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Finally :-)


Jan25 - May5th 2010
04/05/2010 | Niya
SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04/05/2010 | Joe The Plumber
Hollywood stars?!
04/05/2010 | landlubber eve
Thank you for all your tails (sic) from the sea!
04/05/2010 | Niya
Oh my god, you 2 are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to skype SOON!
04/05/2010 | Kayin
Love it!
04/14/2010 | Jill
thxs, no stars here except in the sky.
not feeling nor looking cute~ skype me!!!!!
hmmmm, try to come up with more tales and tails :-)
Jill/ hot hot hot a bit hazy and vey humid
04/03/2010, Mustique

We are enjoying Mustique. Here for 3 nights (Fri,Sat,Sun). We had spent a few nights in Bequia and all enjoyed it there. They have very nice fruit market, shops, restaurants. Filled up with fuel,water,and did laundry. We then sailed around to friendship bay. Very quiet and nice with a very good bar/restaurant with swinging chairs. We then sailed to the old whaling island which seemed deserted but was really great to snorkel. Saw lots of eels. Now at Mustique (not enough partying for Denise) but it is beautiful and the people are super friendly. The snorkeling I bet will be great but I'll go find out shortly.
We plan to leave here on Mon. and sail to Canouan, Tues, Wed,Thurs. in the Tobago Cays, Fri/Sat in Shaw Island and Union, Sun in Carriacou and sailing down the Atlantic side of Grenada. Kalin and Denise fly home on Mon. morning.

Jan25 - May5th 2010
04/03/2010 | Niya
where are pictures of the lovely fam?! I want to see mamacita! And kalin and denise and georg and whale and dolphins and turtles! when can we ahve our skype date?
04/05/2010 | Kayin
Looks beautiful! Too bad Seiko, Samantha, and I can't make it out there.
04/14/2010 | Jill
I'll try to find a photo of Kalin and Denise for here where they are not sleeping! :-)
Kayin, hope you can experience this sometime but it isn't all easy!....and Georg doesn't seem into having small kids around (need to be swimmers maybe)...maybe in time....if still happening, we'll see
Mustique , St Vinvent & Grenadines

After a "rest" day in Port Elizabeth [Bequia] we moved yesterday to Friendship bay on the south end of Bequia ....
Today before heading towards Mustique, we checked out Petit Nevis just south of Bequia.
Petit Nevis is where the Whale processing is supposed to happen.
St Vincent still allows the kill of one female & cave / year by a single whale hunter in a small sailboat .
After that, the two hour sail down to Mistique was uneventful with surprisingly little swells..
Our new Neighbor in Mustique is a just launched 57m super yacht owned by a "Russian" Millionaire...( we had to google it). Today, he must have had a bad day, as his super dingy failed at the dock= when it comes to outboards it seems we are all sitting in the same boat ...:-)

Jan25 - May5th 2010
Sending Pam & Family off
Jill & Georg
03/28/2010, Hillsboro, Carriacua

Today we sent Pam, Scott,Sage and Tarah off on there trip back to the US.
AT 3:30 they hopped onto the ferry going back to St Georg Grenada (two hour ride - how long did it take us to get up north ??)
This means we lost our sail trimmer(s) :-) ... but I think I picked up some of your "tricks" along the way.
See you soon in Corvallis

Jan25 - May5th 2010
New Tour/New Crew
03/28/2010, Tyrell Bay Carriacou Genada

We went to Petite St. Vincent for a private exotic snorkel experience and a boat anchored very close to us in this very empty anchoring .....well.... he was had to put our stern anchor out. Once the first squall hit we could hop onto his boat. We then saved his ass (or our own)a second time
by letting another 15 meters out.

On our last night with full crew we all went 'French' under the moon/star light. Even our captain and if you know him ....that's really something! In the morning we found the pirates' booty! A really nice towel, bandana, fork, spoon, platter, mask, fin keepers, tee shirt, tea pot. The shirt was Scott's, the fork the captain through over the night before, Kalin tossed the spoon for me to dive..... but still quite a loot.
We sailed in the morning (Tues.28th) to Hillsboro Carriacou for the family to catch the ferry to Grenada to catch their plane early next morning in Grenada.
We then anchored in Tyrell Bay and will set sail for Union to check in the country and shop for fruit (great spot for good fruit).
We will sail north to get this new crew some Island experience and learn the 'ropes'......especially how not to burn.

Jan25 - May5th 2010
03/29/2010 | Diane Broad
Watch out, Kalin! That pic posted on 3/25 looks an awful lot like a shark! :-)

Have a blast you guys! It's raining like CRAZY in Corvallis today.


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