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Why Knot Now?
It all began as a dream.....became a plan.....then, a reality. Our dream was destroyed! .....We're starting over! .....Now follow us aboard S/V SeaQuell
Let's go sailing!!
08/06/2012, Urbanna, VA --- Rappahanock River

Another great week. We're settling in to a routine here.

Lovely sunrises (when we're up early enough to catch them). There's also been a big, beautiful full moon shining down on us.

We had dinner with some folks on the dock that are from Little Washington-- small world, isn't it? After way too much wine, we crashed early Friday night, planning an early morning sail Saturday.

We didn't leave the dock as early as planned Saturday . Slightly delayed scraping barnacles from the bottom of Becky's kayak she left in the water. Who would have thought those little suckers would attach themselves so quickly-- it was only in the water about 10 days.

We had a lovely trip-- motored down to Tides Lodge to fuel the old gal, in anticipation of an upcoming trip this weekend.

We had a great sail out to Stingray Point -- just in the Chesapeake Bay. The weather was gorgeous-- winds about 12-15 knots and temps in the high 80's.
Of course, we snagged a crab pot and that slowed us down significantly. We didn't even realize we were dragging it, until we started the engines because we had slowed to 3 knots. Robert swears he's gonna start charging the crabbers for GPS coordinates for relocating their pots.

Back to the marina in time for dinner and a movie--- free Redbox rental. The movie wasn't great, but hey, it was free, right?

Sunday brought more projects-- Robert is making the pattern or our hammock couch--- we ran out of grommets, though, and had to abandon that project for one more day.

Yoga for Becky today , then grocery shopping/library/market. Robert is back to work--- Maggie is just relaxing---- eating and sleeping the day away.

We are excited about this weekend. We are having guests aboard and planning a sail to Tangier Island. Another new place to explore.

Gotta go-- it's cocktail hour and someone has to mix the drinks!!!!

Daily Life
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More exploring
07/31/2012, Urbanna, VA

We are continuing to enjoy ourselves here.

Robert has been traveling with business several days each week, so when he returns, we strike out on a new adventure.

Last Friday, we visited some of the surrounding little towns--- Deltaville, Gloucester, Reedville, Kilmarnock and Irvington. The scenery was lovely--- lots of farmland and fishing .

Saturday afternoon we drive to Richmond for a little fabric shopping-- bought some great fabric for the hammock couch that Robert is designing. Saturday night we went to open mic night at the Urbanna Oyster House. Becky sang along with two of the local guys. We closed the place down at 10:00 pm---- that was an hour later than their regular closing time!!!

Sunday was another day of chores. Robert made a new curtain enclosure for the area that previously housed the washer/dryer. It has been converted to a storage closet.

We spent the evening swinging in our old hammock out on the bow of the boat-- listening to some tunes and relaxing.

Early day on Monday-- Becky has her 7 am yoga class and then we're off to Richmond again--Robert is working and Becky is shopping. Dinner with Robert's office friends . Early to bed only to be awakened in the middle of the night by Maggie jumping right in the middle of our bed due to a thunderstorm. It's the first time she's ever been in our bed-- she was terrified of the storm. Needless to say, her stay in our bed was every short lived. She spent the rest of the night on the floor in our cabin.

Today has been gorgeous here. The weather is nice-- cool breeze and a little cloud cover. Checked out the local library and spent a lot of time bike riding and walking.

Gotta run-- someone just came and knocked on our hull-- we've been invited for drinks on a neighbor's boat.

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Laid Back Fun
07/23/2012, Urbanna, VA

We are having a great time here. We're making new friends and having a good time exploring.

Last weekend we kayaked up Urbanna Creek-- lovely scenery-- waterfowl, jumping fish and crabs.

We continue to do projects practically daily on SeaQuell. She's coming together nicely. We have detected an incoming water source--- not 100 percent sure where water is intruding, but have shunted it to drain to the bilge.

New snatch block has been installed for the mainsheet. Reefing line also functioning well now.

We have a new grill-- it's larger than our previous one and is infrared. Hopefully, no more flare ups!! Our Asian pork chops were cooked to perfection last night.

The vents for the fuel tank were blocked and we have removed all the corrosion from them and they work like a charm now!

The air conditioner in our cabin has been acting up. It seems to be leaking freeon, so we made a quick trip to WalMart and charged the unit with freeon and it seems to be working well now.

We have been having some fun, too. We're checking out the local restaurants . We rode the town trolley to "something different" --a local barbecue joint. They had a great beer selection, and the food was good. They make their own ice cream which Robert really enjoyed.

The little coffee shop here is a good place to visit with the locals. We had breakfast there this weekend.

We also drove to White Stone to have dinner with friends at a restaurant called the Sandpiper. Great steaks, good seafood and wonderful bar.

Becky is taking yoga classes here at the marina every Monday morning. Robert doesn't participate in the class, but enjoys "the scenery" of Becky and the instructor in the downward dog position.

Maggie just sleeps the day away most days. She will go for walks if prompted, but seems to much prefer being lazy.

