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Why Knot Now?
It all began as a dream.....became a plan.....then, a reality. Our dream was destroyed! .....We're starting over! .....Now follow us aboard S/V SeaQuell
We're Back in NC
05/06/2012, Morehead City Yacht Basin

We departed Georgetown, SC around 5 pm Friday afternoon under clear skies and calm seas. Had a beautiful overnight sail with winds around 10-15 knots and seas 2-3 ft. SeaQuell performed very well thanks to recent work on the auto pilot. Both Robert and I had about 4 hours sleep and our watches were uneventful.

Saturday brought more nice weather, and a beautiful sail until around 7 pm, when the sh----- hit the fan! Severe thunderstorms rolled in-- we were about 20 miles off shore. The wind was a steady 35 knots and the lightning was very intense! Rained super hard too!! These storms persisted until around 5 am. Needless to say, very little sleep was had by ether of us-- maybe an hour in tiny nano-naps.

Maggie was an absolute nervous wreck--- we thought at one point she was going to jump overboard--- we finally put her inside and tied her in her bed with her leash.

Thanks to Robert's skill and the good Lord's blessing we made it safely to Morehead City around 7 am today.

We have done very little-- managed to shower and fix dinner, but we have spent a good deal of time dozing. Maggie is content to be at the dock. She too has slept most of the day.

Planning a little TV and early bedtime.. Once again, mother nature showed us who's boss and the Nordstrom's are pooped.

Hoping to stay here the rest of this week, having dinner with friends in the area a couple of nights. Plan return to Bath/Little Washington this weekend if weather permits.

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Last Leg
02/24/2012, North of Daytona Beach, Fl

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the water.

We saw a sting ray jump from wave to wave 3 times!!! We also saw an old sea turtle with barnacles on his shell.. How cool!!

Dinner was chili with rice--- after a bowl of rice skidded across the countertop, spilling onto the galley floor, it's smaller portions for the both of us. Did you know you can vacuum grains of cooked rice with a DeWalt vacuum????

Our overnight sail was VERY uneventful.. Absolutely NO wind-- around 6 knots-- Once again, started the engines to assist.

Around 10:30 am, we can see the markers for the St. Simon Island inlet!!!!!

Of course, as we enter the inlet, the previously DEAD winds sprang to life--- now around 20 knots sustained.

We managed to drop the sails, head for port and arrive safely at the dock, despite a huge gust of wind (37 Knots), just as we are docking.

Maggie dog is happy to leave the boat and go for a much needed walk-- pee/ poop.

Lunch is a fantastic Burger with fries from the marina grill--- sure hit the spot.

Resting now after a couple of dark and stormies for Robert/ Vodka tonics for Becky,

Showers/shave/and shampoo still await----- Gotta get our "second wind"

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Scary night
02/23/2012, Cape Canaveral, Fl.

Becky's first overnighter was quite interesting.

All was well until Becky's watch--- of course, the Casino Cruise Ship from Hell comes closer than our comfort zone. Actually, it was about 2 miles away, but it sure looked closer--

A slight panice attack later, still on Becky's watch, The wind shifted due to an departing thunderstorm. Unable to sail into the wind, we cranked the "iron ginnies" to assist.

Finally back on course, the remainder of the night was relatively uneventful.

Winds 20 plus knots, average speed 7.5 knots. Maximum speed 11.7 knots!!!!

Still no pee or poop for Maggie dog.

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What a Great Day Sailing
02/22/2012, Cape Canaveral, Fl.

We sailed the past 14 hours with light winds until mid-morning, then sustained winds around 15 knots. SeaQuell handled the winds well, except she doesn't like heading close-hauled.

Right outa the gate, we lost a dock pole- it blew overboard-- it was a piece of sh___ anyway, so we let it get away. We have 2 better ones.

Our average speed for day one was 6.6 knots.

We saw several pods of dolphins, numerous Portuguese Man-O_Wars and lots of flying fish--- COOL!!!!!!

Dinner tonight is homemade clam chowder--- We are hungry and wind-worn, but looking forward to Becky's first overnight sail with watches.

Maggie dog is hanging in there- refuses to use the pee pads.

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Headed out!!!
02/22/2012, Lake Sylvia, Fl.

We had a quiet , peaceful night's sleep. Pulled anchor at 6 am. Made it through the 17th street bridge at 6:30 am opening and hit the open water around 7 am.

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