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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
Good Morning - Line Count
01/28/2015, 02 32'S:34 37'W, Crossing to French Guiana

Best night for Terrwyn in the S. Atlantic. 138 nm after 19 hours so averaging a little over 7 knots. Amazing! OK there is a little helpful current but heck - we'll take it, shucks.

During last night's watch I counted up Terrwyn's lines for fun*. Here's the list:

9 - Halyards: 2 spinnaker, 2 jibs, 1 staysail, 1 main, 1 trisail, 1 topping lift, 1 spinnaker uphaul

2- Signal Halyards

9 - Sheets: 2 RFJ, 2 staysail, 2 solent (drifter), 1 mainsheet, 2 trisail

4 - Pole guys: 2 foreguys, 2 afterguys

2 - Preventors for main

6 - Main controls: cunningham, outhaul, boom brake, 2 traveller ends, 1 vang

5- Monti: paddle lift, paddle lock, 2 control lines, air paddle control

2 - Running back stays

2 - Main lazy jack lines

2 - Spinnaker inboard lift and jaw opener

2 - Whisker inboard lift and jaw opener

2 - Anchor rodes, bow and stern

2 - Lifeline gates

4 - Safety lines - 2 in cockpit and 2 jacklines on deck

1 - Kicker's crane line

2 - Lanyards for fishing rods

1 - Swim ladder lift and tieoff

So far a few over 50 lines to mess with, to harness the breeze and propel Terrwyn down the track. Love it.

Anyway it was a great night and a waxing moon to boot.

French Guiana just over 1,000 nm to go, course 298 degrees T.

Thanks for everyone's comments and for following along.

P.S. Oh yes, and drogue lines and dinghy bridle and painters and...

* From Cath: And don't even think that the 'off watch' sleeping crew were spared these calculations!! Nothing would do but to mentally (and verbally) take inventory of EVERY line...

Great for those who needed to stay awake!!! Good though! :)

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Tide, Time and Brazilian Policia Wait For No Man
01/27/2015, 03 50'S:32 24'W, Ile Ferdinand de Noronha

Sorry, yes. Sorry, yes. We shall leave asap. No bars, no jail, yes, thank you, sir.

Roger that, we (I) had that coming. Canadians need a visa. (4 weeks, 3cyears tax receipts, letter from employer, right). Anyway we missed this exceptional country's requirements until a month before leaving so we ran without and...

Oh well, re-watered and provisioned, TY and it's 1440 nm, 294 degreesT bound for French Guiana. Boat speed 6.6 with 16k breeze at 200 degreesT. Perfect.

Billy out (and not in jail)

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01/27/2015 | Maria
Bill my opinion of you has been compromised a bit..I thought you were always prepared...this is not a Billyism that I can comprehend. All kidding aside, loved the "snorkling dolpins". Safe journey to your next destination.
01/27/2015, 03 50'S:32 24'W, Ile Ferdinand de Noronha

I awoke to the sounds of many people snorkelling around Terrwyn. Or so I thought. As I climbed up the companionway I caught sight of hundreds of Bottlenose Dolphins surrounding the boat. The sounds I could hear were the dolphins exhaling and inhaling... just like snorkellers. What a lovely goodbye present!

Since Bill was not able to stay without a visa (I am travelling on my NZ passport and did not need a visa for Brazil) we could only stay a couple of days. Enough time to get fresh drinking water and a few more provisions to last us to French Guiana. Long enough to make friends with another delightful yachting couple from France, Valerie and Benoit of SY Youmin.

We sail away. Again.

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01/27/2015 | Linda S
Glad you are not in jail, Bill. What would have happened if you had stayed on the boat and just Cathy gone ashore? I guess it doesn't matter and they will be nicer to you in French Guyana, I'm sure. Love that picture of the dolphins, they are so charming, aren't they?

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