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Wilparina - Go With the Wind
After three years of preparation, a Tayana 37 is ready to go to sea again
Wilparina's Photos - Main
Most of the old wiring has been torn out. Now the new systems are being installed.
38 Photos
Created 2 January 2012
Shots of the tasks that lie ahead.
16 Photos
Created 6 November 2011
Going with a "less is more" philosophy.
8 Photos
Created 15 October 2011
We formally welcomed Wilparina as our new sailboat.
5 Photos
Created 5 September 2011
At work on Wilparina's topsides.
13 Photos
Created 31 July 2011
After undergoing some serious repairs, Wilparina is once again ready to sail
14 Photos
Created 28 July 2011
The thorough survey we conducted revealed some of the serious challenges ahead.
19 Photos
Created 28 July 2011
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