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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
Tech Talk for Sailors
12/20/2014, 19 42'S:03 41'E, Middle of the South Atlantic on the way to St. Helena Island

Our course from Walvis Bay, Namibia to St. Helena Island is WNW 290 degrees True and the breeze offshore is classic SE Trades, oscillating between S Ð SSE - SE. This makes for a "following breeze and sea" which is very good. However, breeze directly behind the boat is called "running" and is uncomfortable and more difficult and dangerous to rig. After our first boisterous day we had light 5-10 kts southerly breeze which was ok as we "headed up" (point closer to the eye of the wind) to a beam/close reach of 90 degrees even 60 degrees, to make enough wind speed and pressure to keep the sails full as Terrwyn was lifted and ran down the waves. The problem becomes we were then heading 270 Ð 260 degrees True i.e. 20-30 degrees off our target. The breeze is expected to "back" into the SE which will be even worse for our port tack course.

Fortunately this morning the breeze freshened to 20 kt still SSE, so now we can "fall off" into a broad reach of 135 degrees off the wind and make 290 degrees True, fantastic 6.5 Ð 7.2 kts which required reefing the main. Unfortunately, the seas have now built to 3+ metres and our boom is getting dangerously close to dipping into the sea coming off of a wave. Therefore the next maneuver is to strike the mainsail, put the boom to bed in the gallows and hoist our Indian Ocean best friend the tri-sail. And on it goes. Good times.

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12/20/2014 | Tim
Impressive VMG to date. More not necessarily better. Take care.
This is Hard
12/20/2014, 19 42'S:03 41'E, Middle of the South Atlantic on the way to St. Helena Island

Yes, and no one said this would be easy. We just clocked up 700 nm on the 1,224 nm passage to St. Helena, after 5 days at sea. This brings us to December 20th which means there are only 5 more sailing days to Christmas! Even the most hard core "geriatric cruising couple" might, just sayin', might consider Ð hurrying along so as to be there for Christmas. 5 Days left to sail 524 nm along the rhum line, hmmmmm. Fun. We will just not call it racing. (Pippers frowns if I even mention such a thing.) In addition, and it has no bearing on the quest, that we have another cute, French cruising couple just 100 nm in front of us in their 40 ft cat. The French own offshore racing. Oh boy, this isn't fun, this is hard. Yahoo!!

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12/20/2014 | Joel
Yes.. I can just see Billy itching to trim those sails to get that little bit more out of Terrwyn...and Cathy frowning as she says.. "Biiilll.... this is not a race"

I am so glad that the water is warmer and you are able to drop you lines into the water. Can't wait to find out what you catch in the South Atlantic.

Sail on my friends.
12/20/2014, 20 22'S:07 30'E, Middle of the South Atlantic on the way to St. Helena Island


Deep blue sea, warm and a gentle swaying motion Ð relaxing even.

"It is done", Africa is behind us now and we're hungry again. The sand is off the decks and flying fish are back. It feels more a relief and a South Pacific feel that the Indian Ocean never provided.

O.M.G. Deep breathing, the lines are out. Lost one yesterday.

In gale and near gale conditions there is a roar from the aft quarter like a nasty beast bearing down as Terrwyn surfs down the waves and now in a regular breeze it's more like a little spinster "shhhhhshing" one in the dark over one's shoulder. Almost sweet and appropriate, naughty but not threatening.

"It's not that life on land is bad, it's just that life afloat is better." Sir Francis Drake

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