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Sailing in the Chesapeake and Beyond
Vessel Name: Haleakula
Vessel Make/Model: C&C 35 MKIII k/cb Hull #46
Hailing Port: Rock Creek, Patapso River, Maryland
About: Donna and Dave
Donna is a newborn nursery nurse in a large city hospital and has sailed for over 8 years Dave is a General Manager for a large food service company and manages its top accounts in Washington, DC He has sailed for 40 years, has 2 Trans-Atlantic crossings, numerous cruising, crewing and [...]
Recent Blog Posts
29 April 2013
What a gorgeous weekend. Temps both days in the mid to upper 60s during the day 49 at night.
17 April 2013
Had a great sail last weekend down the Bay to the Magothy River again. The Magothy has so many nice anchorages and places to gunkhole all by itself. Winds gusting to 30 out of the west gave us the perfect beam reach. Temps low 60 so we were buttoned up with wind pants, layers and layers. I enjoy sailing [...]
10 April 2013
So we put the small 120 on the furler and headed out of the slip Saturday for our first anchorage of the season. Air temps were 54 degrees, water temp 48 degrees and winds light at 10-12. Was a 3 hot chocolate day with peppermint schnapps. Beautiful shakedown sail out the Patapsco down the Chesapeake [...]
25 March 2013
So Saturday we really start our boating season. Head down to the MYC where Haleakula has rested quietly in the water all winter for our first overnight of the season, though in the slip. We are cleaning and putting things back in the boat we took home in the late fall. Stocking water, wiping down surfaces, [...]
12 March 2013 | MYC
De winterized, replaced the impeller on Haleakula partially and fired up the trusty Yanmar 30GMF on Sunday and she took immediately. Thanked g'd and then kissed Haleakula/ Always a ggod sign. Took down the cushions which Donna had redone over the winter and the new dark blue fabric looks great against [...]
01 March 2013 | Rock Creek, MD
Our first entry. We have been meaning to start a blog to keep track and share our adventures for a few years. Winter is drawing to an end. Virtually no snow and Haleakula sits snug in her slip at the Maryland Yacht Club awaiting the Ides of March and the removal of her winter blanket. Had very little [...]