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Finally :-)
Back home
12/21/2014, St Lcuia /Marigot Bay

Where to start ..
- I sailed up to St Lucia with my brother arriving as planned on Dec 6th to meet the guys for Kite board week ..
Unfortunately that's when the winds fell apart for the next "two" weeks ...

Kite boarding was marginal at best :-(
We did get some boarding in towards the end but it was hard for Ken and Brandon to make real progress and we all spent lot's of time at the beach waiting for better winds
One day we decided to climb the "little" (steeper) of the two pitons .. that was probably the highlight of the week..

Boat is now at Marigot Bay at the Marina until we come back at the end of February

Nov 2014 - Dec 2014
In then water
11/25/2014, Crews Inn Marina Chaguaramas

We are floating again ...
It was a bit a rush in the end, as they launched me 1 hour early ...

Crews Inn again put me on C-Dock .. not sure why I often seem to end up on there - maybe because I never complain :-)
C-dock is at the edge of the marina an a lot more exposed to the swell then the other two docks ..That's not really a problem - but C-dock is also where all the derbies from the fishery seems to "pile" up at times.. not always that pleasant ..
I do like C-dock because you're usually in company of rather big boats ( not this time ..) and I do like to chat with the crew on those boats just for fun ...

I have a couple of issues that need fixing ASAP
A) my starboard navigation light is not working .. those are LED light's - expensive enough in the US - it will cost me an arm and leg to replace it down here...
B) I forgot that the door stop for the forward head broke last year .. If I can find anew stop (and clamp) that will work, I'll replace it otherwise I'll keep on using the bungee cord

Weather forecast still shows the best window for Saturday ..
Winds look good afterwards to sail up them Islands ..
St Lucia shows marginal winds for the first couple of days of kite board week ..

Nov 2014 - Dec 2014
12/06/2014 | Jill
How about an update with a photo of the guys??
Happy Birthday, Adi!! ;)
Ready to Launch
11/24/2014, Peaks Yard Trinidad

The boat is pretty much ready for the launch....
Hard to believe I've been working on it 10 days now - Time is defiantly flying
Everything looks good
- of course the sails didn't show up ... same thing every year ..
- well it doesn't look like there is any wind until late Friday so that helps ..
I'm playing with the idea going over night to Union Island .. but I'm not sure If can do that to my Brother ...:-) waves are "low"
Otherwise we will start around midnight - Kind of have to, to make sure I can check into Grenada on arrival day....

Adrian is flying in Wednesday from NY... This will be great ...

I was doing the annual maintenance on the winches over the last couple of days
This time I actually took the time to take the motor driven winch apart as well..
Whoever installed it, didn't do it right (I would not be surprised if it was Benetau -just to cut corners..)
The base plate is supposed to be screwed to the boat and then the standard winch will screw onto it from the top (this allows easy disassembling of the winch for regular maintenance) Of course on my boat somebody decided that that was to much "trouble" and instead used longer screws to bolt everything together with one screw ......This required me to go below and undo the nuts inside before I could take the unit apart ....
It took me much longer to take everything apart then to fix it and install it correctly..

Also one of the head sail winches is assembled in the wrong position (rotated 180 deg) this prevents anybody from doing proper maintenance on the winch, because you can not remove the gears. There is not enough room to slide them out sideways ..

I did try (again) to remove the winch but without any luck - Trying to remove it, would probably brake the gel coat where it's mounted to ( they must have used 5200 or so)
Therefore all I can currently do, is clean the gear assembled , smear new grease onto them and spray new oil into the ratchets .... The ratchets are really the problem - if they ever get stuck because of old grease building up, this could create a rather dangerous situation for whoever is operating the winch !!!!!

