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Paul and Priscilla's Baja Sailing Adventure
La Paz - Long Post
11/17/2011, Marina Palmira

Whale....little black dot by the other boat.....some photog I am....

We left Frailes on Saturday, Nov 12 at 7:50 am heading to Los Muertos. Nearby is a marine preserve reef that we were hoping to snorkel, so we were really looking forward to spending a day or two in this bay. The resort, we heard, had a pool and a restaurant that welcomed yachties and there was a funky cantina on the other end of the bay. Our log shows that we arrived at 2 pm after a great sail with following winds and seas for the second half of the trip. We immediately launched our dinghy to was a bit rough, but we were hoping that it would lie down like it had in Frailes the previous night.....Not So! By the time we made a quick tour of the bay, didn't even go on land, it was getting dangerous to get back on the boat! That fast!
It turns out that everyone was caught off guard. Boats who had their dinghies already shipped, pulled up anchor and started the parade of boats going anywhere else. Like the night before, the waves were coming into the mouth of the bay, so instead of protecting us from the waves, we were all in danger of being washed up on the beach..... Then the wind changed, so that it was holding the boat so that the waves were coming at us broadside and violently rolling the boat from side to side. Not fun..... of course things were flying off the shelves down below, and we tried to relocate everything to a safe place, but still had some casualties... (Don't worry Jess, the Scurvy Be Gone didn't move an inch..Wilson, however, leaped to the floor). The chatter on the radio told us that everyone who already had their dinghy aboard was heading out, and those of us with it in the water, had to wait it out. We got lucky and as the rollers began to take a rhythm and subside a little, we were able to time the waves, get the outboard onto its perch and haul up the dinghy. Anchor came up easily and we were off for anywhere else. We heard later that one guy actually broke his leg trying to get his anchor up on the bow that was rising and falling into the waves. (We should see him tonight, crutches and all, and I'm sure he won't pay for a drink!!!!)
At 9 pm we put up the usual "vertical Dacron stabilizer" and headed for La Paz. That entailed going through two narrow-ish channels and around 4 corners. (We basically made a big U Turn). Cape-Effect winds around the corners registered up to 25k so I'm told. (I told Paul not to tell me at the time and he told me anyway...) We just kept reducing the "stabilizer" to keep us as comfortable as possible and motored into La Paz at first light on Sunday morning, Nov 13.
So 7:50 am to 7 am is pretty much a 24 hour travel day. We were pooped, but happy to be at the Costa Baja Fuel dock. We relaxed for a couple of hours until someone came to work to check us into the port, and headed to our slip. A brief nap worked for a while, but sleep really came as soon as it started to get dark, which is about 5:45pm around here.
We've since moved to Marina Palmira and contracted for a slip here until Dec 15th. La Paz looks like a nice place to explore, 250,000 people and lots of history. There are some great island coves just north of here with snorkeling and another preserve. There are whale sharks out in the bay and you can take a dive boat, or your own dinghy to snorkel with them....they don't eat people, so we just might do that!
Five loads of laundry later, we're happy to be here with a bunch of other HaHa boats, many of whom are headed on to all sorts of different places. There's a party tonight, kind of a Welcome-to-La-Paz-all-you-Baja HaHa'ers and an Adios-to-all- those-moving-on. I think we'll go....

Trip Log : 1300.96 nm

11/18/2011 | Joe Arnold
Hi from OKC. I was cruising the resent post and found yours. Congrats for making it to La Paz. Our boat is located there as well...Valparaiso slip 405. I have a favor...could you email me please? Joe
11/20/2011 | Gabbywray
Loving your posts. So glad you made it, safe... Sending hugs!
11/22/2011 | Memory Trambley
Sounds like a big Tahoe City parade without the military. I've seen pictures of that parade before. It looks like a lot of fun.
Priscilla / Windy, rockin & rollin
11/11/2011, Bahia Frailes

So, there I was, zoned, absorbed in the drone of the motor as we were motorsailing to Bahia Frailes, when what to my wondering eyes does appear, but a big friggin whale 2/3 out of the water and landing with a huge splash!! Whoa! Then, after a bit more splashing around, he (or she) popped up "spy hopping" to take a look. He was between our boat and a similar one probably ½ mile away and probably wanted to see what the heck those noisy motors were all about..... Whoa! Never seen THAT before! We ended up in Frailes in a rocky, rolly anchorage that prevented any boat hopping party action. Posting remotely, so pictures will come in later.

