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It all began as a dream.....became a plan.....then, a reality. Our dream was destroyed! .....We're starting over! .....Now follow us aboard S/V SeaQuell

28 November 2016
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25 November 2016
25 November 2016
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02 May 2016 | Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
02 May 2016 | Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
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28 November 2016
Sunday, November 27, 2016

We had a very interesting night last night. Sometime after midnite, the winds increased significantly---, a sustained 15 knots. Not very gusty, thankfully. We were somewhat exposed in our anchorage, so we rocked all night long. Very little sleep for me; Robert and Maggie slept like the dead!!

We left our anchorage at 6:30 am. It's still very windy. We did the lobster/crab pot dodge, and raised the jib. We are once again a sailboat!!!!

We average 6 knots with just the jib, and maintain this speed for a few hours.

Around 10 am, we snagged our first pot of the day-- now we're down to 2.5 knots. Son of a B!!! Robert starts the port engine, reverses it, and off comes the pot! Whew!!

The wind decreases, so we motorsail along thru the Florida Bay. We can see the 7 mile bridge!!!! WooHoo!!! Almost home!!!

We are almost at the markers for our entrance to the marina when we snag another pot. Damnit to hell and back again!!!! So close!!! Reversing the engine doesn't work this time-- the line is wrapped around the prop. Looks like Robert is going for a dip sooner than we planned!!

We manage to get out of the channel, lower the sail, and drop the hook. Robert successfully removes the line, and we're soon underway again.

By just after noon, we are tied up to the dock at our "winter home". Marathon Resort and Marina.

We head to the on site restaurant-- Lazy Days, and share a big fat juicy burger and fries for lunch. Ice cold beer to wash it down!! Two Iguanas join us just outside our table, hoping for some tidbits. Robert feeds them some lettuce.

After lunch, we enjoy a nice, leisurely walk around the marina property. Maggie's a happy girl!!!! It's warm and sunny here!!!!

We are so thankful for a safe passage. 1200 miles under our belt this trip!!!!

We spend a little time at the tiki hut just beside our slip, then retire to SeaQuell for a little TV and Internet!!!!

Gonna be a quiet evening for the Nordstroms. We is tired!!! But a good kinda tired!!

Thanks for all of you who follow along with us on our crazy adventures!! It makes doing this blog much more fun!!

Crab Pot Central

26 November 2016
Underway at 6:15. Calm, slightly overcast but beautiful sunrise.

We meandered through Stiltsville; where a half dozen "homes" are built on stilts-- right in the open waters of Biscayne Bay, just before the inlet to the Atlantic . Two of the cabins are occupied!!

We raise the jib, even though winds are very light (6 knots), and we're making 6.5 knots with engine assist.

We stop at noon in North Key Largo for ice. Literally tied off for less than 5 minutes.

Lots of boat traffic today!! Little fast boats zooming in every direction; obviously oblivious to surrounding traffic.

Lunch is salami, cheese and crackers, and a boiled egg for Robert. I have a cold slice of leftover turkey. Maggie has no interest in eating. She prefers to sleep the day away.

The wind completely dies after lunch. Thank goodness for our little engines.

We pick our way through hundreds of crab pots, and several shallow areas. It's kind of a nerve wracking afternoon. On our way today, we saw a few flying fish, a big spotted ray, and a pod of dolphins!! The water is so clear you can see the bottom!!

We reach our anchorage at Long Key just as the sun is setting. We nestle SeaQuell in among the abundance of crab pots, and drop the hook.

Robert goes for a quick dip while I prepare dinner. He says the water feels great, but I Think I'll just opt for a shower on the transom.

Dinner is the last if our Thanksgiving leftovers and a round or two of cocktails.

We are the only boat in the anchorage, so it's nice and quiet. All the fast boats seem to have gone away now that the sun has set. Hallelujah!!!

We only have about 25 miles to make tomorrow. So excited about getting to our winter home at Marathon Resort!!

Miami Mania

25 November 2016
We left our peaceful anchorage at 6 am. We have a sh--- load of bridges to get through today, and the first one opens at 6:20 am.

We make it through the first bridge right on time, and get through a total of 17 bridges before we head offshore at Port Everglades around noon.

It's not too pretty offshore today--- seas 4-5 feet with a 4 second period. We only have 22 miles to go out here until we can duck back in. There is one 55 ft. Fixed bridge that we must get around by going offshore.

