Voyage of the SV Terrwyn

Bill and Cathy Norrie are co-caps on their beautiful yacht, Terrwyn and together they are voyaging around the world.

11 May 2016 | 21 05'N:157 02'W, Lahaina Roadsteadl
09 May 2016 | 20 52'N:156 41'W, Lahaina Roadsteadl
06 May 2016 | 20 13'N:155 14'W, ..on route Hawaii to Maui approaching the Alenuihaha Channel
04 May 2016 | 19 43.879'N:155 03.162'W, Arrived in Hilo Hawaii
01 May 2016 | 18 12'N:151 36'W, Hawaii bound 32 days Past With less than 2 Days To Go
30 April 2016 | 16 41'N:149 10'W, Hawaii bound 30 days Past With 4 Days To Go
28 April 2016 | 13 54'N:145 00'W, Sailing Northwest to Hawaii
26 April 2016 | 10 50'N:140 45'W, Sailing Northwest to Hawaii
23 April 2016 | 06 29'N:135 28'W, Sailing Northwest to Hawaii
20 April 2016 | 01 30'N:131 32'W, Sailing Northwest to Hawaii
18 April 2016 | 02 39'S:129 07'W, Sailing Northwest to Hawaii
17 April 2016 | 04 38'S:127 57'W, Sailing Northwest to Hawaii
15 April 2016 | 07 33'S:124 33'W, Sailing West from Galapagos
13 April 2016 | 07 36'S:120 12'W, Sailing West from Galapagos
11 April 2016 | 08 17'S:115 44'W, Sailing West from Galapagos
07 April 2016 | 07 37'S:106 03'W, Sailing West from Galapagos
05 April 2016 | 07 28'S:100 31'W, Sailing WEst from Galapagos
04 April 2016 | 07 18'S:98 00'W, Sailing WEst from Galapagos
03 April 2016 | 06 43'S:96 00'W, Heading Westward Day 6
02 April 2016 | 06 04'S:93 46'W, Heading South West from Galapagos

Terrwyn Sails on... With Her New Owner

19 October 2016 | Friday Harbour, Washington.
We are now a one boat family! Yes, we sold our precious Terrwyn, who so ably took us around the world.

Last week we sailed our BCC 28 Pixie from Port Townsend back to Canadian waters (she proudly wearing her new Hasse, Port Townsend sails and Best Coast Canvas sail covers and dodger).

Whilst docked at overnight at Friday Harbour who did we bump into (not literally, thank goodness) but Terrwyn and her new owner bringing her to her new home.

It was a sentimental visit but there were no tears shed as we knew that Terrwyn had found a safe new home and loving owner. After helping Terrwyn into her new slip we sailed Pixie back home to Canada.

This closes one chapter and we are eager to sail into exciting new chapters. Who knows where Pixie will take us?

Tying The Knot Party

28 August 2016
After circumnavigating around the world co-skippers Cathy and Bill were ready to celebrate! Over 80 people joined them for this occasion in the garden of The Latch Inn, Sidney , B.C. Many of our guests traveled from afar... Paul and Catherine even sailed from New Zealand to be there to celebrate with us.

What fun we had and the food that was served by Luigi and Valeria, owners and chefs of The Latch, was delicious. The crowning touch were the two Baked Alaska cakes.

Throughout the dinner the music from the SV Terrwyn's Playlist was played interrupted at times with spontaneous singing of favourite sea shanties. "Roll the Old Chariot Along" and "Barrett's Privateers" were the favourites that night.

Whale of a Welcome!

18 June 2016 | 48 17'N:124 03'W, Strait of Juan de Fuca
What a welcome!

Yesterday, sailing from Bamfield approaching the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca we came across a pod of Grey Whales. We spent an hour watching them majestically moving through the water. Breaching, spy hopping and diving they gave us a show that neither of us had ever experienced before ... nowhere in the world. We finally decided to move on or we would have been arriving in Neah Bay after dark. We couldn't believe it when the whales moved with us and escorted us along the Canadian coast until we headed across to the U.S.

