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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
Quality Days ( and nights)
04/28/2016, 13 54'N:145 00'W, Sailing Northwest to Hawaii

Quality Days

Ship's Log C 303 T , SOG 7.2 ( "ground" 5,304 meters below keel )

YOU are quite right ,you brilliant little Pirate Parrot -E . To weigh anchor in Galapagos bound for Hawaii with ZERO -beer, rum,whiskey,grog and veges stowed away woud be complete BS! Grounds for mutiny and neither Monti nor Auto even drink! I am sorry , I ment to say that after more than 4 weeks at sea , NOW the bodega / bilge is empty. Do pirates apologize?...arrghh not likey but there we are. Not so funny we drank it all and now on watch for the " Staggers and vags" as well as scurvy of course.

The Trade Winds soar. Steady 20 plus Knots from the NE on our starboard beam. Terrwyn is flying along through these seas . Incredible motion and sound - one has to feel it. 150 plus miles / day after day under a hankey of Jib, Storm st'syl, and Tri'sail. Hard to sleep impossible to relax. Hawaii here we come -less than 680 NM, noticably cooler; maybe we shall just skip on by? ... not likey ( see above).

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04/28/2016 | Elizabeth
Wait. We've moved from boobies to vag? This is turning out to be quite the trip!
04/30/2016 | April and Brent
It's hard to imagine day after day 24/7 week after week of you riding that ivory sliver with vigilance across oceans of watery windy waves!
The Numbers
04/26/2016, 10 50'N:140 45'W, Sailing Northwest to Hawaii

The Numbers

Here are Terrwyn's numbers , as Carl Sagan we believe a great deal of joy can be had in quantification. Ie no dirt. And these are our numbers as we work on rounding our "pale blue dot". 1: circumnavigation , 2 Human crew , 2: non human crew ( Monti the servo pendulum wind vane the helm's man 99.9%, and his back up "man" Auto ( 0.05% Raymarine electrical autopilot ) 5: years over all , 2 years 3 months on the boat , ~250 24/7 days at sea , ~45,000 nautical miles under the keel, 20,000 lbs of water displacement , ~ easy 250 "Boat units " laid out 4 times across the equator and our friend the ITCZ ( NOW definitely behind us ) 3 layovers ( NZ, SA , T and T ) 4 legs ( Can to NZ, NZ to SA , SA to Trinidad, Trinidad to Canada ( Neptune smiling) ~ 125 NM / day 200 Max day rounding "Cape of Storms " 0 collisions ( one close call off Cape Town) 1 grounding ( kissed in the Las Perlas Islands) 1 knockdown ( Timor Sea) 9 sails , 1 engine , 1 dingy and 1 kicker 22 countries visited Currently : 0 beer, 0 rum, 0 whiskey, 0 coke,0 OJ, 0 veges,0 meat ,,~40 gallons of "Tank water " ,3 bottles of vino ~950 Miles to go to Hawaii Day 28 , G to H 1 Marlin 2 swordfish mucho Mahi Mahi, too many red tuna not enough Yellow fin Tuna a few Hahoo and did I mention less than 1 ONE week till landfall expected in Hawaii , the Big Island, after a total of 4,600 NM on this passage.

Thank you all so much for your congratulations 41 !!! comments and emails on our first revisiting the blog. TY TY TY

Forward hoooo : É C 310 True, Speed ~7 knots in 22 K of Breeze at AWA 90 degrees

Dirt to follow in the next ( Cathy's ) entry

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04/27/2016 | Tim
All adds up to an incredible accomplishment. Fortitude rating maxed. You did the math and lived the math. Grade A+
04/27/2016 | Elizabeth
I do not believe for a second that you did this entire journey with 0 beer, 0 rum and 3 bottle of wine. I call bull shit. No go back to your computer and give us the REAL numbers or else its keel hauling and lashes for you! (Although you might like the whipping so that could defeat the purpose...)
04/27/2016 | Linda S
I bet the first thing you are going to have in Hawaii is a salad! Or a fruit plate, or a fruit salad. And a beer and a shower.
04/27/2016 | M
Count down is on. Hope you can get real beer when you get there. Meanwhile, half a bottle of vino per day - not too bad. Imagine getting sick of mahi mahi. Email sent. Will call when you get to the islands.
04/28/2016 | April and Brent
I noticed the word "currently" in the spirits inventory. Related to Elizabeth's concern, were those numbers created just before (like the tune) "no more bottles of beer in the hold"? :) An impressive sailing experience and interesting compilation of stats!
SCuppers and Poppy
04/23/2016, 06 29'N:135 28'W, Sailing Northwest to Hawaii

