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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
Namibia Here We Come!!
11/21/2014, RCYC, Cape Town, South Africa

We have loved our stay in South Africa but, sadly, it is time for us to leave.

Tomorrow morning we set sail for Walvis Bay, Namibia. It is aporoximately 800 nm so should take us about a week to sail there. We plan to head out to 14 degrees W where the SE winds should give us a nice ride up north.

We have many memorable experiences while here not the least of which was meeting the skipper of Team SCA in the Volvo Ocean Race, Sam Davies. (see photo) She loved that I was wearing the team tee shirt and cap and we sat and laughed with her little one.

We have met so many lovely people in South Africa from the De Robbilards in Richards Bay to our friends in Mossel Bay, Annelise (who I met in the Yacht Club washroom and she invited us to her home and into her family) and Niel and Janine (THE most amazing singers) and her Dad (the owner of the best Braai restaurant in South Africa) and all the others who came to our boat for THE best cockpit party ever.

We are sad to leave South Africa but look forward to our adventures north.

In Afrikaans:
Buy mense sien hulle wier Suide Afrika. Ons is life vir hulle.
(Goodbye people of South Africa. We love you.)

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11/21/2014 | Catherine
Have a wonderful sail! It's great to follow your blog and facebook!
Another view of the Cape
11/17/2014, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Here is another view of that spectacular piece of land. We were so lucky to find one day in two weeks that provided fair winds and relatively smooth seas for us to achieve that. Most days this week we see the winds hovering around 40-50 knots with huge seas out there. Yuck!

Saturday looks good at this point for us to head out for Namibia.

I'm going to add more photos to our photo gallery (see the link on the right side bar).

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11/17/2014 | Big Bear
Hey Billy Boy!!! and of course the ever patient and talented CAthy!!!
I was loking at the waves hiding the Cape and thinking, man you guys are used to this stuff, while the rest of cower in our chairs those waves look huge!!! I'm getting the impression the next leg may be rough. Well you're safe in port now, getting readdy to rock n roll the Atlantic!!! Amazing truly epic!!!!
Bear Hugs as Always
11/17/2014 | april and brent
Wow! Quite the rollers! And the lighthouse perched on the Cape rock is quite the sight! Imagine the sailors who have passed by that way over the centuries! We read of it as youngsters in school many years ago.
The cool Arctic air mass continues to bring freezing nights but sunny daytime skies on southern Vancouver Island. Probably, we'll cut the grass today.
Wishing you fair winds and happy sails!

11/17/2014 | Magnus
I'm vouching for you guys!!!
Go Terrwyn Go!

11/17/2014 | Jenny and Glenn
So that's what the waves look like on the Cape during light winds. Yikes! Well, I'm glad you've put that feather in your cap already. :) xoxo
11/17/2014 | Allison
Brings back memories - but definitely from Terra Firma for us. Hope you don't get mixed up with the Volvo - just as mere spectators.
It looks very sunny and warm there in early summer
11/18/2014 | Linda S
I love those pictures of the Cape - looks just like I imagined it might. Those are very bouncy looking waves. Thank goodness for the motion sickness meds, eh? And now you are in a new ocean. It must be fun to be back on your beloved Terrwyn, All good here except for the snow and ice and cold weather. But lots of nice sunshine.
11/18/2014 | Maria
Spectacular pics you two! We are also experiencing cooler temperatures here in Arizona but it is still shorts weather. I look forward to following your adventures as you post.
Rounding the Cape
11/17/2014, RCYC, Cape Town, South Africa


Yes, we rounded the Cape of Good Hope. We set ourselves up for success by choosing a day that, on the weather GRIB files, showed light winds (10 knots) from the SW with 2 metre swells and no rain. Of course, as everyone in South Africa knows, one must always add at least 10 knots to the wind forecasts and 1 metre to the height of the swells... And it proved to be true the day we rounded the Cape.

It was beautiful, awe inspiring, and all that we had imagined.

Of course no one mentioned those big ol' Atlantic Rollers coming at us from the Southern Ocean. Seasickness meds work. Most of the time. All was well as soon as we rounded Green Point and into the calmer waters of Table Bay.

Terrwyn is now safe in her new moorage (slip) in the Royal Cape Yacht Club while we finish off a few boat chores and wait for fair weather to continue on our journey north (it's looking like Saturday, November 22 is our likely day for heading off).

Good time to explore the West Peninsula of South Africa.

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11/17/2014 | Tate
Awesome! I love that photo of the light house. Great job guys.
11/17/2014 | Elizabeth Cheung
So.. were there any penguin and/or shark sightings? I want some photos of Bill wrestling a shark and you snuggling a penguin!!

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