11/14/2011 | Memory Trambley

Very Cool! (The whale, not the rolly anchorage.)
11/15/2011 | BR
Bazil sent him (or her) to check up on you guys. I'm sure you were genial and appreciated his (or her) concern. Keep up the good work!
A Little Work, A Little Play
11/10/2011, Puerto Los Cabos

We've been here for a few days now and it's given us a chance to catch up on some chores and work, and even get in a little sightseeing! Cabo San Jose is about 15 miles east of Cabo San Lucas and has a totally different personality. We taxied it to Old Town and go a lot of walking in, lots of nice little cantinas in courtyards and nice shops...not that I need anything, but we did manage to relax with a margarita and some tacos for a while. About half of the boats left the harbor for Mazatlan or Bahia Los Frailes on the way to La Paz. Radio chatter sounded like it was "smooth sailing" until they rounded the corner heading north where the seas increased from 1 - 4 feet and choppy and winds from 9k to 15 -20kt on the nose...glad we waited. We're planning to leave at first light for Bahia los Frailes, the first stop on our way up the Sea of Cortez to La Paz. We've heard there's some great snorkeling along the way, so we'll probably take a few days to make it to La Paz.

Quieter, mas expensivo dock
11/07/2011, Puerto Los Cabos

We're now in what was billed as the newest, bestest and greatest marina in the area.....they don't think much of Baja HaHa' least Cabo San Lucas, reputedly THE most expensive marina in Mexico gave us all a significant discount. Here, the wifi barely works. They've stopped the planned resort construction since the recession has really killed the economy down here so the pool, spa etc are yet to be built. The wifi didn't work in Cabo San Lucas marina either. I guess I'm just destined to spend the next few days in the cantina....
They have a "swim with the dolphins" here, but I just can't bring myself to support that. For now, our big wildlife is an osprey that is marking his territory by landing on each mast head and chewing up the mastfly (wind indicator) We still have ours, but not for long. We have a sling shot, but I'm afraid we might have a pretty big bill after our many attempts to get near the sucker! We taxied into town for groceries and laundry since the wifi was down and I'll have to catch up on client work tomorrow. (Any clients reading this..thanks for your patience!!) This area was developing wall to wall resorts before the recession and its sad to see that they are mostly empty. This is their slow time of year and they anticipate a better holiday and winter season than last year. Lets hope! I'd like to get into the old town area for some tourist adventuring. I remember how quaint a place that was when we were down here in 2003, with shady cantinas and real art. Hope to get some pics for you!
There are about a dozen HaHa boats here and heading up to La Paz as we are, so I guess we'll keep bumping into them from time to time. Nice to see friendly faces in the cantina. When we came in yesterday, the beach and public park at the entrance to the marina was filled with families enjoying their Sunday, but for the HaHa'ers its a ghost town around here now!

11/07/2011 | Robin Pearson
Love the pictures. Glad you made it OK. I'm so sorry to hear about Bazil the Basal plant. RIP
11/10/2011 | Jessie
Just took a peak at your pictures and your trip looks great! I hope you two are having a blast and that Mexico is treating you well. :)
Baja HaHa Finish
11/05/2011, Cabo San Lucas

Well, we left Bahia Santa Maria at the 7 am start and sailed under the spinnaker for an hour or so with the wind quickly dying....When the speed over ground hit 3.5 knots and the chartplotter told us that our Cabo arrival would be 3 weeks from Sunday, we started up the iron wind. We continued motor sailing with the main and jib contributing about a 1 kt assist for most of the night. The passage was mostly uneventful, except.....after MaryLou and I took our watch at 11 pm, the autopilot decided to hiccup and sent us hurling in a we grabbed the wheel and restarted the course.....whew..crisis averted..... for a while.....then at 2 am, the motor started coughing and gasping for fuel and promptly quit, yes THAT woke up Paul and Lance! So they sailed with main and jib until dawn and we all decanted the two emergency jerry cans of diesel.....while rocking around...only spilled a drop or so. Another crisis averted! We crossed the Baja HaHa finish line on Thurs, Nov 3 at 10:30 am with champagne and another HaHa Hat Dance and headed into the absolutely CRAZY harbor entrance to our slip. Zonked out after a brief visit to Squid Roe with the others from the fleet.. I'll upload pictures later, this wifi is 5.5 mbps... We plan to leave Cabo Sunday for San Jose Del Cabo and stay there for a few days waiting out a weather system. Hopefully, their wifi is fast enough to upload all of the pictures!

11/05/2011 | Robin Pearson
Yeah you made it!! Go and have some fun, oh wait you have already been to Squid Row!!!!
11/06/2011 | Memory
Yippee you made it. Waiting for more stories of your adventures.
10/30/2011, Mag Bay - AKA Bahia Santa Maria

2 1/2 days in Magdalena Bay. We are here, made it in just before sunset Sun night and dined on fabulous chicken parts.....NO TUNA!!!! Skunked!!! They took our lures, so we tried to board and pillage same from another boat, but, just our luck, they had no tuna either!!!! We'll add our pics and more details, but we just wanted you to know that we're here and didn't throw anyone overboard, although it was close....MaryLou did promise us some TUNA........Happy Halloween! We're trick or treating tonight for TUNA! Leave Wed 7 am for Cabo.

11/01/2011 | Gabbywray
Hello & Happy Halloween to all. Were keeping up on your addventure, wishing we were there. Can't wait for the pics. Safe sails ahead:.......

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