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10 months and counting
01/04/2010, Vancouver

We are now into the final year of our preparations to head south on our sailboat Kasasa. Scary and exciting at the same time. We are making lists and editing those lists daily as we think of more things we need to do, buy or learn. So many decisions to make. Some more critical than others, but each one has it's own importance. Our priorities change somewhat as we learn more and talk to others who have gone before us, but we try to stay true to what we feel is important to us.
Our plans at this time are to sail the boat Vancouver to San Diego direct in the summer of 2010. We will leave the boat in a secure marina in San Diego while we return to Canada to finish up the details of selling the apartment and packing up our belongings and storing them. Ian's retirement date is October 20, 2010. Within a few days of that we will leave for San Diego where we will provision Kasasa and set sail for Mexico.
From there we have some ideas of where we will go, but those plans are fluid and I'm sure will change as we go.

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