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Still home in the cold.

03 January 2018
We will be getting a late start this year. A family member is having surgery late January and we want to be around.
Our plan right now is to head to the boat by early February and staying around the work yard getting work projects done. Probably not going in the water, but enjoying the warmer weather. Not sure how long we will be down this year.
Will let you know at the end of the month. Enjoy 2018.

Snow *** and cold

20 April 2017
We left on Sunday and make it to North Carolina. Monday we made it to Harrisburg, PA. Still warm weather. When we left Harrisburg it was 18 (68) and we made it to Portland, Maine. David decided that since we were close to home that we might as well continue home. When we arrived in Saint John at 11:30 it was only 2 (34). We stayed at our daughters house for the night and came home on Wednesday morning.
Unfortunately we woke to snow this morning. Still good to be home.

On shore and packing

14 April 2017
We are now in Green Cove Springs and unpacking the boat and packing the car.
We left Palm Cove on Friday and had a nice trip along the ICW then lots of wind when we entered the river. A bit rough in the open. Further up it was ok, above Jacksonville is very open so decided to stop at Metropolitan Park. Quite a few boats here. A nice quiet night. The lift bridge here is still being worked on so you can go through early in the morning (still too dark), noon or 4. We come through Saturday at noon. A wait at the RR bridge then on our way. We arrive at Green Cove around 5:30 and pick up mooring. Sunday the marina is closed so we don't get the car until Monday. We spend the morning in St Augustine, then Jacksonville. Back at the marina we get a couple of things ready to come out tomorrow.
A wait today. We come over to the wharf at 10:30 but a few problems with the lift and we are finally out and in the work yard at 3.
The last few days have been packing and unpacking car and boat. We hope to leave here on Sunday for our drive home.

Wild weather

05 April 2017
We last left you at Vero Beach. We left there on Mar. 26th a Sunday. It was a good trip up except for three cruisers who waked everyone they went by. We had stuff flying all over the place after the first one and the other two say how the wake rocked us but still didn't slow down. We heard people complaining for hours when they passed boats ahead of us. We anchored by a bridge Sunday night and on Monday made it to Titusville and stayed there a couple of nights.
We left Wednesday and had current against us most of the way to Daytona. On Thursday left Daytona and made it to St Augustine. Also had current against us until last hour. Both days were about 10 hr trips.
We plan to stay here a week and meet up with family (Brian and Sue).
In St Augustine we spent time walking around the town, people watching from the boat, took a bus to the store, got some laundry done. Had problems with the wifi, kept kicking us off. On Monday spent the day with Brian and Sue, but got them home before the storm hit. Lots of wind, rain, thunder and lightening. Most of Tuesday wet and windy, cleared some in the afternoon. Looks like a few days of wind and thunderstorms.
Today it was nice this morning with good winds for the day, but storms coming in tonight. We decide to head out and maybe make it to Jacksonville. However, again with the currents, a slow trip up. Some motor sailing. At Palm Cove Marina we decide to come in for the night. We are on a dock and the marina is about 7 miles south of the Saint John river. A very well protected marina. Tomorrow or Friday depending on the weather we will head out and up the river. We have made arrangements to come out of the water on the 11th and then into storage the 18th.

St Augustine

02 April 2017
Got here Thursday, wifi is a problem. Plan to leave this Thursday for Jacksonville

Still in Vero Beach

25 March 2017
We have been here a week. We have been on the bus to Walmart a couple of times, also Publix, and a NAPA store for a new fan belt. It has been calm, windy and a storm on Thursday. Also on Thursday we had company. Jim and Mary and Tom and Anita came over for a visit. We went out to lunch and we planning to come back to the boat, but a thunderstorm hit and everyone decided to head home. We got out at the lounge and had to wait about an hour before we could get back out to the boat. There was about 2 inches of water in the dingy. The rest of the day was rain and wind, some thunder and lightning. Also some hail. The bus had to wait here for a long time, she was not allowed to cross the bridge. A short visit but good to see friends.
Yesterday we got our groceries and hope to leave here tomorrow and get part way to Titusville. Then on Monday get there. The wind is suppose to be down and from the east so may get in some sailing. The wind for the next days looks good for travelling. Our plan is to get to St Augustine by April 1st, so we have lots of time to get there. Looking forward to moving again, should be shorter trips this time, still have a sore back, but getting better. Will probably get another blog out once we are in St Augustine.
Vessel Name: Whiski Mak
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 29.5
Hailing Port: Saint John, NB Canada
Crew: David and Janet Moore
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Who: David and Janet Moore
Port: Saint John, NB Canada