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South for the Winter
Rucker Family Boating in the Keys
Try to Keep it in the water Nathan
04/10/2006, Lake of the Ozarks, MO

The boys following Daddy

early season boating weekend
John / mid 50s and low 70s
04/10/2006, Lake of the Ozarks

Thanks to good friends, a little cabin fever, and a strong yearning for the boating season to begin we didn't let a little thing like cold weather keep us from having a great time last weekend. After all it was our last weekend on the lake before they tear Daddy down for her road trip to her new home on the Mississippi. Our boys Nathan (16) and Brad (14) and fellow boaters from back home Jay and Erica, Mitch and Kim and their boy Jacob joined us for the weekend. The boys stayed in a hotel close to the marina while the adults stayed on Daddy. We had a great time Friday night had the marina to ourselves (well we thought we did). We had a few apologizing for the noise (I got a new hailer) and music after midnight the next day. Anyway that is a story best told in person. Lets just say we lived up to our power boater reputation. That was for all you blow boaters on this Blog site. I feel very outnumbered being the only power boater that I can find with a current posting.

Saturday the girls spent the morning shopping and the guys got the boat ready to go. In the afternoon we took Daddy out and Nathan and Mitch put the Jet boat in at the state park. The boys jumped in the Jet boat and followed Daddy around the lake jumping the wake of boats and trying to keep as dry as possible. They looked a little cold but had smiles so we were too worried.

First Post
Partly sunny high 60s
04/07/2006, Lake of the Ozarks, MO

This looks like a very cool Blog. I have been reading about the journeys down in the Gulf and the Keys. My dream is to do exactly that and to SCUBA down there with my boys. Well the Journey begins with "Who's Your Daddy now". Daddy is our new 2006 SeaRay 48 Sundancer. We just bought it this winter at the Lake of the Ozarks and they will be moving it to the Mississippi soon. From there we will be hanging out on the Mississippi and the Illinois river over the summer with a few big trips every now and then we plan on heading up to Chicago and then later in the winter down to the Gulf. This weekend we have a group coming up and we will be taking her out on the lake.

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