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Voyage of the SV Terrwyn
Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.
Seven Sisters Falls Hike (Grenada)

The hikers (Cath, Reiner and Heike) ready for our Seven Sisters Fall hike. (And no we didn't plan to wear matching outfits!! ... Bill thought we were crazy to wear black when it was so hot!)

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Memories of Friends and Falls
04/09/2015, Grenada

Now that Terrwyn is on the hard and we are busily getting her put to bed we love to think of the good times we have had in the Caribbean. Here are a few photos of one of the hikes with went on with our good friends from Germany (Heike and Reiner) who chartered a boat for a few weeks. We hopped on one of the mini-buses and asked to be dropped off at the trail head of the Seven Sisters Falls. An hour later we were happily hiking (and even singing as we went) to our refreshing destination.

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04/12/2015 | april and brent
Terrwyn carried you to memorable places and activities!
On another note, just wondering what putting Terrwyn on the hard and to bed involves, and also, how she held up to the Atlantic crossing. For instance, how did her lines, sails and fittings hold up to the elements for this part of your tour?
Calling All Young Men Under 70 Years
04/01/2015, 10 40'N:61 38'W, CrewsInn, Chaguaramas, Trinidad, Caribbean

All about end game. Common knowledge and then often forgotten we're all counting days and there may be more to life than work or alpine starts.

So what to do? I suggest consider: sailing; go to sea; mess about in your boat; pick your poison. All good and all fair game. After 60 years of lubberly life maybe give life afloat a go. No Nobel Prizes are offered, one may not be readily available to babysit or host them in the cutest playhouse cabin. It's expensive, self indulgent and may involve a little night work. But heck go to sea or buy a boat and just mess about. No fixed address and no guarantees refreshing- even for old guys.

Grumpy old men are invited. Opinionated, know it all or know nothing attitudes are all respected. One need not be too smart in fact a little dumbness goes a long way. Each anchorage, port or sailor town is a fresh start for old guys. Common interest in boats, seas and local ports make for fast friends.

So get started; reading, sailing, and getting wet. The spectrum is vast, from pocket cruisers to mega yachts and a partner is recommended however not compulsory. A Canadian passport works well (Brazil excluded). Time, however, is short so I suggest to get started now to be all geared up for the following final decades. GPS, glass hulls and Dacron sails diminish the challenge. However The Trades , the Roaring Forties, the breadth of Indian, Atlantic, Pacific remain. Tropical atolls are holding their white sands, palms and turquoise water as of old. Messing about on one's own boat while riding free at anchor is hard to beat. Meeting and remeeting new old fellow sailors makes for good times. The image of a small sailboat swimming in the open ocean or tucked into a quiet anchorage sustain me.

Double edge hazards lurk just below the surface as coastal reefs or poisoning in cute little Rum Shops. Most everything can and may break and the weather and the French are not always reasonable. However, in the final sum the romance and adventure of crossing oceans in ones own small boat is brilliant. A new focus for old eyes and a fresh start for an old boy.

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04/03/2015 | David Howes
Thank you for sharing your incredible journey. It has been an inspiration for me, as if I needed one.....I have a boat that is nearly ready to go (same model as yours) and will head off in June of 2016, if all goes as planned......I am hoping that the window last into the 70's......I am easing up on them.
04/03/2015 | april and brent
Blast! Missed the cutoff date! :)
04/04/2015 | Tim
Well done completing this stage. The call of the sea may be falling on deaf ears for me. Though the enthusiastic saga is compelling.
04/05/2015 | David Archer
Thanks so much for spending the time and effort to share your adventures. Along with the Volvo updates, you have provided a delightful escape from the cold and the snow.
Safe Travel Home
04/05/2015 | april and brent
Easing up to 70 may not be a problem, David. Jeanne Socrates at 70 did a solo circumnavigation out of Victoria, so maybe the age boundary could be raised depending upon the individual.
Meanwhile, the rest of us will sail vicariously reading the notes of voyages like this one. Thanks "Scuppers/Billy for sharing such an extraordinary adventure!
04/05/2015 | april and brent
And Cathy too!
04/14/2015 | Big Bear
Hey Billy Boy,
How can it be over? It only seems a few days ao you were hauling out of the frozen chosens North Country vowing not to return till we had warmer temps. Now, no matter how warm, it will seem cold compared to the paradise you have been in.
I join with the others in thanks for taking time and making the effort to share withe the land locked your amazing adventure!!!!!
See you soon Bill and Cathy.
Big Bear Hugs Always

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