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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
Last Passage
03/29/2015, 12 00'N:61 44'W, Hog Island Caribbean

Grenada to Trinidad.

Course: 178 True, Distance: 78 nm

Hog Island Anchorage to Boca de Monos and on into Chaguaramas Bay another 10 nm.

Forecast is Beaufort Force 5 (Fresh Breeze) 17-21 knots, East, East, NE.

Clear sailing south of Grenada's Southern barrier reefs until between two oil drilling platforms ~ 25nm north of the entrance (Boca de Monos) to allow for the west setting North Equatorial Current.

The wind direction combined with boat speed and course will result in apparent wind angle unfortunately ahead of the beam or on a beam reach at best. This could result in a boisterous, wet even an uncomfortaable windward sail. Adverse current also a factor.

Oh my, let's make this last night a good one. Never worried, but this has our attention.

Plan is to raise the anchor Monday, March 30 evening and clear the reef before dark ~ 5:30pm. This should give the crew time to settle down, sail trim on course before nightfall. Target speed of less than 6 knots for a daylight landfall and visibilty of unlit (no AIS) coastal fishermen and safety from Venezualean pirates. We shall also register a Float Plan with Trinidadian Coast Guard. Chagauaramas Bay is notorious for being tidal swept, deep and dirty. An early AM arrival will give us maximum time to clear customs and find a mooring or a rare slip (unlikely). Not over til it's over - good adult fun one last time this leg. Now to put the waypoints on our charts and chart plotters.

P.S. Photo is Terrwyn at anchor here in Hog Island Anchorage.

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The Spice Island Quiz #5
03/29/2015, 12 00'N:61 44'W, Grenada, Caribbean

OK I can't resist one final Spice Island Quiz question...

Linda S. got the spice part of the last question - good on you, Linda. Nutmeg with it's mace cloak. Now "the hinge of something" was not exactly the answer we were looking for regarding the boat bit so we are still waiting for an accurate answer for that part. Meanwhile you can put your spice/herb/boat parts thinking caps on and try for this last question.

Really. Last question.

Hints: 1) We have moved to the forward midships for this photo. 2) It's the greens we want the name of... which taste remarkably like cilantro.

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The Spice Island Quiz #4
03/28/2015, 12 00'N:61 44'W, Grenada, Caribbean

Congratulations to Sally for identifying the cocao fruit. We toured the chocolate factory and our favourite chocolate now is dark 'nibs' chocolate (bits of cocao bean in the chocolate) with nutmeg chocolate coming in a close second.

This fourth and final photo of our current quiz combines elements that our readers (read: Mike) have requested recently. So the answer will require two parts. Good luck to all.

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03/28/2015 | Linda S
Ok, that one is nutmeg and the red part on it is mace. And it is sitting on a green boat part with a hinge.

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