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BreezingUp in the Caribbean
3 weeks in Trinidad!
Ann Willauer; 85' and partly cloudy
11/20/2012, Chaguaramus, Trinidad

Nothing like listening to Christmas carols at 85', but that's all they play in Trinidad following the Divali Festival (Indian festival of lights last week) until Christmas. Somehow I can't get into it! We are finally getting our new refrigerator part installed and will be back in business tonight! Yippee! Shopping etc for the next 2 days and then we are out of here headed for Bequia. It has been fun as quite a few of our British friends have been and still are here, so we have had company. I guess I will miss being plugged in with AC and good internet, but the adventure has to start sometime. Leaving early Friday headed for Grenada for a quick night's rest, then on to Union Island for more of the same, then Bequia, where we will spend a few nights waiting for fair winds to go up to St Lucia and meet Tori and family. That's the plan as it stands today!

Easter Regatta
Ann Willauer, NE 10-15
04/26/2012, Bequia, then Grenadines, now Grenada

The day before the Regatta we had the pleasure of taking Charles and Cornelia Brewer for a shakedown cruise. They spend 9 months of the year on Bequia living in a stone structure, Moonhole, carved out of rocks; no doors, no windows, but glorious setting! We experienced this later in the week for lunch, after the regatta.
Regatta dawns with 10-15 NE and our realization that the racing class IS a racing class complete with Kevlar sails etc. Here we were with our simple cruising rig. Well, first day gives us line honors, first over the line, BUT with corrected time: last in class! Fun sailing, but not competitive. Second, day, around the island race, second to finish, moved up to second to last in class! Lay Day on Easter Sunday, which we needed, was a relaxing lunch in Friendship Bay. Monday, last race, we took 2nd by a slim margin and still finished last in class. C'est la vie....

Bringing you up to date
Ann Willauer, NE 10-15
04/26/2012, Bequia, then Grenadines, now Grenada

I have been remiss in keeping up this blog, but a lot has happened since we left Martinique. Our plotter was fixed, hooray, so we were back navigating on deck! We had a speedy sail, 8-9 knots over to St Lucia to spend the night in Marigot Bay, leaving early the next am for Bequia; another speedy and lovely sail. Once in Bequia we could relax, catch p with our Brit friends and prepare for the Easter Regatta. Finally the weather has turned and we had good swimming, some snorkeling and general R & R.
We were talked into entering the racing class (instead of the cruising class) for the regatta, with tongue in cheek as we only have one jib on this boat and it is a 100 (small cruising jib)! More to come:......

Back to France
Ann Willauer, NE 10-15
03/29/2012, Marin, Martinique

FINALLY this wind has let go and we have had a gorgeous sail down to Martinique. A lovely day in St Pierre with a 'typical' French lunch at restaurant 1643: 2 hour lunch, 2 hour nap; no dinner! It was worth it! Headed on to St Anne on the South Coast to meet Peter and Von on Moonrise. Again, lunch at Ti-Toques in Marin, highly recommended by OCC friends, with drinks on board Moonrise. On Sunday we jumped in the dinghy to follow the Yole races around the bay. What a spectacular sight! Great sport in amazing boats; constructed on the beach, wild racing and deconstructed on the beach and back onto the trucks they were delivered on! Quite something to watch!
Into Marin on Monday to fix the Garmin antennae and windlass switch which ended up being a three day project due to complications on board and ashore.
Off to St Lucia and then on to Bequia!

Heading South
Ann Willauer; NE 18-23+
03/29/2012, Guadeloupe, Les Saintes

Fortunately we had a good, very fast passage to Guadeloupe from Antigua, 5 hours averaging 8.5 knots! Heading down the coast of Guadeloupe, under full sail, we kept pace with a catamaran! The youthful crew was obviously impressed as they snapped pictures like no tomorrow! Continuing on, we finally rolled up some sail as the wind wouldn't let go. Lumpy crossing to Les Saintes, but glad to be back. POW and Carol on Eight Bells joined us for 3 fun days of enjoying French food, swimming and hiking ashore. Nice catch up before they headed for Nevis and we continue South.

Sailing, sort of, with Leus'
Ann Willauer; sunny, too much wind!
03/29/2012, Antigua

This wind won't quit! Fortunately we are tucked into Falmouth Harbor with many friends. We had a glorious hike with Dana Nicholson up to Shirley Heights and around the headland and down. Something we have never done before. Peter and Linda Leus came aboard for 5 days hoping to circumnavigate the island, but with the weather conditions, we had a relaxed beach/swim/short hop trip up to the North of the island. The last day afforded us a lovely sail back to Falmouth and they taxied over to Mill Reef for two good night's sleep!

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