buy paint, but found out we could not buy the Awlgrip in the LA area, so we had it shipped down from fisheries in Seattle. It only took a few days on a truck. Then we headed back down with the paint. The job will take about 6 weeks , so we plan on staying down here until the job is completed. We will update the blog as the job continues.

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8/02/2008 | Steven
Looking good. Lots of work!!!
8/02/2008 | Mike & Liz
Lookin' good! Lookin' hot down there, too.
"Bake at 350* until done"
San Carlos Boat yard

Enjoying the sunshine

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8/02/2008 | Michael Scott
Everyone's varnishing! We'll be off North for Fiji about the time you head back North to your (new) house. What are your plans for next year?
Back in San Carlos

It's great to be back in sunny San Carlos! The Whirlwind looks pretty good for settting out in the dessert for nine months. We had her brought over to work yard today so we could get her cleaned up alittle before we start doing some boat projects. We will stay here and work on her until it gets to hot. We plan on going back to the house sometime in June.

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8/02/2008 | dave bishop
Hi, I just bought the hull and deck of an Alajuela 48, she has never seen water and I want to finish her. any idea where I can get plans, or even more pictures of yours would help.

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