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Island Girl
Another winter in Paradise !!
Day after day of sunshine
12/01/2009, Normans Cay...Jan 9th

We were in the dinghy for hours and hours again today. Gunk-holing is a favorite pasttime. We explore beach after beach and often we tow the dinghy over sand bars to explore another creek. In Normans Cay you never know what you will find....I did find a pot of gold here ( hehe ) but not the treasure that one would expect to find. Farther more what happens at Normans Cay stays at Normans Cay.
I was told a story the other night about a couple walking through the mangroves and they came upon an old pilots head set, they took it back to the plane wreck and just droped it. A few days later a couple of young kids found it while snorkeling and noone would beleive them. Hundreds have dove on the site and everything has long been gone....but while I am here I shall pretend that I too will stumble upon something from yester years. Normans Cay is just that type of place ! The buildings that are left over carry a mystery of their own. On a full moon I can actually pretend that I am at one of the wild partys that had to have gone on here. Actually there are many storys about these shenanagans... and yes I do have quite the imagination !
Tonight was our last meal at Mcduffs for a while , but I will be back (smile). We were served the best conch fritters in the Bahamas , tasty, tasty....compliments of the house I might add !!! This did not make them better lol, they were just done right ! The folks here know what they are doing and hopefully they are here forever.
Mcduffs is also know for the green flash at sunset, I did not get to see this, this time around so I have to come back again lol. Last year I missed the green flash by talking too much or is that just my excuse to keep returning ! Only time will tell....

12/01/2009, Normans Cay....Jan 8th

Today I found sand dollars in abundance....sadly just a few made it back to the boat. They are such fragile little buggers.
We also did a lot of snorkeling over the plane wreck, (story has it this plane came down in the 70's). This was at the peek of the drug smuggling days. The site just gets better with time , each year there is more coral. I will get some video on this site in the next few days. It is very hard to download pictures and video at this time as the internet sites are not the best. We do have enough video now to make our own movies lol.

Normans Cay
12/01/2009, Exumas...Jan 7th

After snorkeling and visiting our 4 legged friends we decided to haul anchor and head down to Normans Cay in the afternoon. It was very calm and no wind so it was a motor sail all the way.
It was so nice to see our friends here at Mcduffs and we did stay at the bar until wee hours of the morning after an excellent dinner. This is after all in my opinion the best restaurant in the Exumas and I should know a thing or two about that. This restaurant is a little out of the way but quite out of the ordinary. We plan on spending a few days here ....there is sooooooo much to do and see ! Any pictures that I post here cannot do it the justice that it deserves.

FED- EX anyone
Gorgeous Day
11/01/2009, Allens Cay....Jan 7th

First of all..... dont you think that the Iguanas in the last post are the best looking creatures that you ever seen ? I have to tell you they have a mean bite as well.
Back to this post.....Fed -Ex at Allens Cay. Well almost (smile). After visiting the Iguanas we came back to the boat with a parcel wrapped around the rudder. It even came with a parachute ! Curtesy of U.S. goverment. It was a weather beacon measuring wind speed. We have to drop this off at the first mail box we see. Quite the pkg. in the middle of nowhere !

Allens Cay
15 knot winds NE....Sunshine
11/01/2009, Exumas...Jan 6th

I truly remember what I love about sailing. We were on a broad reach from Nassau all the way to Allens cay. The sound of the water and the wind in the sails. There is nothing else !
We left Nassau at 8:30 am (late start) and arrived at Allens Cay around 4:30 pm. The yellow Banks were a breeze. I actually steered with just my big toe through a large part of the coral heads. Skipper was at the bow taking pictures. I remember last year crossing the banks and being terrified of ending up on one of the coral heads.
It was a beautiful sail and we decided to take down the sails early as we seen rain up ahead. Our foulies came out anf everything was batten down.The rain came sure enough and with it the most amazing rainbow.It was about 50 yards of our port side and at the end was the pot of gold....Allens Cay was lit up with beautiful colors. This truly was an amazing sight. No picture, but I really don't need one (smile) as I shall never forget !
P.S. can't wait to visit our 4 legged friend's tomorrow !

Farewell Nassau

I am excited to be finally getting back out there. The only sound will be the wind in the sails. There will be no city noise, light pollution, internet, or any schedule (not that there is one now lol ). I will be moving into gin clear waters and one white sand beach after another and yes I wish to explore each and every one ! This is where one gets to really shut down and you can be at one with oneself.

I do promise you great footage at the end...

In a couple of weeks I shall find a settlement with internet and I will post like mad on my blog. The adventure is finally beginning.

Bye for now


Conch Man
03/01/2009, Nassau

In a earlier post I promise I would get back to my neighbour on the anchorage.This morning mother nature decided to be my friend and so did Westly. I finally captured this man on video, and he gave me his life story, (what a hardworking man ). You will see what I I just have to figuredout once again how I am going to post this for you guys. Camera no. 1 has a broken screen, I can still use it and do however I will be now using my underwater video camera so I have my work cut out for me. I have to learn all over again how to use it. Anyhow better now than when I start snorkeling in the Exumas !
I have discovered after a few hours of work (smile) that I have to downsize the video, it is now evening... you will get another picture for now but know that I am back to working on the video tomorrow. Good night my friends.....

