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Windancer IV
Windancer IV is a Lagoon 440 cruising catamaran. She is Hull# 001 and was purchased by the MacKenzie family in November, 2005 who took possession in Fort Lauderdale, Florida shortly after Hurricane Wilma. John MacKenzie, delivered the vessel to the B
CIBC-Cooper Island Beach Club
10/05/2007, Manchioneel Bay, Cooper Island

Sunset over Tortola - as seen from the bridge of Windancer IV, moored off Manchioneel Bay, Cooper Island.

Back in BVI!!!
10/05/2007, Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

After a calm and uneventful (that's the way everyone likes to complete an overnight passage!!!) Windancer IV sailed peacefully back to the BVI.

Connor called the "land ho!" call as he and Capt. John completed the final watch of the transit back from St.Barths. On a 'dead' downwind tack we passed the Richard Branson's Necker Island and we joined by the balance of the crew - 1st mate Ziggy and daughter Jennifer, sub-ordinate John (Walks) and bartender Mark "my nose isn't read from drinking" Fletcher.

The crew enjoyed a relaxing morning, doing laundry, enjoying a few mid-day frozen cocktails and then cast off towards Ginger Island and a scuba diver for John & Zig.

Shell Beach, St. Barts
cjm & maf
09/05/2007, St. Barts. French Antilles

Why do they call it Shell Beach????? But we do love the French...............

Cheers from Orient Bay, St. Martin
08/05/2007, Yellow Beach, Pinel Island


Yellow Beach, St.Martin
08/05/2007, Les Pinel, St. Martin

We motored sailed to easterly tip of St. Martin and 'dropped the hook' in the shallows of a picturesque beach called Yelow Beach, SXM.

We swam less than 100 yards to the perfect beach, lounged on the beach and enjoyed an amazing day under yellow beach umbrellas followed by a great lunch under a thatched roof "hut'.

Mark's comment summed it all up "let's stay here for a week!!!".

Safe and sound in St.Martin
07/05/2007, Grand Case, St. Martin

We made landfall in Marigot, St. Martin just after 8:00 am on Sunday morning after successfully completing everyone's "first" overnight passage. We left the Saba Rock of the East end of Virgin Gorda, BVI around 7:30pm Saturday night and arrived after a quiet and uneventful (that's the we like all passages to be!) journey to St.Martin.

The girls were very dissapointed to find that in this very French side of St. Martin, eerything - and I mean everything - is closed on Sundays. So we cast of the lines and continued on to the beautiful natural harbour of Grand Case. We anchored in 15 feet of crystal clear water and swam and relaxed for the rest of the day.

We went ashore and say the how the residents of Grand Case really live - not so romantic.

Relaxing in the North Sound
John MacKenzie
06/05/2007, Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda, BVI

We arrived in the BVI yesterday and left the marina at Nanny Cay early this Saturday morning. After motoring dead to wind for about 90 minutes, we were lucky enough to snag the best mooring at the Baths, a beautiful beach area surrounded by huge rock, some the size of houses.

We swam to shore, snorkeled for a few minutes, then headed up the tricky "goat path" to the "Top of the Baths" restaurant for some lunch. We completed our visit to the Baths with a challenging trek through the Grotto followed by one last snorkel back to the boat.

We then motor sailed to the North Sound and moored off Saba Rock and the Bitter End Yacht Club. We are having a light dinner and preparing for our overnight journey to St. Martini.

Departing the Great White North...
02/05/2007, Toronto, ON, Canada

The MacKenzie family is preparing to board a Delta flight Friday morning with our friends Mark and John & Amanda to St.Thomas en route to Tortola, BVI and Windancer IV.

After checking the site, our plans to make the crossing to St.Martin on Saturday night remain a 99% probability. Wish us luck on the "Oh My Godda" [Anegada] passage.

Meeting the crew of Wildchild!
19/01/2007, Sopers Hole, Tortola, BVI

After clear back in to the British Virgin Islands at West End, Tortola I was returning to the boat on our dinghy when, to my amazement, Wildchild, the Catalina 42 from Port Credit was moored directly in front of me.

I approached the yacht from the port side and introduced myself to a "shocked" Michelle. She called the family and David, Caroline and Sabrina rushed on deck to greet me.

We spent three fun filled days with the group who are sailing the Caribbean until May, 2007 when they will return to the Canada.

What fun!!!!

Jenny doing the "high wire" act
18/01/2007, Sopers Hole, Tortola, BVI

Jenny and Connor decided to take a ride to the top of the mast in the Bosun's chair. Quite the view from up there - what's' the weather like????

