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Vessel Name: AZURE
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 40
Hailing Port: Beaufort, N.C.
About: Harold Kernodle & Gijs VanStaveren
Recent Blog Posts
19 December 2011 | St. Lucia
Azure finally made landfall in St. Lucia after 22 straight days at sea - only one day longer than it took Columbus. The trip totalled 2800+ miles from Lanzarote and over 2600 from La Gomera. We spotted the faint outline of the island in the early morning well before sunrise and arrived in the fuel dock [...]
18 December 2011 | 14 01'N:60 01'W, boat
About 50 miles from St. Lucia. Should arrive at Marigot Bay between 9 and 10 AM tomorrow. Have been trying multiple sail combinations because of the fluky wind. Currently using the Parasailor. Have sighted several large ships today. At least one was a tanker. Lunch today was toast with eggs provided by Don Mundy. Don and Kevin have done a wonderful job with our meals. We have eaten very well. Have some special chocolates for dessert tonight to celebrate our expected arrival in St. Lucia. This is the last day of 3 straight weeks at sea. Total distance covered from Lanzarote to St. Lucia was 2,830 miles.
17 December 2011 | 13 14'N:54 46'W, boat
The milestones are coming fast and furious on AZURE. After breezing through 500 miles several days ago, we just reached the 200 mile barrier earlier this evening. We expect to reach 100 sometime tomorrow morning and should arrive at Marigot Bay by mid-day Monday. We're all enjoying watching the miles [...]
16 December 2011 | 13 14'N:54 46'W, boat
St Lucia is on Lat 13.56, and about six days ago we decided to drop south towards 12 degrees because of a low pressure system at 18-20 degrees. Thank heavens we did-yachts north of us had heavy winds and seas, and then 15-20 knots on the nose! We have made steady progress-and on the afternoon of the 14th we set up the (stored) asymmetrical spinnaker with a full mainsail. We flew all afternoon and all through the night-very important for saving fuel also. Doctor Don has been coming up with great brunches of French toast and ham and eggs! Still seeing dolphin, and we have had many flying fish coming aboard for a free ride! We are now past the low, 330 miles to St. Lucia and enjoying a light NE wind, ghosting along. Ipods have been great company for shifts, and all are well rested, and enjoying the lighter conditions. Our worst experience was about six days ago with large swells coming from NE and SE simultaneously, making for very uncomfortable 10-13 ft seas. Now all our thoughts are on Christmas re-unions and holiday cheer! Tony
15 December 2011 | 13 00'N:53 03'W, boat
I have not written for a few days so here goes. Greetings to all our friends and loved ones, especially my grandchildren. Last evening we had an ideal sail. The seas were quite flat and we had wonderful winds from the southeast. The cruising spinnaker was employed and we literally flew toward our St. [...]
14 December 2011 | 12 44'N:50 53'W, boat
Under 600 miles to St. Lucia. Currently using light cruising spinnaker and making about 6 knots. Beautiful sailing at present. Winds to get lighter according to forecast. Winds and seas were much higher earlier today. Boat did a lot of rolling. This was very uncomfortable. Fortunately the worst weather should be over. A highlight today was pancakes made by Don Mundy. We put Canadian maple syrup on them. Was terrific. Don also made some muffins for us yesterday. We are definitely going to be several days behind in regard to our flight home. We are currently working with Travel Reservations regarding changes.
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