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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
Putting Terrwyn to Bed
04/30/2015, Chaguaramas Trinidad

The crew of Terrwyn are back in Calgary Canada after having put Terrwyn safely 'put to bed'. She is on the hard in the Power Boats Marina in Chaguaramas, Trinidad. We are thrilled with the staff and security of this marina. Power Boats have many skilled tradesmen with shops in or near the marina and boat owners may work through the Power Boats office to set up contracts for work to be done. Despite being away from our boat we are secure in knowing that any work that is being done will be finished in a timely and excellent manner.

The phrase "customer service" seems to be the Power Boats Marina middle name!! Are we impressed??? :)

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Seven Sisters Falls Hike (Grenada)

The hikers (Cath, Reiner and Heike) ready for our Seven Sisters Fall hike. (And no we didn't plan to wear matching outfits!! ... Bill thought we were crazy to wear black when it was so hot!)

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Memories of Friends and Falls
04/09/2015, Grenada

Now that Terrwyn is on the hard and we are busily getting her put to bed we love to think of the good times we have had in the Caribbean. Here are a few photos of one of the hikes with went on with our good friends from Germany (Heike and Reiner) who chartered a boat for a few weeks. We hopped on one of the mini-buses and asked to be dropped off at the trail head of the Seven Sisters Falls. An hour later we were happily hiking (and even singing as we went) to our refreshing destination.

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04/12/2015 | april and brent
Terrwyn carried you to memorable places and activities!
On another note, just wondering what putting Terrwyn on the hard and to bed involves, and also, how she held up to the Atlantic crossing. For instance, how did her lines, sails and fittings hold up to the elements for this part of your tour?

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