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Why Knot Now?
It all began as a dream.....became a plan.....then, a reality. Our dream was destroyed! .....We're starting over! .....Now follow us aboard S/V SeaQuell
We're Back in NC
05/06/2012, Morehead City Yacht Basin

We departed Georgetown, SC around 5 pm Friday afternoon under clear skies and calm seas. Had a beautiful overnight sail with winds around 10-15 knots and seas 2-3 ft. SeaQuell performed very well thanks to recent work on the auto pilot. Both Robert and I had about 4 hours sleep and our watches were uneventful.

Saturday brought more nice weather, and a beautiful sail until around 7 pm, when the sh----- hit the fan! Severe thunderstorms rolled in-- we were about 20 miles off shore. The wind was a steady 35 knots and the lightning was very intense! Rained super hard too!! These storms persisted until around 5 am. Needless to say, very little sleep was had by ether of us-- maybe an hour in tiny nano-naps.

Maggie was an absolute nervous wreck--- we thought at one point she was going to jump overboard--- we finally put her inside and tied her in her bed with her leash.

Thanks to Robert's skill and the good Lord's blessing we made it safely to Morehead City around 7 am today.

We have done very little-- managed to shower and fix dinner, but we have spent a good deal of time dozing. Maggie is content to be at the dock. She too has slept most of the day.

Planning a little TV and early bedtime.. Once again, mother nature showed us who's boss and the Nordstrom's are pooped.

Hoping to stay here the rest of this week, having dinner with friends in the area a couple of nights. Plan return to Bath/Little Washington this weekend if weather permits.

Out to Sea
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Quiet fun in Georgetown
05/04/2012, Georgetown,SC

This week has been relatively quiet and peaceful. We have been anchored out in the harbor all week.

We've eaten at several good restaurants and enjoyed cold beer and good wine at the bars.

I've become much better at handling the dinghy by myself--- even took it to shore yesterday for a little shopping expedition!

We are still having refrigeration problems with our main unit. It is very sporadically working . My soy milk was frozen this morning!!! However, I rather enjoyed my Fiber One with little ice shavings! Thank goodness our new back-up unit is working well.

Maggie has been a little nervous-- there is a steel mill close by and she doesn't like the noise.

We spent last night at the marina--- fueling/ filling water tank/last minute laundry and showers. We plan to depart this afternoon late --- headin' for Morehead City, NC. Hope to arrive early Sunday am. We'll have our SPOT on-- follow us along!

Daily Life
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Good Friends Depart
04/30/2012, Georgetown, SC

Robert and Don have worked on the linear drive and seem to have corrected the problem.

Breakfast at the Kudzu Market-- coffee and muffins-- YUM!

Crappy cab to the airport to drop off Don and Judy-- It's amazing what cruisers pay for a cab ride!!

Sad to see our good friends depart, but they are headed back to NC to Nemo-- their boat at Carolina Wind Yachting Center.

Robert and I spent the afternoon on our bicycles-- errand running-- liquor store, grocery store and dry cleaners.

Alfresco Gergtown Bistro - (5 Stars)

Dinner at a great restaurant-- 5 stars!!!! and back to the boat to catch up on our correspondence.. Looks like another early night-- the wine is kicking in-- my eyelids are getting heavy.

Maggie is tucked soundly into her bed--- she's pooped from all the bike riding and excitement.

Looking forward to tomorrow-- many more adventures await for Becky and Maggie-- perhaps a little shopping/ laundry/ waterfront walks. Poor old Robert has to return to work .

More later!!!!

Daily Life
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Fun in Georgetown
04/29/2012, Georgetown, SC

We've been having a great time in Georgetown with Don and Judy. We've explored the waterfront, taken long walks and checked out a few of the bars and restaurants.

Becky has piloted the dinghy to the waterfront a couple of times-- kinda bumpy start, but getting better each day.

Much needed showers were had by all at the Harborside Marina-- $5 a head-- well worth it!!!!

Dinner on board SeaQuell--Grilled London Broil, Salad, Hash Brown Casserole.

Off again to check out the local bars-- cold beer, lotsa laughs!!!!

Early to bed-- full day tomorrow.

Daily Life
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Passage from St. Simons Island, GA to Georgetown, SC
Becky Nordstrom
04/26/2012, Out to Sea

Robert arrived from the airport around 9:00 pm tonight.Our friends Don and Judy have been aboard SeaQuell since Tuesday, helping me to get ready for our departure. We're sitting on go-- ready to cast off the dock lines and head out to sea.

As soon as Robert arrives, we set our course, and head out at 10:06 pm.

After a very lumpy ride out the inlet, we are once again in the Atlantic Ocean, destination Georgetown, SC.

Our overnight passage was uneventul-- calm seas and great wind-- averaging 7 knots.Slight problem with the auto pilot-- hand- steering most of the night.

Beautiful sunrise, coffee and danish to start the new day

Great sail on Friday-- winds around 15 knots, calm seas until dinnertime-- Problems with the autopilot continue, making for a lumpy ride. Both Judy and Becky are slightly seasick while trying to prepare dinner.

Robert and Don covered the night watch-- calm winds and seas, requiring assistance of the engines.

Arrived at Winyah Bay Inlet around 7 am. The dolphins are our welcoming committee-- What a beautiful sight!

Around noon, we anchor in the harbor at Georgetown. Head to the waterfront restaurants in search of lunch and Bloody Mary's. Lunch at Limpin' Jane's with very spicy Bloody's and good Margaritas. Life is good!!!

Daily Life
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Getting ready for the next adventure
04/24/2012, St. Simons, Ga.

We got back to St. Simons around 9 pm Sunday. Had a fun-filled weekend with friends and family in Bath, NC.

After a short night's sleep, we're off and running again. Robert flew out to Canada yesterday and I spent the day trying to get ready for this weekend, when we head to Georgetown, SC.

Maggie was happy to be back on the boat and out of the boarder's .
She spent most of yesterday sleeping in her own bed.

I did some last minute grocery shopping and started strategically placing "stuff" in the "storage cabin"

Today, I'm very excited. I'm heading to Georgetown in a rental car to pick up our friends, Don and Judi. They are flying their plane to Georgetown , and coming with me back to the boat to make our trip to Georgetown with us.

We hope to depart St. Simons either very late night on Thursday, or early Friday am. Robert should return around 10 pm Thursday and we may leave shortly after, depending on weather and tide.

We will update our SPOT navigator and post a link soon, so you can follow along on the trip!!

Daily Life
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