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Why Knot Now?
It all began as a dream.....became a plan.....then, a reality. Our dream was destroyed! .....We're starting over! .....Now follow us aboard S/V SeaQuell
What a week!
Becky Nordstrom
04/20/2012, St. Simons Island, GA

We thought we had the refrigeration issues solved---- NOT!  We noticed during the day on Tuesday that the freezer temperature was rising steadily. Keep in mind that I had spent 2 days last week preparing frozen meals for our next  trip.
I biked over to the ice machine and once again loaded up the bike with ice and pedaled back to  SeaQuell.  Iced down all our food and started making calls to locate a new freezer.

Robert located a freezer at Camping World in Savannah.  Off we go ( 75 miles away) to purchase it.  Upon arrival, we discover that the only unit they have in stock is a display model. Not happy, but what do you do????  $800 lighter, we head back to SeaQuell, stopping along the way at a truck stop to buy a heavy duty extension cord to use on the ride home ( hoping to cool this freezer down while on the way). We plug it in to the cigarette lighter adapter and guess what---- the damn thing doesn't hit a lick. NO power at all.  It's after 6pm and Camping World is closed. We head on home, hoping to find an easy "fix" for this piece of  sh------ we just bought.

We lug the monster down the dock and haul it on board. We thought maybe it just didn't work in the car--- hoping for some miracle!  Robert worked on the thing for about an hour and finally gave up.  Off we go to Lowe's to buy a conventional chest freezer----- we'll just plug the thing up to shore power. No freezer at Lowe's .. Off to Home Depot---- no freezer there either.  Finally found one at Target---- bought the smallest thing they had.

Lugged this monster down the dock---- placed it in the cockpit, plugged her in and voila' --- she works!  While waiting for this unit to cool enough to move our food, we decide to have a bite of dinner--- it's now 9:00 pm.

After dinner, we move the food from the iced down cooler to the new unit.

So now we have 3 freezers! 2 non-functional.

The next day, it's return time. Once again, Robert calls Camping World. They have another unit at their Jacksonville, Fl. Store and they will exchange for us. So, we load the piece of sh--- back in the car and Maggie and I head to Florida!
A couple of hours later, we're headin' home with a unit that actually works!!!

Back at the marina, we once again lug the new unit down the dock and on board the boat. It works like a charm. Now we move all the food again---- still gotta return the chest freezer to Target--- it's still sitting in the cockpit, because it's too big to fit through the doors!

Just as we start to pack the chest freezer back in the cardboard box, it starts to rain!!!! We are really starting to think there's a force working against us! Finally, we get the thing returned to Target and get home.  Another late dinner with LOTS of liquid refreshment !!!

So, you think we're done with this story???? nope, there's more.

With 2 freezers working well, food frozen, we start packing for our trip to Bath,NC this weekend.

The car is loaded with boxes/// gifts for a bridal shower and a birthday and off we go!!!! Headin' to see the family-- happy and excited.

We get about 160 miles north, stop in Walterboro, SC to fuel and realize that we left the kayak/bike trailer in the parking lot in St. Simons.  Back to the marina we head--- now we're 2 hours behind schedule----- what a pisser. It becomes somewhat  funny at this point!!

Fast forward 2 hours, we're back in Walterboro and it's past dinnertime. We decide to just grab a burger and keep driving. Pull into Hardee's and guess what---- they are closed for repairs.  There's that force again!!  So we head to the next restaurant, sit down, have a drink and dinner and head out again.

We are currently in Rocky Mount, NC. Robert is  visiting a customer here, and we are headed east to Bath this afternoon. Dropping off stuff in Washington along the way at our storage facility.  Sure hope today is a better day. The next time someone says " may the force be with you" I'm running in the opposite direction as fast as I can.

As they say, you can't keep good folks down and we refuse to let life's little dramas keep us down. We've had our moments to curse the force, somewhere in all of this, find the laughter, and we're hoping for a great weekend with family and friends.

Daily Life
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Great Easter!!
04/14/2012, St. Simons Island, GA

The time here just gets better and better. The weather has been lovely. We had one pretty chilly day with a high in the 50's, but mainly it has been 70- 80 degrees and sunny.

The dolphins play several days a week right behind our boat. They seem to choose times when Robert is out of town for business . I think they like to keep me company.

Robert is still travelling way too much with his job, but Maggie and I find lots of cool things to do while he's away. Bike riding and taking long walks are our two favorites. Of course, we nap and people watch, too.

Easter vacation was an interesting week here. The marina was very busy with spring breakers going out on the fishing boats and lots of people at the shops and restaurants here.

Jennifer (our oldest daughter) and Gretchen (our 17 month old granddaughter) came for a visit. They arrived on Thursday and stayed until Monday. We had so much fun!!

We carried Gretchen to the beach.She loved playing in the sand and she actually put her feet in the ocean-- it was very chilly though.

We went for a bike ride around the island-- sightseeing, stopping along the way for liquid refreshment and good food. We played at the park and just had a ball outside every day.

Gretchen liked the pelicans-- she calls them "ducks". She and grandma colored many pictures, read lots of books and snuggled alot.

