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Vessel Name: Haleakula
Vessel Make/Model: C&C 35 MKIII k/cb Hull #46
Hailing Port: Rock Creek, Patapso River, Maryland
Crew: Donna and Dave
D [...]
29 April 2013
12 March 2013 | MYC
01 March 2013 | Rock Creek, MD
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29 April 2013

Spring on the Chesapeake

What a gorgeous weekend. Temps both days in the mid to upper 60s during the day 49 at night.

17 April 2013

Eagles Nest Horse Farm- Magothy River

Had a great sail last weekend down the Bay to the Magothy River again. The Magothy has so many nice anchorages and places to gunkhole all by itself. Winds gusting to 30 out of the west gave us the perfect beam reach. Temps low 60 so we were buttoned up with wind pants, layers and layers. I enjoy sailing [...]

10 April 2013

First anchorage of the season

So we put the small 120 on the furler and headed out of the slip Saturday for our first anchorage of the season. Air temps were 54 degrees, water temp 48 degrees and winds light at 10-12. Was a 3 hot chocolate day with peppermint schnapps. Beautiful shakedown sail out the Patapsco down the Chesapeake [...]

25 March 2013

OK what the hell happened to spring

So Saturday we really start our boating season. Head down to the MYC where Haleakula has rested quietly in the water all winter for our first overnight of the season, though in the slip. We are cleaning and putting things back in the boat we took home in the late fall. Stocking water, wiping down surfaces, [...]

12 March 2013 | MYC

Fired up the Iron Genny

De winterized, replaced the impeller on Haleakula partially and fired up the trusty Yanmar 30GMF on Sunday and she took immediately. Thanked g'd and then kissed Haleakula/ Always a ggod sign. Took down the cushions which Donna had redone over the winter and the new dark blue fabric looks great against [...]

01 March 2013 | Rock Creek, MD

Winter comming to and end

Our first entry. We have been meaning to start a blog to keep track and share our adventures for a few years. Winter is drawing to an end. Virtually no snow and Haleakula sits snug in her slip at the Maryland Yacht Club awaiting the Ides of March and the removal of her winter blanket. Had very little [...]

Spring on the Chesapeake

29 April 2013
What a gorgeous weekend. Temps both days in the mid to upper 60s during the day 49 at night.

Saturday we did a few maintenance items and decided to leave up the 120 for one more weekend as they were calling for heavy winds on Sunday. I repaired the lifeline gate for about the 5th time since I have owned the boat and swaged a new fitting as well as pelican hook. We motored out into the river and it was like Lake Chesapeake. Winds for Sunday were predicted to be out of the south at 15-20 with gusts so we headed that way.

Its funny how sailors in different areas determine where they go if they are out for just the weekend. The Chesapeake has virtually no tide or current for most of its length so most of us determine our direction by which way the wind will be on Sunday especially coming back to port. Even then the direction to go is seasonal as in the cool Spring/ late Fall its advantageous to have a winds somewhat from the beam back so its not cold, however in the summer it may be better to have a close reach/ beam forward wind to cool off the boat and prevent the bugs from hovering .

We motor sailed down to Annapolis, cruised through the harbor where they had the Spring Boat Show which was pretty rinky dink and headed to Whitehall Bay and its three major creeks. We opted for Whitehall Creek the least crowded of the three. ( Mill Creek has Cantlers, a popular crab house). We wound our way almost to the creeks headwaters as it carried depth very far up past the Hinkley dealer and marina.

We anchored in 9 ft of water in a very nice cover with million dollar houses and long docks around us and a huge what looked like an eagles next in the trees.

It was such an exhausting day ( sic) we took 11/2 hour naps in the cockpit in the warm sun and very gentle breeze. What a good life

We awoke, had a dinner at sunset of grilled swordfish steaks with lime butter and a salad and forgot the salad dressing. I made a quick one with mayo, red pinot noir wine, cumin, garlic and lime juice,

Sunday we awoke with a breeze in the spreaders. Breakfast was our usual. Lox and bagels with Kona coffee. I had some turkey sausage and bacon also as Donna has gotten me hooked on that about 3 years ago. While relaxing with coffee we saw the inhabitant of the American Bald Eagle as he swooped beside us and soared around for a period of time. I forgot to take a picture to include.grrrrr

We weighed anchor, put the main up immediately and wound our way out of the narrow Creek to Whitehall bay where the wind was already building at 11 AM.

We still have our 120 on the nose so we tracked out into the Bay and headed up to the Bay Bridge at 4 knots in 10 knots of breeze. After the bridge the wind increased dramatically and we were pulling 7+ knots flying up the bay. Nice easy broad reach with whitecaps behind us. Still not many boaters out yet.

We docked buttoned up the boat. What a beautiful weekend.'

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