Our sailor girl!
17/01/2007, Transit from St. Croix to Red Hook, St. Thomas

Jenny was in fine form today on our passage back to Red Hook on the east end of St. Thomas from St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. It was a perfect day (as usual) and we had a beam reach in 20+ knots of wind. What a great ride!!!!!

Let's go fishing
17/01/2007, Green Cay, St. Croix, USVI

Connor provided lunch for the crew of Windancer IV and the MacKenzie family was delighted to have fresh fish!

More tale from Windancer IV
Ziggy MacKenzie
16/01/2007, St. Croix, USVI

Alone...a much anticipated but somewhat daunting experience filled with mixed emotions.. The LePage family left us on a morning that resembled every other morning - sunny, light winds, clear seas and clouds threatening minutes of rain. We will miss their company filled with laughter, lively banter and not-so friendly Scrabble games.

We headed down island from Marina Cay to Sopers Hole in search of a clinic open on a Sunday to get Jenny's ear checked. She suffers from sensitive ears and has already experienced a punctured ear drum. Sundays in the BVIs reminds you that these are truly days of rest - stores close early, markets are shut and businesses never turn the sign on the door to Open. Upon arrival in Sopers we searched for Simple Plan, Andrew's boat, laid up waiting for a new transmission. Signs of the Elman Walker family onboard convinced us to stay the night and catch up with them later in the evening for a quick drink. One last sleep over for Ariel and after dropping her off in the morning, we were finally Alone.

We cleared into the US Virgin Islands at Cruz Bay, ambling through the stores, stopping for a great snack at a Mexican restaurant with Margueritas the size of sand pails. Hiked the hills to a grocery store - the biggest we had encountered (about the size of a Bruno's) and provisioned us for a few days.

Anchored on the south shore of St John in a very secluded bay where in the past we had encountered turtles - luck was playing with us - no turtles, but a beautiful spotted eagle ray who gracefully glided along the bottom accompanied by a small fish.

Tuesday was our christening voyage - our first solo sail from St John to St Croix. Three hours on a beam reach with 25knot winds, 10 foot rolling waves. Hoisted the main and gennaker (hybrid spinnaker) and flew across. Hooked and lost a fish (and the bait) along the way.

In Christensted, the capital of St Croix still showing its Dutch heritage with narrow streets, colourful buildings and an impressive fort, we wandered the streets and art galleries and toured the dungeons and cannons of the fort. Anchored for the evening in a very unique spot - along the float plane runway and just feet away from a sunken wreck surreptitiously spotted by Connor and Jenny. Dinner was at a tiny island which boasted an all-you-can eat buffet and fire walkers.

Wednesday, after a fast breakfast and snorkel of the wreck during which we saw hundreds of fish and a sting ray and spotted eagle ray, we headed up wind (pounding into the surf) to Buck Island, a nature preserve and coral reef. Holy mackerel, we caught a....mackerel, our very first catch at sea. We were thrilled to be greeted by a 6 foot bottle nose brownish-grey dolphin swimming in our bow, diving, leaping into the air and swimming on his back. Not something you see everyday.

The snorkeling at Buck was fabulous - we sailed in between the island and reef (with a clearance of 5 feet) and moored in the reef where we dove pristine water amongst hundreds of fish including a barracuda.

Later in the day we headed to Green Cay Marina where Connor and Jenny played at the tiniest of beaches and in the pool. ...

Bye Bye to the Lepage family
14/01/2007, Marina Cay, BVI

Off they went, from Marina Cay to Trellis Bay and on to Beef Island Airport and the return fight to the great white north.

Cheers and what a fantastic trip!!! Come back soon!

FInal Final Day in Paradise!!!!
13/01/2007, Marina Cay, BVI

Sadly, this is the LePage's last day in the BVIs. Sad to leave, but can't wait to see our dog again! Received a wake up call this morning..and after a bit of groaning, eventually did wake up. Bitter End was still beautiful, and after bagels, most of us (minus Ziggy and Meg) went to Saba Rock to check out the stuff there in the daylight. Later, after taking a couple pictures under the "Welcome to Bitter End" sign, we sailed to Leverick Bay. Very nice people, shops, food, the whole shebang. Very cute stray cats there too, except for the biting ones..After another round of Scrabble and one unsweetened iced tea, we then retreated to the boat and sailed to our final destination; Marina Cay. The sail over was unreal. The clouds, the wind, the everything, was perfect. Talk about not wanting to be anywhere else in the world. And then, after a few navy showers (I did it!!) We went out to dinner. Finally had the infamous conch chowder! Definitely lived up to it's title. Then we came back to the boat, and we had some of this sparkling apple cider stuff. The end of the trip. Sad to leave this amazing paradise, not going to enjoy the change back into reality. Can't wait to see all our family and friends! Goodnight everyone!