We raise both the main and the jib as we head out the inlet. Once outside, we cook along at 7.5 knots under sail. It is wonderful to be a sailboat again!!

Mid afternoon, the wind decreases and we start our engines for some assistance. It's still quite lumpy out here, but tolerable.

We head in Port of Miami at 4 pm, with what seems to be hundreds (slight exaggeration) of small, very fast boats. Music blaring, creating huge wakes---- welcome to Miami!!

We arrive at our anchorage at Biscayne Bay around 5 pm. We pass all the loud, obnoxious party boats in the anchorage, and head in to a quiet spot.

Dinner tonight is leftovers from yesterday. We're both suffering from a case of "obnoxious boater overload". Nothing that a few cocktails can't cure!!

Thanksgiving Travels

25 November 2016
Thursday, November 24, 2016

We depart Loggerhead Marina in Stuart around 8 am. It's a beautiful Thanksgiving day! Sunny, calm, and a little cool.

We motor down the ICW today as conditions aren't favorable for an offshore run.

Boat traffic is minimal today-- guess everyone is celebrating the holiday with typical family gatherings.

Other than drawbridges, our only navigational concern today is an area near Palm Beach that is being heavily secured. It seems that the President-elect is at his Florida home for the holiday.

We lazily make our way down the waterway without incident. We approach the Trump property around 3 pm. There is indeed a heavy security force in effect. There are 3 security boats manning the property, and the largest Coast Guard boat shadowed us as we passed by. There was an officer on the bow of the vessel , at the ready, harnessed in with a 50 caliber machine gun. We waved as we passed by, wished them a Happy Thanksgiving, and got the hell away from there as soon as we could.

We arrived at our anchorage in Lantana just as the sun was setting. Maggie uses the trampoline for a potty break.

Our Thanksgiving feast has been cooking while we were underway. Turkey and all the trimmings!! Several cocktails too!!

We enjoy our meal, giving many thanks for all our blessings.

After dinner, we watch a little tv, check the weather again, and turn in pretty early.

Hoping to make it to Miami tomorrow, so we'll be off to an early start.

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

Slowly Southbound

13 November 2016
We set the alarm for 6:15 am, and we awakened to very dense fog. We decide to sleep a little longer and wait for the fog to lift.
We actually get to linger over our coffee this morning. Seems nice!!
We depart from the dock around 8:15. The tide is super high, but we squeeze under the bridge-- the board reads 63 ft.
As the morning progresses, the fog lifts, the clouds dissipate, and the sun shines!! Time to shed some layers!
We see numerous manatees and dolphins this morning--- what a gorgeous site!!
The boat traffic is minimal today.
Lunch is leftover soup , cheese, and crackers.
The afternoon goes by slowly-- we motor to Cocoa Village and find a quiet anchorage. Dropped the hook at 4:30 pm. Time for a cocktail!!
Plans for the next few days are to be discussed later. Robert needs to catch up on some work, so we may hang out for tomorrow.
For tonight, it looks like dinner and a movie on board.

On The Move Again

12 November 2016
We left Marineland Marina at 7 am. It's a beautiful, calm but cool morning. Robert even puts on a sweatshirt!!
We motor all morning-- there's no wind at all, but we're not complaining. We're both content to motor along. Neither of us had much sleep last night as Robert didn't get home from his business trip until 2 am.
The ICW is somewhat quiet for a weekend!! Seems nice!
By lunchtime we're shedding layers, and down to shorts and t-shirts.
Lunch is salami, pasta salad, boiled eggs, and cheese .
We arrive in New Smyrna around 2:30 pm, and there's one spot left on the free docks. Hooray!!
We're all tied up by 3. We enjoy a cocktail while chatting with other boaters, and some fishermen.
We walk into town . There's a car show going on. Wow!! So many cool cars and nice people!!
Around 5 pm, we head back to SeaQuell . We plan to have a quiet evening together, and turn in early.
Dinner is sausage, lentil, and farro soup. Really hits the spot!!
After dinner, we settle in to watch a little TV-- that is IF we can stay awake!!
Nite all!!! More fun tomorrow!!
Vessel Name: SeaQuell
Vessel Make/Model: Manta 40
Hailing Port: Bath, NC
Crew: Captain Robert, Admiral Becky & Maggie the Wonder Dog!
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