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Island Girl
Another winter in Paradise !!
Normans Cay
14/01/2008, Normans Cay

There is this place 210 miles off the Florida Coast at the southern end of the Bahamas. This place in yester year's (and beleive me not that many ago) used to be a cocain transport empire.Carlos Lehder ran this empire at one time.....In my photo album you will see a picture of the Skipper and I standing on the tip of a sunken plane that is really cool to snorkel at low tide.
This place can take days to explore,you get to walk the beaches and look for sea beans, explore the plane, and all the buildings that are still standing. The walk to MaDuffs can be a lot of fun on a dark night lol, and although the runway is not quite so busy these days (smile) it is reported that at one time this runway was protected by radar, bodyguards and doberman attack dogs for the fleat of aircraft under lehders command. In its glory days it is reported that 300 kilograms of cocaine would arrive on the island every hour of every day. There are many storys of this man and you should go ahead and google Carlos lehder.

Today there is not much left apart from my favorite restaurant (and as you all know I should know a thing or two about that smile) in the whole wide word, it's call MacDuffs and I'm sure all of you sailors have heard about the best cheeseburger in paradise. In the picture above I am at MacDuffs but notice the mag in my friends Farley's hand..... don't you think it would be a good one to send into latt's & att's lol.

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