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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
Turquoise Heaven
02/24/2015, 12 38'N:61 22'W, Tobago Cays

We have promised ourselves that we must swim and hike somewhere everyday. What a hardship! The water is warm and the paths are sandy with views of turquoise heaven.

Today we climbed to the top of the hill on Petit Bateau Island just behind our first mooring in Tobago Cays. It took only about 15 minutes to 'hike' to the top of the hill and we were rewarded with a panoramic view of the Cays and surrounding islands. Not much of a workout but well worth the climb.

It is so hard to realize that our next three destinations are within sight of where we are currently moored... no more 1,200 nm/10-12 days crossings for this leg!

Tonight we go ashore for a lobster barbeque dinner put on by... you guessed it - the boat boys!

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02/24/2015 | Linda S
Those Caribbean waters are the best. You will have a great holiday I am sure. Enjoy a few lazy days, you deserve them.
02/24/2015 | Catherine D.
Enjoy your heaven! Thanks for the posts and photos. We also feel lucky in Lake Louise with warm temperatures and acceptable x-country skiing. Cheers
02/27/2015 | april and brent
It's a boater's paradise! Enjoy!
02/24/2015, 12 38'N:61 22'W, Tobago Cays

Died and gone to heaven!

OMGoodness we are there. Disneyland (never have been) or adult yachties' Fantasy Island.

Caribbean turquoise seas, steady trades, white sand and no pressure. Boat boys come by with anything with class and respect (Terrwyn now even has ice). Mucho yachts to ogle. No more crossings, just a couple of months of "liming" and hanging out.

We cleared in at Bequia, our first taste of paradise only to be trumped in the Tobago Cays succeeding in our first rendezvous in 30,000 nm - with Dory and Neil and John and Bev. A very good start.

The plan now is no plan... aside from tropical fish, cockpit parties, beach dances and day sailing Trinidad bound.

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02/25/2015 | Dory and Neil
We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and snorkeling at the reef. We have your green hat Cathy - found it in dinghy. We'll take it back to Canada. Ciao - safe sailing. See you when you're back in Calgary.
Dominoes Anyone?
02/19/2015, 13 16'N:59 39'W, Bridgetown Barbados

Apparently Dominoes is the national game in this country. We saw many groups of mainly men playing it in all sorts of unlikely places. They would set up a little table, bring out a set of domino chips and immediately players and observers would appear.

At times it can get very heated with a player slamming down his chip before putting it in place.I kept expecting to see money exchange hands to the winner but apparently the reward for winning is that the winner gets to keep playing and the losers give up their seats to other waiting and eager players. Neither of us had nerve enough to participate... must practice first!

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02/19/2015 | april and brent
Gee, our dominoes have been sitting in a tin box for quite a while now! Have to dig 'em out and get a table ready!
02/21/2015 | Dory and Neil
We're heading for Tobago cays today and await your arrival. Can't wait to see you! We found a gem of an anchorage in Chatham bay off union isle which is protected from the chuck. I sent you a text but not sure if you're using that number anymore. I'm not in 3G very often. Happy sailing

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