We plan to stay here for at least two more months, as we are thoroughly enjoying our time here and have much more exploring to do.

Life just keeps getting better and better. Every day is like a vacation!!!

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Another New Town
07/13/2012, Urbanna, VA

We arrived in Urbanna,VA on Sunday, July 8th. The trip was uneventful for the most part. The dismal swamp was beautiful. Going through the locks was also interesting.

It was EXTREMELY hot on the tip--- virtually no breeze, and very humid. We were able to sail very little, except early Sunday morning after a very rocky,windy night at anchor. Brian and I were up several times during the night because of all the "bumps"-- we were rafted up with Don and Judy. Good thing we had lots of fenders between the boats. Brian got soaked from the spray coming thru his portal-- he finally had to close it to keep the spray out.

Brian's Photo

About an hour after we tied up at the Urbanna Town Marina a quite intense thunderstorm blew in. Someone reported 60 knot winds at the dock. Heavy rains and moderate lightning as well. Judy and Don joined us for dinner, which finally was cooked around 9:00 pm because the grill wouldn't stay lit because of the wind. Where was all this wind when we were trying to sail earlier today???

Monday morning came way too early--Robert is off to the airport in Richmond-- traveling to Birmingham for business. Brian is headed to the airport with him, and his dad is picking him up there. Judy and I did a little exploring and shopping. Urbanna is a cute little town. Has a very Mayberry kinda feel.

Judy and Don left Wednesday to return home to Vermont. We miss their company .

The rest of this week has been filled with chores-- SeaQuell got a much needed bath. Maggie also got a good scrubbing. The laundry is once again caught up and groceries are on board.

Robert returned home Wed. Nite and we celebrated my birthday with a bedtime toddy-- we were both too ready for bed to do much celebrating.

Last night we went to the Urbanna auction. I had never been to an auction before. It was quite comical, we laughed a lot and I actually bid on a few items, but didn't come home with anything new.

We have lots more exploring to do. The Urbanna creek looks like a great place for a quiet kayak trip. Maybe this weekend if it's not too hot.

Enjoying a quiet life in this quaint little place. Ho knows how long we may stay here.

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On to Urbanna
07/06/2012, Elizabeth City, NC

We have had a very interesting week in Elizabeth City. It has been extremely hot and humid.

We've ridden our bikes many miles and had fun exploring.

The fireworks on the 4th were spectacular. We had a great location for watching them. They were launched from a barge right in front of our boat. Beautiful moon that night too.

We have had some issues with our new fridge/freezer , but thanks to Greg's two service calls here and numerous E-mails and phone calls, things are working very well today. We're cautiously optimistic that everything is now fine. Kudos to Greg for his persistence and attentiveness.

We provisioned yesterday. The city's Farm Fresh grocery store provides a shuttle service from the marina. Great perk!!!!

Wonderful dinner at the Cypress Creek Grill --- great Texas style beef brisket.

Heading out today for the Dismal Swamp. Looking forward to a nice slow ride through the swamp , and on to Urbanna on Saturday.

South Mille Lock Photo

Our friend Brian Bradley is going to accompany us on this leg of the trip. Hope he's ready for a hot weekend.
Brian Out Front Photo

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Headin' North
07/02/2012, Elizabeth City, NC

We left our marina in Little Washington, NC around noon Friday, June 29th. We motor sailed to the Belhaven area, and anchored for the night in the Pungo River. Our friends, Don and Judy are making the trip with us on their boat, Nemo.

We rafted the boats up and went for a before dinner swim to try and cool down a bit. It was HOT today!!!! Dinner in our cockpit of pasta salad(thanks Judy) and a quinoa,black bean and corn salad that I made. LOTS of liquid refreshment!!

We left our anchorage around 9 am Saturday and headed up the Pungo River/Alligator River canal. It was HOT again. We had a nice ride-- motor sailing again-- we saw a black bear and a doe nibbling on some plants just beside the canal. It seems that we all were bitten by some creatures during our time outside last night. We are all covered on our feet and legs with"Pungo Pox".

Canal Looking North Photo Canal Looking South Photo

We covered about 50 miles and anchored for the night in Shiloh--- the anchorage was nice-- good swimming and a small "lake area" with some grassy fields for Maggie to take a potty break. Dinner of pulled pork sandwiches and salad. Mucho liquid refreshment.
A pretty bad storm rolled in overnight. Winds around 45 knots and very heavy rain and lightning. We rocked a lot, so not much sleep for anyone. Thank God our anchor held tight and we awakened the next morning to clear skies, but muggy conditions.

Judy and I kayaked a bit and returned to the boats greeted by Don with a plate of steaming hot sourdough French toast with syrup and bananas. YUM!!!

Headed out again around noon-- Elizabeth City here we come!! Made it the city docks in E. City around 2 pm. Cranked up the generator and turned on some much needed air conditioning. Nap time for Becky was wonderful.

Dinner at Logan Ray's . The food was good, but the beer was GREAT!!! Frosty ,ice cold.

Judy and I walked around town this morning while our guys are hard at work.planning a trip to the library later today.

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