Thank you Canadian Grey Whales for our welcome home show!
Vessel Name: Terrwyn
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, B.C., Canada
Crew: Bill and Cathy Norrie (AKA Scuppers and Pipper)
SV Terrwyn has completed her circumnavigation of the world with her co-skippers Catherine (AKA Poppy) and William (AKA Scuppers) now getting used to their land legs. Getting off the boat successfully onto terra firma can be a challenge. [...]
Extra: Bill and Cathy are co-caps and together on their beautiful yacht, SV Terrwyn they are travelling around the world. We hope you enjoy travelling with us and we love to read any comments that you might leave.
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The party was held at The Latch Inn, Sidney B.C. Over 80 people from far and wide joined us to celebrate our circumnavigation.
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Created 28 August 2016
We were able to get a 20 day visa to visit the Galapagos. Of those days we spent some on the island of Santa Cruz where Terrwyn is anchored then went on a 4 day cruise tour with 14 other people. The cruise took us to: Bachas Bay on Baltra Island, , Genovesa Island one of the most remote of the islands, Bartolome a volcanic islet just off the island of Santiago and finally Isabela, the largest island in the archipelago. A highlight for us was our final snorkelling time at Los Tuneles on Isabela. Imagine drifiting amongst numerous giant Green Turtles as they browse the seaweed. Bill even saw a large Seahorse, 8-10 inches in height! It was too far down (about 5 metres) for me to dive to. Seahorses are notoriously hard to find so this was quite a coup for the group to find.
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Created 26 March 2016
We sailed from Trinidad to Bonaire and then on to Santa Marta, Columbia. After a few days we took the bus to Cartagena and stayed overnight. Lovely historical town. From Santa Marta we sailed to the San Blas Islands visiting 3 different islands, one of which had a traditional village with very friendly Kunas. One of our favourite anchorages was the Swimming Pool Anchorage in the Holandes Cays. BBQ Island was sweet with a grass hut cafe that served fresh fish dinners every night - the guys would go out fishing at 6pm and the fish was served at 7:30. Talk about straight from the hook to your plate!! Transit the Panama Canal is another adventure.
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Created 28 February 2016
Time spent in Santa Marta and Cartagena gave us a taste of Colombia.
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Created 13 February 2016
A fascinating peek into history. One could almost sense the spirits which must still abound this place of confinement.
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Created 9 April 2015
We sailed in on Christmas morning 2014 and plan to stay a couple or three weeks. Lots to do and so many wonderful Saints to get to know.
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Created 2 January 2015
Whilst anchored in Walvis Bay we hired a car and took off into the desert. First Sossussvlei and then north to Etosha National Park and wild animals.
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Created 14 December 2014
We spent just over a week in the RCYC (Royal Cape Yacht Club) and enjoyed Cape Town especially with the Volvo Ocean Race teams being here (their first stop in the round the world race).
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Created 21 November 2014
On November 13, 2014 exactly one year to the day (and almost to the hour) when we sailed into False Bay from the east we set sail for the Cape of Good Hope. The only day in many that the weather was fair for us to head out. We made the journey from Simon's Town to Cape Town in a good time of 9 hours.
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Created 17 November 2014
Just a few images of the results of months of planning what we should take with us for our next leg. Despite careful selections when it comes down to the crunch much had to be left behind...
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Created 31 October 2014
We kept Terrwyn in Gulf Harbour Marina, Auckland New Zealand since we arrived in November 2011. After much work done to fix, add and update her we are finally ready to head off again. We spent a couple of nights in the Viaduct Marina in Auckland. It was fun to be in the middle of everything...particularly since an International Triathalon was being held in the Viaduct that weekend. Lots of people and things happening. We then headed off for Kawua Island where we spent a few days on a very secure mooring buoy thanks to the hospitatlity of the owners of Kawau Lodge, Helen and Dave Jefferies. Dinner with Lin and Larry Pardey was fun. A trip in Pickle, our inflatable dinghy, to Mansion House Bay topped it all off!
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Created 11 April 2013

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