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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
The Voyage of SV Terrwyn Continues: Summary

Tomorrow the crew (Catherine and William) set off to begin the penultimate leg of Terrwyn's bid to circumnavigate. This third leg share be Cape Town to Trinidad across the Southern Atlantic.

Terrwyn left Victoria, B.C. in May 2011 bound for New Zealand over six months followed by nine months during the second leg, N.Z. to South Africa in 2013. Pacific and Indian oceans crossed. Next is the Atlantic. Two thirds around. They say the South Atlantic should be our shortest and hopefully gentlest crossing (despite saying this we never set off on a Friday nor whistle nor eat pork afloat).

The voyage's blog will be updated on a regular basis... including while we are sailing our ocean passages (all thanks to the miracle of modern technology).

Please check in and leave a comment from time to time as we would love to hear from you.

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10/31/2014 | april and brent
Great times! We eagerly look forward to your adventures as you travel from Cape Town to Trinidad. Heck, even your journey getting from the Island to Cape Town! Wishing you safe travels and fun times!
10/31/2014 | Dan Dews
Bon Voyage!
10/31/2014 | Helen Jeffery
Best wishes and fair winds for the next stage of your adventures from your friends on Kawau Island
10/31/2014 | Linda S
Good luck, bon voyage, fair winds and all those other sailing good luck terms. I look forward to reading the blog and following your journey.
10/31/2014 | Diane and Barrie
Bon Voyage! Hope that this leg is as exciting and enjoyable as the last. Maybe our paths will cross in the Caribbean or even Brazil....
10/31/2014 | Jedi Queen
Have fun on the high seas!! Hug some dolphins for me. Swim naked. And remember, never get on a truck with strangers.... xoxoxoxoxo
10/31/2014 | Rick And Amber
The time went so quick, it was like you guys just got back from the last leg. Enjoy the next leg and we will be following along on your journey.
Pixie's Maiden Voyage ... again.
06/13/2014, Gulf Islands. B.C.

We just can't get enough of seeing Pixie through the lens of another's eye/camera. It is rare to be able to have photos of ones boat under sail. Switching cameras with our buddy boat did the trick!

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10/20/2014 | Daniel
Just found your blog here.

BCCs are Beautiful looking ships and yours is quite nice! ;-)

Nor'sea 27, Rhapsody
Look Ma... No Swells!
06/13/2014, Gulf Islands. B.C.

What a lovely sail we had! And no swells. It was like sailing on a mill pond. :) So gentle.

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