Now this was definitely a Benetau France screw up, as those are factory standard winches ! (hard to believe that happen after they had built several hundreds of them (I think I'm somewhere in the 800 range )

Nov 2014 - Dec 2014
11/25/2014 | Adrian
On my way now to Munich, taking off via London and NY to Trinidad and Tobago. Looking forward to see my brother and lernen sailing! My little daughter showed me today how to make knot, hope I can use it, C U soon, brother! Cheers, Adrian
Almost Done
11/22/2014, Peaks Yard Trinidad

Easy day - next to the fact that I got completely soaked on the way back from the store....I walked right into one of those downpours that we have been having pretty much every day

Tony's air conditioning unit would not turn on anymore after I shut it down for the mechanic yesterday (he got soaked too and didn't wanted to get sick because of the air conditioning , so we turned it off)

The darn thing seemed dead - the only thing working was the delay timer ..
this made me think - maybe some internal switch was set and it had to run trough it's timer routine again to get it to turn on again ?
So I set the timer to one hour and sure enough it started working after an hour - still we can not change the temperature or the operation mode ....

I started something new today - varnishing .... I have a couple spots on the inside that needed it badly, where weather (frame of forward head door) or moisture (exit location of the ac air) have diminished the existing varnish to the bare wood

I did the first coat today and it already looks a lot better - It was really not as bad as I thought it would be (next to the smell)

I also fixed the damage to the dingy fiberglass bottom Jill and I did during our Kiteboard week in Union Island - all that dragging of the dingy over the corrals left some serious marks on the fiberglass..

I used my Beneteau gel coat repair kit - those don't stay usable for many years if not used up - sure enough the stuff was hardly usable anymore - had some clumps - but it will do the trick for now (until Jill and I will go to Union Island agin ..)

Oh yeah and I put the bimini up - the windows look worse then ever - agin the vinyl windows has developed a bunch of nasty rusty spots ..
Not sure how that's even possible unless the rust got somehow embedded into the material ?
It's really getting time to replace that whole thing.
I asked Tony's son Anthony to try to clean the windows on Monday for me (I had spent many hours last year to get the spots somewhat cleaned off- I'm not planning on doing that again this year)

Nov 2014 - Dec 2014
Engine ready
11/21/2014, Peaks Yard Trinidad

Took all afternoon to get the engine done (not sure why..)
I also didn't get much done today, because I had to wait on the boat for them to show up since 11AM ...
I got a few small things wrapped up that had to be done anyway sooner or later.
I installed a few additional USB outlets (so everybody can charge there Smartphone) . This also allows me to power my new Spot tracking device.
Next to allow me to check if the boat has move while on shore it also allows family and friends to check on our progress when sailing ...
During the summer month I'm planning on using it in Oregon - maybe during the relay race to track then teammates on the 8.5 mile leg ??

Also if the weather forecast is correct I should have a "nice" sail up north with my Brother next week :-)

Nov 2014 - Dec 2014
Most big stuff is done :-)
11/20/2014, Peaks Yard Trinidad

Things where going a bit to well it seemed .. but not for long .....
At around 3PM I thought I fix the "broken" holding tank pump ... The pump never really failed but I noticed a leak when I flushed the tanks coming into Trinidad in May ..As it turned out 3 of the 4 brass ?? studs holding the pump together had failed.. No big deal - so I brought all the spares for repairing the thing ..
Installing the parts was a walk in the park as they say - installing it below the sink not so much -but I have done worse jobs ...
Let's try it - but the darn thing would not turn right - something was binding up .... I had to take the pump three times apart - ending up with the old impeller to get it to "work" again. Problem is, that you can not really test it until you are in the water and there is some "real stuff" in the tank ....
I keep my fingers crossed on this one .. working on a holding tank pump with the tank being full is not something to look forward to....

Other then that everything is going according to plan
- I did startup the dingy engine today - seems to run just fine- I have not decided when to put the dingy in the water .. I really don't need it at this point & a couple years back somebody poked a hole into it while floating at the dock..
I might wait until Monday with "launching" the Dingy

Tomorrow the mechanic is supposed to do the annual maintenance on the boat engine.
After that I should be able to start cleaning up the mess I made & put stuff back in the place they belong ...

Nov 2014 - Dec 2014

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