The Last Man Standing
03/01/2009, secret location

This goes out to my ski buddies. You guys would love this place. A mickey will cost you 2.50 and beer is even cheaper .You would carry me out for about 4 bucks lol.
I really enjoy Herb the owner as well. His name says it all. I have had a few good times hanging out over there. The neighbourhood has kept my camera very busy. Camp David is also just down the road. I have pictures which I won't post on here but you will see them in due time. Poverty is around you but there is also so much beauty. I have pictures of the ladies filling up thier water jugs after dinner and they were dancing and singing as this was going on. I asked if I could video them but as soon as I started they were not natural anymore, however I shall treasure my experience forever.
I have explored Nassau inside & out over the past 2 years and everyday I find more to see.

Happy New Year
A little cool
03/01/2009, Nassau

Happy New Year Folks !!!! I guess I should also say Merry Christmas here (smile)

I have been very busy...that happens here in Nassau. We are now finally ready to go. The window looks good for Monday. We will be off to the Exumas at last !
This week my friend /boss has been down here staying at Paradise Island. Just left her on the other side....her flight leaves in a few hour's, and they are going back to cottage country . Believe me the boat is now packed to the gunnels from all of thier left overs in the condo. We have now have treats for months. A special thank you to the Hurst family and also to Ian and Dorothy back home for adding to the care pkg. Santa did come !
The picture below had all good intention's (smile). I am now soooo far behind on my blog , however, the next couple of day's I will play catch up . I left off looking at a beautiful 36 ft. CS sailing vessel that would have been great for chartering. The deal is not going to happen....I need the right person at my side, I can't do it on my own, I wish I knew more about diesel engines....Focus is a pretty boat and I do like the name.

Capt Milly
29/12/2008, Nassau

I will be busy for a few day's checking out this boat that I heard about from Capt Ralph. I will keep you all posted and wish me luck (smile). If I can find a way it will be mine for a fine price....what will be even better is that if I can pull it off I will be looking forward to visitors from Canada ! This boat sleeps six very comfortably and the cockpit is massive. It needs some TLC but would be a great boat to charter out . Keep all your finger's crossed folk's. In the picture I am trying on the cap just for size.....
Skipper might have to leave for the Turk's, ( I don't think there is any room in the plan's for me ). I do not want to come home, therefore I have to find another boat.Nothing ventured,nothing gained ,just as the saying goes....

My neighbour
23/12/2008, Nassau

My neighbour's name is Wesley. He is very quiet but waves anytime he is going on his boat. In the morning I watch him get ready for his day's work....he sales starfish and conch shells down at docks where the crewship's come in. I am actually going to continue on this blog a little later as I wish to capture him on video when mother nature also decides to be my friend for the day ! He deserves and you guy's deserve to see a little more about his world......

Capt. Ralphs Boat
cloudy day....another front has moved in
23/12/2008, somewhere in Nassau

Tibb's Eve today in Nfld.....Happy Mummering everyone!!!

However, I am here in Paradise on Capt. Ralph's boat and feeling pretty good actually. Nice scenery here at the dock, life is quite different than being moored off in an anchorage.
Marina life versus anchorage... there sure is a different crowd here lol. No one has their laundry on the life lines for everyone else to see , nor do they shower with the solar bag. They have hot shower's just a few feet away..... however, I like life on Windigo. There is a saying that is just one word, it is called KISS. This means keep it simple stupid.
What am I doing you might ask.... well I am sitting here, people watching and living life in the moment. Christmas is the last thing on my mind. Survival of my mind, body, and spirit are the top thing's on my list.
Another big blow out today on the 26 fter that I do love very much. It has small quarters but it has large horizons and Windigo has been good to me ! I'm afraid the 640 Toronto weather report, dating sites, blog sites and crew finder sites kinda got to me. Butttt all of that is ok because that is just what led me to this adventure in the first place. I said in my opening lines "Welcome to my Adventure". Well , I'm not about to let it get boring at this point hehe...
and now I have to live up to my blog and my goal's that I made for myself at the beginning of this journey. Number one goal is for me to fine tune myself. That means my body, my mind, and yes even my spirit. I have to somehow not take this all for granted!!! Being in Paradise with no snow to shovel, no 20 below weather, no icy roads or icy door knob's (like in Edmonton a few night's ago ).Somehow I have to live everyday to the fullest, you guy's might be thinking here that this should be so easy and that I am ever so lucky. Lucky I agree but living every moment in the now takes some doing (smile). I have many decisions to make in the near future and we all know that what I put out there right now will determine where I end up. I am looking forward to the day's ahead and my eyes are wide opened to step into my next adventure .

