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Finally :-)
Sail to St Lucia
03/15/2012, Marigot Bay St Lucia

We left St Vincent this morning around 7am and arrived at Marigot Bay around 3PM.
We did not stop at the Pitons this time (maybe on the way south)

The first couple of hours of the crossing where pretty rough and the wind was a lot more on the nose then I had expected..
We left a"bunch" of boats in the dust - passed them during the crossing as they where not passionate enough and started sailing into the channle way to early - those boats, where pushed way to much to the west of St Lucia and had to motor in for hours to make landfall ... When they took off, we both thought they where heading for the BVI or so :-)

We will probably stay a couple nights at Marigot Bay and then head up to Rodney Bay Marina where I'm planning on fixing our fresh water pump...

Jill bought some cute turtle made by a local artist (she thought.....)
I guess his business must be going very good- as he seems to sell them to every street vendor in town :-)

Jill was happy to see her good friend Thadia (Thadz) again- where she'll spend most of her time while we're here :)

March 2012-May 2012
03/14/2012, Wallilabou, St Vincent

We are anchored at Wallilabou again (Pirates of the Caribbean)
We will leave in the early morning for St Lucia

We arrived in Wallilabou (Island of St Vincent) from Bequia in the early afternoon after a way to short sail in the channel between the Islands...

We are having water issues on the boat
A) I think the small leak in the forward Tank needs to be upgraded to a mayor hole at this point, as we are hearing the bildge pump way to often going on these days ( I know it's fresh water collecting in the bildge as I have tasted it to many times & we go trough the forward water tank way to fast)
B) the water pump is starting to fail - today it would not stop pumping and blew the fuse ... the good news is that I did bring a new pump for this season - just haven't gotten around to install it yet....

March 2012-May 2012
More kite boarding ..
03/11/2012, Cliffton union island

Jill and I had our 3rd kite board lesson today...
We went to another beach today , the idea being that we would get longer runs in ( theory , theory only ...)
It kind of worked for me, as I got a couple of longer runs in but Jill felt like she could not quite improve over yesterdays performance.
I think she did well- it won't take much longer for her to get it ( This doesn't mean I feel like I got it or so)

March 2012-May 2012
Kite boarding !
03/09/2012, Cliffton Union Island

So we both took some lessions today - and we both managed to get on the board (in one direction mostly :-))

We will continue tomorrow with two additional lessons

March 2012-May 2012
we go kite surfing tomorrow
03/08/2012, cliffton union island

So we decided to take some kite surfing lessons tomorrow...The winds are not favorable for the sail up to Bequia in the next couple of days anyway (Sailing to Bequia is one of our favorite day sails) so we rather wait for better wind directions :-)

We both will take private lessons on the first day and then take it from there ....
(kite surfing is probably not the best sport for Jill and here knee .. but that never seems to stop her from doing things = ski conditioning & snowboarding was probably far away from being a smart thing to do either..)

March 2012-May 2012
We are sailing again :-)
03/07/2012, Cliffton Union Island

We left Trinidad yesterday around 11:30 AM heading up north towards Union Island (bypassing Grenada and Carracou)
We dropped anchor in Cliffton/Union Island at around 2 PM today

We both where eager to leave Trinidad so we grabbed the first possibility for a crossing. The weather has not been very cooperative for decent opportunities to cross for the past xx weeks or so.

I decided to do most of the crossing during the day trying to avoid the bigger swells expected to arrive in the early morning hours.

Let me just say this about the outcome: The conditions where crappy and we probably had our worst crossing ever ... at the same time I think we did OK , as the weather might not be much better in the coming days..(there were times during the night where I thought I should have waited a few more days)

About two hours into the trip we had a small incident, where we were about to loose our anchor gear... suddenly I heard this noise coming from the front and soon realized that we are actually dropping our anchor gear into the sea ..

Anyway I was lucky in that the knot at the transition between chain and rope would not pass under the winch and got stuck ( not sure what would have happened without that ... we might would have ripped out the bitter end of the rope from the anchor locker)

The task now was to get the chain and anchor back on board in a heavily rolling sea... at this point, you have 100ft of chain & a 50 lbs anchor hanging straight down into the ocean - no way you will pull this up by hand to get the chain and rope section jammed under the windlass free ...(& you really need to make sure that you can hold on to the dam thing ..)

It took me a while doing some fun bronco riding sitting at the bow of the boat , but I finally managed to pull everything back up.

The whole thing was of course my mistake, as I forgot to put the chain over the windlass - this allowed the waves to wiggle the anchor and loosen the rope that was securing the anchor to the boat ..

March 2012-May 2012
03/07/2012 | me
sailing again? thought you were resting after that long rough wild crazy sail ...catching up on ur missed sleep...

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