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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
Aloha Honolulu!
05/24/2016, Honolulu, Hawaii

We are ready to cast off the lines and sail away from Hawaii heading for home.

The Hawaii Yacht Club has treated us very well and being in the heart of Honolulu was amazing.

We will miss the sunset strolls along Waikiki Beach.

Looking forward to seeing family and friends when we arrive in Sidney, B.C. in just a few weeks, Neptune willing of course!

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05/25/2016 | Reiner and Heike
Hello you both, you have a very good time!!Good journey back home!!We are thinking every day of you and hope to see you again in Europe;-).
Safe and Sound in Honolulu!
05/14/2016, Honolulu, Hawaii

Terrwyn tied up... Terrwyners drinkin' Mai Tai's at the Hawaii Yacht Club watching Friday night race fleet milling around. What fun!

We're here for two weeks to clean, fix, varnish...

After that we will treat ourselves to a few days of R&R: rent a car; stay in a swank hotel; visit with our cruising friends from Kahia (anchored on the other side of the island). They will be sailing back to Canada with us :)

(Oh, and did someone mention celebratory tattoos?)

The above photo... Three heads in Hawaii ;)

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05/14/2016 | Joel Fox
All in for MaiTai 's and a few days rest. It will probably take that long for the land to stop moving on you. Enjoy the American hospitality... thank God you are miles away from the Donald!
05/14/2016 | Linda S
Aloha! Love the selfie and I recognize the landmark. If you are in to zoos Honolulu has a nice one, not too far from Waikiki. Have a pins colada for me and a fun time on Oahu.
05/14/2016 | April and Brent
That third head can be fun for a couple looking to do something more adventurous! There's a nice trail up to the rim!
Enjoy your rubbing and polishing! ;)

05/14/2016 | Elizabeth
Mai Tai's an Cruising! WOO HOO!! Are you hitting up the rough trade spots are just using Grindr? Swank and skank here I come! Have a glorious 2 weeks in leather thongs drinking umbrella drinks. xoxo
05/14/2016 | stefan and ilse
Hi Cathy and Bill,
Stefan here. Tuesday we start our big crossing, leaving santa cruz island for the polynesias. Actually looking forward to it, after having a really nice time in the galapagos. Cheers!
05/14/2016 | Caralee
Grinning from Ear to Ear! The Joy of Living Life abundantly is so evident.
05/15/2016 | Alan
Show us those tats...
05/15/2016 | big bear
So glad you are safe and sound!!! Enjoy the land life and the refurbishing so the last leg is relaxing and we get you home safe and sound again!!!
Held Hostage
05/12/2016, 21 11.6'N:157 42'W, Sailing to Honolulu

Held hostage - by one's own engine.

Big seas, big wind, sail changes for sure - bring it on. But, will the engine start - and not stop? This morning - nothing - period.

Over the last two legs the key occassionally (intermittently) did nothing. Hmmmm. Always did start after a few/several minutes apart turns. But not today. Nada.

Switch, solenoid, starter, batteries on, kill lever down ??? Removed starter panel and all looked well. Finally, reinflate dinghy and go to shore and ask around " Try jumping the key switch/ Then maybe the engine starter solenoid?" Been there a couple of times - hard to see , harder to get to Key switch panel off jumping various wires -nada.

Engine access opened - long reach behind compressor and alternator belts to reach the starter motor and solenoid , key on - jump a couple of big wires and BANG - STARTED!!! TG!

So two hours late (Alpine start shot) we were off. Honolulu here we come with yet another item to fix. Rarely a dull day, this is a sweet ultimate port before Bamfield!!

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05/12/2016 | Elizabeth
There are worse things than being stranded in Hawaii on a sail boat. For example, you could be stuck for 14 hrs in a 3rd class train on the way to Calcutta that has been grossly overbooked. And I use the word "grossly" to belay a point. Let me know when you get to Honolulu so you can scope out the north shore for me. I've always wanted to get picked up by 5-0 on my 5-0 so get yourself into some shit so you can fill me in on the police brutality aspect of the island. Happy sails! xoxo
05/13/2016 | Tim
Engine? Not Pardey time?
05/13/2016 | April and Brent
Did you try WD-40? :)
05/13/2016 | Elizabeth
Tim raises a valid point - if you are going to be on the high seas for months on end you really should have some good lube ;-)
05/13/2016 | Elizabeth
Oops - I mean April and Brent raise a good point. Tim just wants an excuse to get drunk ;-)
05/14/2016 | William Norrie
We worked on the corroded starter solenoid wires yesterday (sanding off all that corrosion).

When we turned the key... it started! First time!! YAY!! One job down, 25 to go :)

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