Ship's Log April 23 Day 26 : S 6.4 K, C 306 T

Circumnavigated the globe. 14:25 today Yahooo !!!... now we just need to come home. No problem, learned to like the squals ( last blog was a touch optimistic ),and more wind is coming, maybe we will even see the sun. Just a month short of 5 years ago we left Victoria, 1/2 the time on Terrwyn.. STill learning and loving our time at sea together. Thank you Neptune and everyone who is following us along the way.

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04/23/2016 | Mike
HURRAY! Glad to be the first to congratulate you. Yahoo. More by Email. Like climbing tho - not safe until in the pkg lot. Much love from us.
04/23/2016 | April and Brent
Congratulations on your circumnavigation! Enjoy land legs and Hawaii and the provisioning and retrofitting times too,ll and may the force be with you on your final journey back to Victoria!

It's yard time back here! People are mowing dandelions, pulling broom, raiding wasp nests, firing up the two strokes, eating an early crop of asparagus, and lathering sunscreen on various and sundry exposed body parts.)
04/23/2016 | Linda S
Many congratulations to you on your great accomplishment. Hard to believe it has been 5 years since you started your journey. And it's not over! Stay safe and happy sails to you...
04/23/2016 | Magnus
04/24/2016 | Elizabeth
FUCK YEAH!! Break out the ink it's time to get some tattoos!! What an adventure. We know how many miles but what we really want is the REAL numbers - how many times did you puke? How many bottles of rum? How many whalers you killed? You know - all the good sea tails stuff. “hark, now hear the sailors cry,
smell the sea, and feel the sky
let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic...”
― Van Morrison
04/24/2016 | Caralee
Congratulations! A life time adventure, a goal reached... what an accomplishment. I've enjoyed the passion you have both shared with the people in your world.
04/24/2016 | Sam - ZS1SAM
Great news. hearty congratulations from both Marijke and I.

Simonstown and the local mountains are still waiting for your return!
04/24/2016 | J fox
Break out the second bottle of bubbly! Here's to your second ictz crossing and completion of your circumnavigation. So proud of you both!
04/24/2016 | Elizabeth Tyler
Congratulations! Well done! Keep on writing about your adventures, love reading about it all.
04/24/2016 | Jenny and Glenn
BEYOND proud of you two. What an amazing accomplishment!!!!! There's a lot of love floating your way from your ardent admirers (us!). Stay safe and we wish you smooth travels to Hawaii. You are SO going to deserve your next luau. Xoxoxoxoxo
04/24/2016 | bob and martine JOLLY ROGER
YEAH;;; congratulations and welcome to the club....and now CHAMPAGNE like in France... see you may be we presently on a way to reach GUATEMALA and take a FLIGHT to US west coast and CANADA... good sails on the way
04/24/2016 | Sally/Geoff
Well done you two! Congratulations!
04/24/2016 | Tim
Well done. A tremendous accomplishment.Fair winds.
04/24/2016 | Minetta Norrie
Well Done! I'm so proud of you two! Congratulations!
04/24/2016 | Phil and Lee Sigmund
YOU DID IT! Congratulations. We remember watching you sail off from Ogden Point. Stay safe the rest of the way home!
04/24/2016 | Bev & Ken
Woo-Hoo!! What a great accomplishment! You are our heroes!
04/24/2016 | Big Bear
HELL YAY!!!!!! Atta boy and girl!!!! What an singularity unique accomplishment!!! There are few else who have done what you have in a small craft, you are truly ELITE LEVEL Sailors in my book!!!
I am with Elizabeth, we want the dirt!! I expect a book damnit!!! Something that opens with Cathy's beautiful writing of recent!!
Not to mention we have not forgotten you are smuggling boobies, and some guy, I am sure you ate, but you say is navigating. We want the truth!!!
04/24/2016 | Carole and Richard
Congratulations on a dream well accomplished!
You must almost be pinching yourselves. Hope you had a cold bottle of bubbly on hand. It will be difficult to return to mundane living.
04/25/2016 | Debbie Quilter
Well done for completing your 5 year trip around the world!!!you must be feeling euphoric!! So glad you've both survived to tell the tale!!!! xo Debbie

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