Bitter End Yacht Club
12/01/2007, North Sound, Virgin Gorda

After waking up in Nanny Cay (yet again), we had some breakfast, and then set sail for Bitter End. It was suppose to be amazing. So, we sailed for about 2 hours, and after getting very wet, and very cold, we arrived. It was confirmed. It WAS amazing. You wouldn't believe the view. The flowers alone were spectacular, and the spot we docked at was right in front of everything! After we got organized and took a quick tour of the island, we went for a swim. The pool was nice, and there was also a wedding chapel on the hill! All of the kids went to go see it, and it was really neat, with a pretty view. Unfortunately, on the way back, Meg developed an allergic reaction to one of the plants, and had weird blotches all over her legs and arms. Not very uncomfortable, let me tell you. Later, we went to Saba Rock. So cool! It took us about 3 minutes to walk around the whole island! The parents went out to dinner later, and the kids stayed home and watched a movie. We all fell asleep about halfway through though...haha..long day, but hopw for another great one tomorrow!!

Nanny Cay

Today was a great day. Well, for some of us that is. John was having serious problems with his foot, and ended up having to go and get stitches! We spent the night at Caneel Bay, and then sailed a bit to Soper's Hole, where we checked out some of the cool little shops, and dropped Ariel off with her family. There was a cool market too, and they had almost anything you could think of! Once we finished all our shopping, we sailed to Nanny Cay. There, we spent the day lounging around the pool, and we'll spend the night here too. We had lunch, dad and John went to Rhode Town to get stitches for John's foot. When they came back, Connor and Ziggy went snorkeling and then we all went looking for shells on the beach. We found some really cool ones, but they're all so small! After, we had showers (yes!) And then ate dinner. We played a few games of Scrabble, and Ziggy beat us all miserably. Makes for a perfect day, doesn't it?

St. Thomas

We woke up in Soper's Hole, Tortola. Ariel is also staying with us for a few days because the engine on the boat she was on died, and her family's stuck for awhile. After everyone had a bit of breakfast, we sailed for about 2 hours to get to Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. It was brutally hot, but fun anyways. And after about 15 minutes of walking, we spotted a Wendy's!!! YES!! So, we took a quick break for a double classic with cheese. Then, we went shopping!! Yay! Very, very hot, but still very, very fun. The people there were so nice, and it was really cool how you could bargain with them to lower the prices. It was worth going through customs to get there. We had to wait about 30 minutes for everyone to get cleared through (I was last). It was great though because we got all of our souvenir shopping done! Later, we sailed to Caneel Bay, where all of the kids went swimming and playing on the beach. We tried to get coconuts down from one of the trees, and John and dad decided to help us. Unfortunately, John cut his foot badly on a rock, and it doesn't look too good. He might have to get stitches! So, we just hung out on the boat for awhile, and then spent the night in Caneel Bay. Tomorrow is our "Swing day." Not quite sure what that means, but it sounds fun!!

Sandy Cay, Jost Van Dyke

This morning, we woke up in Nanny Cay again. We had to get an early start so that we could get to Sandy Cay. Sandi was convinced that the island was named after her, until she found out it was spelt with a 'y' instead of 'i.'So, after about 2 hours of sailing, we arrived at Sandy Cay, where we swam and snorkeled. It was a ton of fun because of all the huge waves! Later we sailed to Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke, to go to Foxy's Taboo. It was a really cool little outdoor restaurant, but the neat part was the ceiling! Almost everyone who goes there puts something on the ceiling, like a flag or a t-shirt. The ceiling's also covered with weird stuff too, like bras and thongs!!! Then, we went to White Bay, a pretty little place with warm water. We'll also pick up Jenny and Ariel, and then spend the night here.

