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Finally :-)
Delayed ..
04/19/2014, Rondey Bay marina St Lucia

We " had" to delay our departure agin .. The 9m kite suddenly started loosing air on the leading edge....Jill could therefore not go out in the afternoon yesterday.
We had Beth look at it - to here surprise it had a small leak in the seam (something that she has "never" seen- that should not happen)
She patched it up last night ... it seemed to be holidng air now ... and we will see if it will hold air during the day
The 9m is the Kite we both could be using today (17-20 knts forecast)
I can ride the 12 (and have been yesterday) but Jill really needs the 9m to be able to go out there...

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Kite Boarding success
04/17/2014, Cas en Bas ST Lucia

Success !!!!
It really paid of for both of us to stay the extra days in St Lucia
Jill for the first time kite boarded back to the spot she started from and was able to recover the board by body dragging - "everybody" was cheering ( well Beth, a coupe from Austria and myself ...)
Myself I can go out there for an hour + and come back to the starting point without much trouble (if the winds are above 12-13 knts that is...)
My new 14m kite has been somewhat of a disappointment as the few times I tried, I was not able get going well at 10 knts..
Jill on the other hand has used it a few times with success ( she has been the only one out there for the past 3 days or so - next to the Beth of course who seems to have no problems at 0 knts..:-()

Jill has gotten slowly better each day at kite handling and getting a better feel for boarding as a whole (without really going upwind until today)
The last few days really have been to build here skills up for today - and it worked
Tomorrow will be our last day Kite boarding in St Lucia but we will pull our gear out further south once we are in Union Island

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Galley during sailing
04/13/2014, ???

Our most valid items in the morning during a sail between the island :-)
Coffee for me and something healthy in the pan for Jill

March 2014- May 2014
04/13/2014, Rodney bay ST Lucia

We are Kiteboarding in St Lucia again..
The winds have been cooperation very nicely so far (14-16knts)... but will drop down for the coming days ...
We decided to take today (Sunday) off (Beth where we store our gear has to drive to the airport today and it seemed to much of a "hassle" to move the gear for todays conditions..)
Tomorrow conditions will be similar = maybe it's time to test my "new" 14m :-)
I have gotten quite a bit better at it (The time I spent in December in Antigua really paid off) going left right without any problems (still mess up my right hand turn once in a while, but hardly ever fall anymore)

Jill took some lessons with Beth to boost here confidence .. Yesterday she went left right without much trouble...Now she just needs to get used to our Kites and my much smaller board ...

We will probably be leaving St Lucia by then end of the week and therefore will arrive in Bequia in the middle of the Easter Regatta...
(wind forecast for the Easter Weekend are very good .... in the low 20's this should make for some fun racing ....( We don't race we just watch them going and coming ....if you get the timing right you can watch them going around the north point from the Turtle sanctuary.

March 2014- May 2014
French Country again
04/07/2014, Martinique

Today we arrive in Martinique coming from Dominica ( Anse Mitan- across the inlet from Fort de France)
It was a fast crossing with winds in the mid 20's ...We dropped anchor around 14:30 .. crappy holding in 5m of water ... we we managed to catch a rock with the chain on the second try and we seem to be holding now :-))
- Let's see how we will get off on Wednesday - the chain seems to be buried pretty good in the rock ..)
I checked in and then went for a coffee (and some Internet time ) while Jill started "harassing" the local boutiques (Thats really why we are here by the way ...)

We will spend 2 night here and should be in St Lucia by Wednesday afternoon for a week of Kiteboarding ( winds look good at this point)

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Hiking in Dominica
04/05/2014, Dominica

Whenever we stop in Dominica we have to do some hiking wit SeaCat
Nothing different this year .. It seems to get "harder and harder" to find new territory for us each year ... (can "not" do the Boiling lakes every year ..)

Anyway Seacat has some Ideas for longer Hikes but we "all" didn't feel like it this time..
How about visiting some of his local friends that have been living off the land for decades - Sounds like fun as long as there is some hiking involved..

I think in the US you would call this squatting = They just picked a hillside away from everything (took us 1 hour to get to the first dwelling) cut most of the big trees cleaned the vegetation ( a never ending job) and start planting fruit and vegetables..
Some of them have been doing this for 4 decades !
These places are amazing .. well maintained - but also lot's of work..
All in all we had a real fun day!

March 2014- May 2014

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