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Southern Cross
Me possing for the camera.

Working outside on a beautiful day.

Changing of the guard
03/28/2012, McMurdo, Station, Antarctica

Two more days until the new contractor takes over. Mother Raytheon is out on the 31st and Lockeed Martin takes over. Most of us on station will be working for the subcontractor PAE. They do primarily Embassy work. We know there is going to be a lot of change around here, hopefully, it will be the change that is needed. We shall see.

Life on station is good. The sun is aready below the horizon more than it is above. This is the best part of the season because of the sunsets and sunrises. The color is amazing, it's a whole different pallet of color. A pallet I have only seen here and at sea. We still have a lot of open water in front of the station which just adds another element of beauty. Not to mention a little humidity, much need humidity. Even though it is cold, it is nice to walk down by the water. It Calms the soul.


St. Patty's Day
03/18/2012, McMurdo, Antarctica

St. Patty's Day on the ice has once again come and gone. There was large amounts of Jamesons and Guines consumed, and , merryment made. It was quiet on station the next day as everyone was recovering....from all the dancing.

The weather has finally started to look much more like Antarctica. We are sitting at -30f with howling winds and blowing snow. There is still open water in front of the station. It is errie to look out at it, covered in a thin vale of fog mixed with the blowing snow. Yet the water is flat, still and very quiet. As I look out on it, it is easy to imagine an old wooden ship slowly making its way through the fog and cold like a ghost ship lost in time.

Happy St. Pat's day

03/22/2012 | susieaki
Well, Happy Patty's day to you too! Good to hear that you all are doing well. Miss hearing from you. When are you going to pull out your camera and show us some of these neat sights that you are writing about? All is well here. Love and miss you much. Mom PS I have received some mail. I can scan and send you copies, but not sure if you are receiving emails.
Last flight
03/06/2012, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Day one, The adventure begins. Yes, that's right we finally said good bye to the summer folks. It suddenly got very quiet in town and the lights seem to have dimmed. Winter is upon us, looming over our shoulders. As much as I like it down here, it is still kind of intimidating, the thought of the next 7 months being stuck here. No fresh food, no color, no smells, the isolation...Well, it makes me appreciate the world that much more when I get out of here in October. I think that is a good thing.

Time to get this party started!


03/08/2012 | susieaki
Hey Wally, I was beginning to think you all had all just disappeared! So good to hear that all is well and getting down to "normal"! I love all your blogs. You have a real talent of saying things. Keep them coming. All is well here. Raining here now! That we need. Our ponds are almost full and overflowing. We had great burst of lightening, it was beautiful to see the horses high-tail across the pasture. I don't think they liked it! Are you doing emails? Love ya, Mom
Winter at last
03/02/2012, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

The quiet is finally setting in. The last of the summer people are leave on Monday and the busy summer/winter transition will finally be over. Everyboby (winter folks) have been laying low and hiding from the mass of people, that is the summer crowd. Come Monday they will come out and we will get this winter season going.

We have a special treat this year, the ice is gone in front of the station and we have open water. It's nice to be able to see the water as opossed to the vast expance of white , that is the ice. I've seen whales this year! That's a first for me here. I don't know how long it will last but I'm enjoying it while I can.

The open water has also brought in a few ships. I looked out one day last week and we had 3 ships in the waters infront of the station, A tour ship , an ice breaker from Russia, and our resupply ship, the GreenWave. With the ships and aircraft on the runway and all the activity in town it felt like I was in a major port somewhere in Alaska or some other equally cold and snowy place. What a difference winter is, when the water freezes back up and we can't even get a plane in here.

Ahh the peace and quiet of winter....


Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.
Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.
From " The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

03/06/2012 | Sabrina
Read that this summer in British Literature. Excellent read. Glad you made it safely to the ice. Love and good thoughts to you always.
Back in the land of ice and snow.
Cold as Hell
02/15/2012, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Back in the land of ice and snow for another winter. It's good to back amoung all of my ice friends. Day 3 and it feels like I never left. The weather has been really nice and with little sea ice in front of the station we have been able to see some whales and penguins.

There is lots of activity on station right now. With a station population around 900 and the ship off load, (re-supply) things are a little crazy and looking like it will stay that way until mid March, which is unusual for the station . We are usually saying good bye to the summer folks about now. Soon enough it will be quiet and dark and it will be business as usual.

Missing the boat already,

02/18/2012 | susie aki
Ahhh! It is so good to see your blog up and running. I look forward to all the good things that you share with us. It makes me really feel and experience them through your words - almost! Yet, I can do it in the confines of my warm and toasty home. I pray that this will be a great winter down under us all. We love you and miss you here in Texas. Love ya, Mom PS Pictures are always welcomed.
02/26/2012 | Natasha
Good to hear you are there and safe. We hope you getting settled soon and know that we are thinking and prayer for you always.

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