Jennifer and I had great fun trying to bathe Gretchen in the shower on the boat. It is large enough, but by the time you fit in two adults and an infant, it was an interesting venture to say the least.

Papa Robert stayed busy with the technical stuff-- he was the "TV" and Netflix guy-- Gretchen loves curious George! He also carried us out to dinner / lunch many times -- we all ate like little pigs!! Gretchen's favorite restaurant is Nachos-- one of our faves, too.

Papa and I were sad to see the girls leave on Monday, but papa had to travel last week. Back to Charlotte, NC for business and also mixed in some pleasure. He stayed with our friends Jim and Lisa Sherman instead of the hotel thing and had a great visit with them. He also got a haircut at Carmen's ( our friend and hairdresser from our Charlotte days) . He had lunch with Mark Smith--another of our friends there. Wish I could have gone with him, but plane tickets are too costly.

We are starting to do some prep for our trip back to NC the end of April. I have been cooking and freezing some individual meals. Robert is still fixing last minute items-- most recently, fixed the fridge and freezer-- it seems to be working ok, but still not optimally.

We are doing a trial run this week of living without shore power. So far we have been without shore power for 60 hours. Our solar panels and wind generator are performing very well. Our battery charge has remained stable, currently at 13 volts. We are very encouraged-- guess those high dollar batteries we installed are finally paying off!

There are still many loose ends to tie up prior to our departure, but we're hacking away at it , a little every day.
Saving time for fun and friends, though!!! You know what they say about all work and no play!

Daily Life
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The fun continues
04/02/2012, St. Simons Island, Ga

Repair efforts continue on SeaQuell. We repaired the batten pockets on the jib and fixed the leech line as well. Robert went up the mast yesterday and fixed our light in the correct position.

We celebrated ou 11th anniversary in St. Augustine--- did a little shopping at Sailor's Exchange and had a wonderful lunch at OC White 's. Dinner/ drinks with Joe and Pat on the dock while watching a little basketball.

Yesterday afternoon we listened to a live band by the pool here at the marina. This happens every Sunday afternoon from 3-6 pm. After drinks and music, we headed down to the village for dinner at Iguana's. Good burgers and beer.

Robert is flying up to Charlotte, NC this am for a business trip. Maggie and I plan to ride bikes and walk. May spend some time by the pool this afternoon. The weather is beautiful--- can't wait to get out and enjoy!!!

Daily Life
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LOVE this place
03/27/2012, St. Simons Island, GA

We are having so much fun here. Still doing some work on the boat, but making time for fun as well.

We have been able to do many small repairs at lunchtime each day.

We have a new TV antenna, not yet installed, but run up the halyard for a temporary fix, and the TV is working well. We can actually catch the local news station now.

We have made cushion covers for the cabins-- one completed and one still in the works. More silicone on the final leaky hatch ( i say final with great caution, just awaiting the next rainstorm).

We are having some issues with the fridge/freezer, but new parts arrived yesterday and we're hoping to fix those later in the week.

We went for a sail with 7 of our friends on board on Sunday. Winds were about 20 knots for most of the day-- We had a great time. Sailed around Jekyl Island. LOTS of dolphins sighted. Good food, good drinks, great folks. We have some issue to work out with the main overpowering a bit. We only had in one reef-- should have used 2, but overall a good sail.

One of Robert's co-workers is in the area for business and is staying aboard with us for the next few days. We went to dinner at Nacho's last night. Man, they serve a great margarita!!! The food was excellent as always, and I have leftovers for lunch!!

It's a little cooler today and Maggie and I are going to explore a little more. Planning to bike a bit when it warms up a little.

Daily Life
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Another great weekend
03/19/2012, St. Simons Island, GA

We had another great weekend . I LOVE this life!!! We may never return to reality again.

We tried to do a few repairs yesterday, but didn't get too far with that. We were able to diagnose a few issues and order the parts to fix them. We did install a new faucet head in the galley sink.

Had a great dinner on our boat-- invited our new friends from the dock. Steaks, and lots of sides. Lots of liquid refreshment as well and I'm kinda feeling like I may have overdone it with the vodka tonics. It sure was fun though.

It's back to the daily stuff today-- Robert is working and I plan to clean and cook .Maggie and I will probably go for a walk later-- the weather is beautiful again today, so we want to spend some time outside. The salt air and sunshine sure makes me feel good!

Daily Life
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Fun, Fun, Fun
03/17/2012, St. Simons Island, GA

What a fun day!!!! We rode our bikes from the boat landing to the beach ( about 7 miles) and hopped in our kayaks and paddled down river for several hours.

Very peaceful and quiet paddle-- saw a few jellyfish, some turtles, some jumping mullets and lots of waterfowl.

Had a great lunch at The Beachcomber ( a little sandwich / burger shop). Good conversation with folks there. Good cold beer too!!

My shrimp alfredo I cooked for dinner was a little disappointing. Robert liked it, but I made the mistake of adding the mushrooms too early and they overpowered the sauce. Oh, well, I'll just have to try that one again.

Maggie went to bed as soon as we got back to the boat. I think all our activity wears her out. She was a real good girl on our outing. She loves riding in the cart behind the bike and likes to kayak too.

Planning to do a few repairs tomorrow, so gotta get some rest tonight.

Daily Life
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