Why Knot Now?

It all began as a dream.....became a plan.....then, a reality. Our dream was destroyed! .....We're starting over! .....Now follow us aboard S/V SeaQuell

02 May 2016 | Atlantic Ocean
02 May 2016 | Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean--- 200 miles offshore
02 May 2016 | Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
02 May 2016 | Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
24 April 2016
23 April 2016
22 April 2016
21 April 2016
20 April 2016
19 April 2016
18 April 2016
17 April 2016
16 April 2016 | Great Guana Cay/ Marsh Harbour
15 April 2016 | Marsh Harbour, Abacos, Bahama
15 April 2016
13 April 2016
11 April 2016 | Little Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

Let's go sailing!!

06 August 2012 | Urbanna, VA --- Rappahanock River
Another great week. We're settling in to a routine here.

Lovely sunrises (when we're up early enough to catch them). There's also been a big, beautiful full moon shining down on us.

We had dinner with some folks on the dock that are from Little Washington-- small world, isn't it? After way too much wine, we crashed early Friday night, planning an early morning sail Saturday.

We didn't leave the dock as early as planned Saturday . Slightly delayed scraping barnacles from the bottom of Becky's kayak she left in the water. Who would have thought those little suckers would attach themselves so quickly-- it was only in the water about 10 days.

We had a lovely trip-- motored down to Tides Lodge to fuel the old gal, in anticipation of an upcoming trip this weekend.

We had a great sail out to Stingray Point -- just in the Chesapeake Bay. The weather was gorgeous-- winds about 12-15 knots and temps in the high 80's.
Of course, we snagged a crab pot and that slowed us down significantly. We didn't even realize we were dragging it, until we started the engines because we had slowed to 3 knots. Robert swears he's gonna start charging the crabbers for GPS coordinates for relocating their pots.

Back to the marina in time for dinner and a movie--- free Redbox rental. The movie wasn't great, but hey, it was free, right?

Sunday brought more projects-- Robert is making the pattern or our hammock couch--- we ran out of grommets, though, and had to abandon that project for one more day.

Yoga for Becky today , then grocery shopping/library/market. Robert is back to work--- Maggie is just relaxing---- eating and sleeping the day away.

We are excited about this weekend. We are having guests aboard and planning a sail to Tangier Island. Another new place to explore.

Gotta go-- it's cocktail hour and someone has to mix the drinks!!!!
Vessel Name: SeaQuell
Vessel Make/Model: Manta 40
Hailing Port: Bath, NC
Crew: Captain Robert, Admiral Becky & Maggie the Wonder Dog!
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/whyknotnow
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Who are we?

Who: Captain Robert, Admiral Becky & Maggie the Wonder Dog!
Port: Bath, NC