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Adventures of Rex and Dixie
Finally living the dream
12 December 2012 | West End, Bahamas
We're finally living the dream. After 4 months of working on the boat in Charleston, SC and 2 weeks of traveling down the coast and crossing the Gulf Stream, we're finally in the Bahamas. The crossing was more eventful than the weather forecasters predicted. The seas were forecasted to be 2-3 ft and the winds 8-13 kts. We experienced 2-8 fts seas and winds that were 20-25 kts with gusts up to 32 kts. Not the most enjoyable crossing but it was fast. During the 24 hours that we've been in West End, we've met lots of other cruisers ( most of which have been Canadians), been given fresh mahi mahi by a fisherman and purchase fresh conch salad and lobsters from some locals. Life is good. We put up a small sailboat size Christmas tree(3 ft.) and we keep our friends and family close to our heart during the holiday season and throughout our adventure!