The picture shown here is Capt. Ralph's boat.....just kidding

Green Parrot
23/12/2008, Nassau

My favorite bartender in the whole world. Alex is the man.....Green Parrot is the bar. I have known this young man for a couple of year's now and he also knows everything that is going on around here. We are anchored just a few feet from the Parrot and when we come to shore we have to pass through and sometimes we don't get very far !!!
We have met a lot of very nice people in this bar, we have enjoyed the food and music. Right at this min. I am treating myself to a vegetarian quesadillas for more than I can afford lol. This place is very good to the sailor's, it provides a great dinghy dock, good entertainment at timjes, cold beer and people like Alex working it it (smile)...... now I am going to update this blog and get some pictures out there to you folk's or this blog is going to get boring real fast....

Paradise Island Beach
23/12/2008, Paradise Island

This beach stretches for miles and miles. Any water sport you enjoy can be enjoyed here. On a beautiful day you have all the vendors out selling thier wares, jsut like any other beach in a tourist area. I like to travell on down to the quiet side of the beach and sometimes I wish they would walk all the way down to me and sell me a nice cold drink in a coconut shell but than again it's not in my cruising budget.There are many upperscale resort's along this beach and one night of lodging's is about the same as my cruising kitty for a month !
If I choose to walk over the bridge instead of taking the dinghy across the harbour this walk is about two miles . I can get plenty of excerise in Nassau, being on a sailboat one has to make a point of geting excerise when you can. I love the cruising lifestyle and sometimes I wish Windigo was big enough for me to have a kayak or a canoe on board, once we are out in the outback's although we explore every corner of any cay some of them are very small lol.

Potter's Cay
22/12/2008, Nassau

Potter's Cay is the place to go to people watch and to eat for very cheap ! This place is located underneath bridge two that goes over into Paradise Island. Something is alway's happening here, you look around and there are a few tourist, however, this is where the local's go to eat. I normally have conch fritter's, rice, platain, and coleslaw and a water for the grand sum of 6 buck's. Try doing that anywhere else on the island lol.
I look for the cleanest fish shack, (Dalphany's is my personal preference) I than plop myself down on the bar stool and settle in. I know that it will take a while but I am ok with that after all I too am on island time.
Every deal that you could think of can happen here. There is usually a table as well where the local brass are gathering around. Skipper pointed out to me a few day's ago that the gun's on their belt was about 30 year's old. He beleived it to be a 38 cab. just a snub nose Only in Nassau (smile).
In the evening you can entertain yourself here as well and listen to the lcoal music, rake & scrape...I love to watch them dance and I have to tell you they can really move.
The one bad thing about Potter's Cay is all the garbage created in the harbour. You can see all the starofoam floating by with the change of tide.

Unwelcome visitor
wind is 14 knot's out of the east at the momment, lot's of sunshine and the temp. is back in the 80's
16/12/2008, Nassau

I have now seen the granddaddy of all roaches lol. I am soooo happy that it wasn't my leg it choose to crawl over. We must have brought this on board with our groceries. We just had Windigo in tip top shape only to start all over. We bombed the boat and went to the beach for the day. There is a lot of cleaning and provisioning going on these day's with many walk's over the bridge to Paradise Island. In the picture, taken from the Green Parrot, you can see Windigo sitting pretty in Nassau Harbour waiting for our return and this time hopefully no unwelcome visitor's!!!!
We are going to stay here for Xmas and enjoy Junkanoo. We will do a shakedown cruise over to Rose Island soon as we get the right weather window (tried twice already) and we also have to stop going out everything night for pot luck's with other boater's (smile). Right now it's nice sitting here and getting used to living on a 26 ft boat again, also two people on a boat this size need time to get it together before venturing out...

Capt Ralph
Just another beautiful day....
07/12/2008, Nassau

This entry will be all about Capt Ralph. I cannot think what Nassau would be all about without our friend Ralph. He has shown us around this special place from top to bottom. Ralph has been here for year's and any of you sailor's need anything all you have to do is go to the Green Parrot and ask where you might find Capt Ralph. Every port has a person like this ....all you have to do is find them. I like to think that I am rather good at that , finding them I mean !
Below is a picture of Ralph taken at last night's pot luck here in Nassau Harbour. He has his arm around a charming young lady called Amy who came down here to help a friend take a boat back to Florida. You need to know that she has never sailed before.....what a girl !

On The water Again
Sunshine, light breeze
07/12/2008, Nassau

Windigo is happy once again! The mast went up yesterday, and finally we have some room below to start the big clean up!
Back home there is lot's of snow as you can see from the picture, this was taken just before leaving, too bad I did not have my camera when I got stuck in my friend's driveway. Thank god I had lot's of help to get out of there (smile). My friend's just a few day's ago told me that with the help of a new snow blower they are still trying to create a nice base for the winter. I think I messed it up for them ,but just a tad.....Sorry about that guy's.

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