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Finally :-)
First day
Georg (proof read:)
10/25/2010, Trinidad

I arrived last night around 10:30PM ­ but it took me about 1-1/2 hours > to clear immigration and customs,­ by the I arrived at the hotel it was 1:30AM .....(driving 45 Min & I had to check in with the marina customs office to clear my boat parts...)
So the boat was supposed to be moved during the morning but nothing happened until noon .. Thinking these guys must now be at lunch I went over to the local immigration office to sign myself back "onto" the boat.( They are really big on paperwork here) Anyway, when I came back to the yard they had actually already moved the boat out of the secure storage ­ unfortunately right in front of huge tree ­ the only one in the yard. (to their defense I have to say the yard is "completely" full)
Now the current location won't work, as there is no way for us to drop the rudder (digging a hole is really not an option because of the roots)
- Well they just have to move her again :-)
Other then that everything seem to be OK _ but she is SUPER SUPER dirty
Good thing the cleaning crew was already circling and jumped right on it,
By 5PM she already looked presentable :-)
PS: The picture is actually showing the boat inside the secure storage area...

Oct25 - Nov26th 2010

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