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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
Swimming off the boat... not whilst sailing!
02/07/2016, 12 17'N:73 00'W, 30 nm to go to Santa Marta, Colombia

We are almost at our next port and still thinking about the great little island of Bonaire.

It just so happened that we were moored over one of the best scuba and snorkelling sites of all of Bonaire (and that is saying something as Bonaire is known for it's great diving)! So guess what we did every day whle there? I know I am opening myself up to all sorts of rude comments on this one :)

We are looking forward to staying at the Santa Marta Marina for a few days while we explore Colombia, especially the historical city of Cartagena.

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02/07/2016 | Linda S
It's Jacqueline Cousteau! Just getting caught up with your posts today. Glad to read that all goes well. Everything really good here in Calgary. Great weather - my kind of winter. I'm working at a couple of events at ULS next week. It won't be the same without you, Cath.
02/07/2016 | Catherine
Beautiful! Looks like the Mediterranean.
02/07/2016 | Elizabeth
Go deep or go home! Divers always go down!
02/07/2016 | April and Brent
Santa Marta - the first Spanish settlement in Colombia. Third of a millon people. Gateway to Tayrona National park and Teyuna. Very scenic area to be in. Enjoy! Missed your posts for a day or two.
02/08/2016 | April and Brent
Watch out for that Zika virus! Not good for pregnant women! Haha ....
Drifting Downwind
02/06/2016, 12 17'N:73 00'W, 98 nm to go to Santa Marta, Colombia

Ship's Log

1200 Feb 06, 2016

Speed 3 kn Course 328T W 20 kn

As before, making an unfamiliar harbour after dark rather like swimming while underway, is to be avoided. And, as before, here we are 100 nm upwind of Santa Marta, Colombia forced to heave to or today drift "bare poles" rhumb line for port - tomorrow morning.

We struck the sails at midnight once having resigned ourselves that Santa Marta was a port too far for Terrwyn today. Her motion is easy and the weather should hold. The only problem was shifting gears from full speed ahead, 8 kn under "the Twins" surfing the seas to loitering about at 3kn, same course, same port, just one more day (night).

It's Terrwyn's seaworthy quality that allows us to direct her point of drift and seakindly shape to make it pleasant.

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Curacao to Port
02/04/2016, 12 20'N:68 38'W, Out at sea heading from Bonaire to Columbia

Ship's Log Feb 04, 2016

Uncle Iain Rest in Peace. Happy Birthday Eric.

SOG 6kt COG 300T

Fishing season is open.

11 kt apparent breeze, 100 degrees starboard tack, 1 metre seas, full sun, 78 degrees off the wind.

We are there. Just 3 weeks in the making and now we are here. Fishing line is out. Beautiful day, beautiful point of sail and motion is glorious. Crew rested and healthy.

Bonaire was terrific and now bound for Columbia. Santa Marta approx. 500 nm to the West. Forecast is favourable and all tanks are full, even batteries 100% - oh and it's not a dream.

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02/04/2016 | Catherine
Love the Current Location map, especially when your near land as my geography memory of that area is long gone!
02/04/2016 | Catherine
Excuse my horrible spelling mistake! SB "you're" not your! Geepers!
02/04/2016 | Elizabeth
You should do your ship's logs in iambic pentameter - just for shits and giggles ;-) xoxo

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