BreezingUp in the Caribbean

12 January 2013 | Siem Reap, Cambodia
12 January 2013 | Siem Reap
07 January 2013 | Phonm Penh
05 January 2013
31 December 2012 | Clarke's Court Bay, Grenada
20 December 2012 | Bequia, St Vincent & the Grenadines
02 December 2012 | Soufriere, The Pitons
26 November 2012 | Admiralty Bay, Bequia
26 November 2012 | Admiralty Bay, Bequia
20 November 2012 | Chaguaramus, Trinidad
26 April 2012 | Bequia, then Grenadines, now Grenada
26 April 2012 | Bequia, then Grenadines, now Grenada
29 March 2012 | Marin, Martinique
29 March 2012 | Guadeloupe, Les Saintes
29 March 2012 | Antigua
25 February 2012 | Falmouth Harbor, Antigua
12 February 2012 | Headed for Rodney Bay, St Lucia
11 February 2012 | Portsmouth, Dominica
09 February 2012 | St Pierre, Martinique
04 February 2012 | Bequia

leaving Bequia

12 February 2012 | Headed for Rodney Bay, St Lucia
Ann Willauer; sunny, windy with squalls
After several days of constant high winds and squally weather, we left Bequia on Wednesday, 2/8. The forecast was for the winds to start dissipating and the wind to be E 18-20 knots. Under clearing skies we set off for an early crossing to St Vincent and up the west coast. Fine until we set off from St Vincent to St Lucia. The seas built to 12' and the wind became 20-30 knots, true. Both were from the East and we were making 8-9 knots over the ground, the only good news. After 9 hours we made Rodney Bay in time to go ashore for ice etc.! We had a comfortable night aboard watching our last movie on the computer. Sleep was not a problem!
Vessel Name: Breezing Up
Vessel Make/Model: J-46
Hailing Port: Prouts Neck, Maine
Crew: Ann & Brad Willauer
About: Brad retired in April of 2009 and Ann in June, 2009. We took the boat north to Nova Scotia and the south coast of Newfoundland that summer and down to the Chesapeake in the fall, heading off shore from Hampton, Va to St Thomas, USVI.
Extra: Once in the Caribbean, we cruised down through the islands to Trinidad by 5/09. In 11/2010, we returned to cruise north to Antigua and back to Trinidad in May. This year, 10/2011, we brought the boat up to St Lucia and flew home for Christmas, returning 1/2012.
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