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Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
18 May 2009 | Providentiales
Well, we're still sitting out the weather here in Provo. Today has been another rain marathon. That's the second day of all day drenching we've had since we've been here. The weather to the north where we're going is even worse, so we haven't moved and probably won't for another couple of days.
Ryan arrived two days ago and I'm sure he brought all this with him! Since we're all going stir crazy here, tomorrow we are going to take the ferry to North Caicos Island and rent a car. We'll drive down to Middle Caicos and take a tour through the caverns they have. It's a 15 mile long cavern, akin to Carlsbad Caverns; except not nearly as developed. No lights- nothing. Ought to be interesting!
Then Wednesday we'll do some last minute provisioning, and Thursday hopefully be on our way to the Bahamas.
I've been trying to get the photo upload to work on this site, but it just isn't cooperating. So, I apologize for the lack of photos. Really, it's not my fault!