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Why Knot Now?
It all began as a dream.....became a plan.....then, a reality. Our dream was destroyed! .....We're starting over! .....Now follow us aboard S/V SeaQuell
Busy, Busy, Busy
03/16/2012, St. Simons Island, GA

The past couple of weeks have been a blur.

Robert has been travelling with business--first to Nova Scotia and this week to Greensboro, NC.

Repairs continue on a daily basis--we try to do a few minor things every day.

We are starting to have a little time for fun, though.

We had a great time last Saturday night-- drinks on a neighbor's boat and laughter well into the wee morning hours. Guess the dockmaster knew what he was doing when he assigned our slip-- seems we landed on the "party dock". We are making new friends quickly and have shared meals and lots of good times with them.

Last Sunday, we went for a bike ride around the island and down to the beach. The scenery here is lovely-- lots of spanish moss/tree lined roads and lots of bicycle paths. Robert had a flat tire on his back, so he had to walk about halfway back to the bike repair shop. After just a little bit, we were on the way again.

I had my hair cut yesterday at the salon, right here on the marina grounds. Pretty sweet, huh?

Planning potluck dinner on the dock tonight--- gotta make a bike ride to CVS for insect repellant for our outing tomorrow-- kayaking!!!!! More later

Daily Life
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How Many Leaks Can One Boat Have??
03/05/2012, St.Simons Island, GA

What a weekend!!! We are still working our butts off trying to repair/replace lots of "stuff". This weekend was quite rainy-- poured Saturday night-- right into my sleeping bag! I slept right through it- noticed upon awakening yesterday that I was quite "chilly"- only later did I realize how wet my sleeping bag was.

Robert found the leak- we had recently installed a new wi-fi antenna and the water was coming in around that area. Silicone is my new friend. We should own stock in it.

We also detected a huge leak in one of the front windows-- again- more silicone!!!!

We slept warm and dry last night with no evidence of other "spouts"

Robert is away on business- in Nova Scotia, so Maggie and I have been cleaning and scrubbing. Actually, Maggie is sacked out in her bed and I'm doing all the work.

Today is laundry day- met a very nice lady in the laundry room. After chatting a bit, it seems we have some mutual friends. It's a very small world- especially in the cruising community. She and her husband are from Ohio, but spent some time in the New Bern area. It's lots of fun meeting new people and sharing stories- makes laundry a much less mundane task.

The weather is gorgeous !!!! A little cool, but sunny and breezy- I have all the windows open, letting in lots of fresh air. Planning to get some reading done when chores a finished. Looks like another wonderful day!!!

Daily Life
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More Busy Days
02/29/2012, St. Simons Island, GA

We've been quite busy trying to get our new "home" organized and clean.

This boat is bigger than our previous boat, but it seems that we have either acquired more "stuff" or we just haven't found a place for it all yet.

The weather has been cool and cloudy for 2 days, but today is absolutely beautiful. Sunny and 80's. Thinking that cocktails in the cockpit to watch the sunset is a great idea for later.

Maggie has calmed alot and is spending most of her time napping in her new bed.We take her for long walks a couple of times a day and she seems to enjoy that.

We are enjoying this lovely place immensely. Hoping to do more exploring this weekend. The locals have made several recommendations of cool stuff to see and do.

Time for a glass of wine and a nap on the trampoline for me!!!! Robert is still working.

Daily Life
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Settling in
02/26/2012, St. Simons Island,Ga

We are trying to get settled in our new home. We moved from the transient dock to our new dock yesterday.

Spent most of yesterday repairing leaky hatches and cleaning. The port engine needed some work ; that's now completed as well. Did a little shopping for odds and ends ---- we have a new microwave!!!!

Enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Nacho's--- a great Mexican restaurant--- met a bunch of "the locals" and had some good conversation.

Today is "setting up Robert's office " day. The new wi-fi antenna has been installed and after and hour of troubleshooting via phone, things seem to be working well.

Maggie is adjusting well--- she has met several new "friends"--Huckleberry- a Bassett hound and Ellie Mae--- a cute little mutt. She's not too wild abut all the cats around dock, but pretty much just ignores them unless they come too close.

It's cloudy/drizzly and cool here. Great day to read and do inside projects.

Daily Life
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Last Leg
02/24/2012, North of Daytona Beach, Fl

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the water.

We saw a sting ray jump from wave to wave 3 times!!! We also saw an old sea turtle with barnacles on his shell.. How cool!!

Dinner was chili with rice--- after a bowl of rice skidded across the countertop, spilling onto the galley floor, it's smaller portions for the both of us. Did you know you can vacuum grains of cooked rice with a DeWalt vacuum????

Our overnight sail was VERY uneventful.. Absolutely NO wind-- around 6 knots-- Once again, started the engines to assist.

Around 10:30 am, we can see the markers for the St. Simon Island inlet!!!!!

Of course, as we enter the inlet, the previously DEAD winds sprang to life--- now around 20 knots sustained.

We managed to drop the sails, head for port and arrive safely at the dock, despite a huge gust of wind (37 Knots), just as we are docking.

Maggie dog is happy to leave the boat and go for a much needed walk-- pee/ poop.

Lunch is a fantastic Burger with fries from the marina grill--- sure hit the spot.

Resting now after a couple of dark and stormies for Robert/ Vodka tonics for Becky,

Showers/shave/and shampoo still await----- Gotta get our "second wind"

Out to Sea
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Scary night
02/23/2012, Cape Canaveral, Fl.

Becky's first overnighter was quite interesting.

All was well until Becky's watch--- of course, the Casino Cruise Ship from Hell comes closer than our comfort zone. Actually, it was about 2 miles away, but it sure looked closer--

A slight panice attack later, still on Becky's watch, The wind shifted due to an departing thunderstorm. Unable to sail into the wind, we cranked the "iron ginnies" to assist.

Finally back on course, the remainder of the night was relatively uneventful.

Winds 20 plus knots, average speed 7.5 knots. Maximum speed 11.7 knots!!!!

Still no pee or poop for Maggie dog.

Out to Sea
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