Peter Island
08/01/2007, Peter Island, BVI

Today started out quietly and calmly. We were in the Nanny Cay Marina, where we had spent the night. We stayed until about 11:30 am, and after a quick breakfast of pancakes, and a shower for some, we were on the road (it's just a phrase) again. We headed to Peter Island right away, and spent most of the day there. We first decided to check out the resort on the beach. Wow. It was unbelievable, and very ritzy. When we walked into the lobby with our snorkeling gear and towels, everyone in there just stared at us like we were aliens. It was actually kind of funny. There was a beautiful pool out the back, with an amazing view. But the beaches were white, an the water was SO blue. So, we hung out in the ocean, and checked out all of the cool little minnows. After that, we hung out on the boat for awhile, and then decided to go snorkeling. Some of us (Sandi) hadn't ever been snorkeling before. So, today was her chance to learn. We took the dingy out to a shallower spot, and then swam out a bit deeper. We saw the most amazing sting rays. The first one was a regular sized ray, but the second was under our boat, and it was huge. However, when we compared the pictures of the two rays, the first one actually looked bigger! Later, we sailed back to Nanny Cay, and we are going to spend the night in the marina again. We'll be leaving early tomorrow, to get a good start to another awesome day!

Cooper Island - Day 3
07/01/2007, Machioneel Bay

Today began with a quick bowl of cereal, followed by about an hour of snorkelling. We were in Manchioneel Bay, and we had a great view of everything! Including Cistern Rock, where we went snorkelling. You wouldn't believe all the stuff we saw!! All the colours, the fish, and not to mention the amazing coral and other plants down there! It was like staring at a rainbow, I swear, it was AWESOME!! We saw all different types of fish, even a baracuda and a baby sting ray!! However, the absolute COOLEST thing we saw down there was a spotted eagle ray. It was brown with white sopts, and it had a huge, fat head, and the rest of its body was pretty thin. Id say the enitre thing was about3 or 4 feet across. But its tail!! The tail alone was about 9 feet long!! There were also masive shells, some as big as my head, but they all had little creatures inside, so we put them back. Later, we went to Wreck of the Rhones. The Royal Mail Steamer Rhone was a British vessel that sank in 1867. Today, you can either suba dive or snorkel to look at this underwater wreck. Its very cool, because it crashed into a reef, so its also home to hundreds of fish. You can also, for a very large fee, buy some of the ship. Also, if you want, you can buy some of the treasure from the ship, that has been made into jewlery. After that, we sailed to Nanny Cay, where we will spend the night. We had dinner & swam at one of the local restuarants. We're in a marina, and will leave tomorrow. Great day today!!

07/01/2007, Virgin Gorda

Today, the first thing we did was eat breakfast (bagels and fruit) and then sailed to Marina Cay. I was sad to leave, what I thought, was a truly beautiful spot, but was then informed that this spot, Trellis Bay, was probably the ugliest bay we would be at the entire trip! There were gigantic mountains, with houses on the very tops! It must take hours to get up have there. We also took the dingy to this really cute little island where they supposively have the best conch chowder, but we didn't have a chance to try any. After that, we dropped off Jenny with Bruce, Mar, and Ariel. Later, we traveled to the Baths. One word. WOW. It was UNREAL!! There were these HUMONGOUS rocks that looked like they were there put there by humans instead of being put there by nature. We went snorkeling, and walked though these amazing caves that had these cool little grottos in them. It was SOO cool!! It was unbelievable!! We also had lunch there, in this really nice little restaurant. They also had a freshwater pool, so we went swimming before we ate lunch. After we left the Baths, we sailed downwind to Cooper Island, and we spent the night in Manchioneel Bay. It was a very cute place, and there were tons of trees, and they're all different types!! It's so pretty here. Sigh.

The gangs all here!
06/01/2007, Marina Cay, BVI

Well after a very, very, very long travel day, starting before dawn in Buffalo, NY, flight connection through Philly and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

OOPS the LePage's missed their connection in San Juan, PR. Windancer IV was moored at Marina Cay to pick up Rick, Sandi, Meaghan & Ryan and Connor and John took the ferry over to the airport.

No LePage.........

Well they finally joined us at Trellis Bay and life in paradise was good.

We just dropped Bruce, Mar, Ariel and our daught Jennifer off at Marina cay to meet up with their friend Andrew and will meet on Tuesday.

Windancer IV
30/04/2006, Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI

Paradise in the BVI!

Windancer IV
John MacKenzie
01/11/2005, Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI

Windancer IV is a Lagoon 440 cruising catamarn. She is Hull# 001 and was purchased by the MacKenzie family in November, 2005 who took possesion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida shortly after Hurricane Wilma. John MacKenzie, accompanied by four friends as crew, sailed her to her present location in the Catamaran Company's charter fleet in Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI. Windancer IV is 44' LOA with a 25' 3" beam and a draft of 4' 3".

Windancer IV is fitted with twin 53 HP Yanmar diesel engines and a 11 KW Onan genset.

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