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Lucky in my bad luck
11/12/2010, San Diego

On Wednesday I was having one of those days where things keep going wrong. First off I woke up to an alarm on the boat going off that was not an alarm clock. That was quickly remedied as it was the sensor in the bilge which occasionally goes off for no reason. So now I'm up and trying to use the hot water which is an on demand system which works with propane. The pilot light won't light. So Ian gets to work on it and I decided to skype my sister in Toronto. A few minutes into our conversation, my computer freezes up and I restart only to have the same thing happen a few minutes later. So I decide to go up to the laundry room at the marina where the internet connection is the strongest. Once I'm up there and start up my computer all I get is a striped blue and black screen. I try to restart about 5 times and get the same thing each time.
Great whats that all about. I locate a Mac Store in Chula Vista and make an appointment to take my computer in. The guy working on it runs a diagnostic test and it is the mother board or something big like that and the cost of the part before labour is $1189 dollars! @#$#@# I could buy a new computer for that. But the guy tells me that there may be a chance depending on the date my computer was manufactured that the part could be replaced free of charge due to a faulty part that was installed in that time frame. So he goes deeper into the diagnostic and BINGO! I won! I get the part and the labour for FREE!! I was so happy I high fived the guy and would have hugged him had there not been a counter between us.
So I explain my situation that I live on a boat have no car and need to get my computer back asap. No problem they had it ready the next day! Wow such service and for free.
So I'm lucky on a few counts with this one. The free fix obviously, but also that it happened the week before we leave for Mexico and not while we are there. I'm not sure where I would even find a Mac store except maybe in the larger cities like Mexico City. And I never lost any of my data!
So for now I am going to baby my mac by shutting down each day and making sure its in it's case at night and when I'm not using it. Even though we have let go of so many things like our home, our cars and our jobs, getting rid of my computer habit would be really really hard. And besides how would I blog...

11/15/2010 | Pamela and Pat
You guys sure look at home on your new home, even to the extent of travelling with a sewing machine! We send you love - P&P
11/16/2010 | Jay Bigland
Hi Kasasa,
We are at Marina de La Paz. The weather is superb. Mid to high 20s every day. Are you getting to La Paz this winter?
Week 2 of our Life Begins
11/02/2010, San Diego

It's been a week since we arrived back at the boat and has it ever gone by fast. Between boat jobs, getting supplies, shopping for the things we needed to get before we head to Mexico and meeting new people it has really flown by. We have tried to fit in some time to just chill and relax, but there hasn't been a whole lot of that really.
Up until today, we have had a rental car which has made life really easy. If you needed something you hoped in the car and off you went to get it. Now that we have returned the car, getting things has become more of an all day event. First we have to walk about 2 miles to the trolly station. Then about 40 minutes to town, a bus to wherever and then more walking. Then we repeat all of that to get back to the boat. Whew! Who said this was going to be the life of Riely... But actually we are really enjoying it none the less. After all our hard work getting back to the boat today, we did treat ourselves to a dip in the pool before the sun disappeared, and then a nice glass of wine for me and a beer for Ian to finish off the day not too shabby.
Tomorrow our new batteries arrive. Ian figures that he has a couple of days work to install and secure them in the space we have for the batteries. They are a different shape then what we now have, and so he needs to build a cage around them to contain them so that if we are in rough water, they can't move or fly around the boat.
We have our watermaker coming in next week as well and we hope to get that installed before we leave for Mexico. Our friends Pat and Les, are joining us here in San Diego for the trip down the coast of the Baja and they arrive on the 12th. So with any luck by the 15th we should be on our way.
Internet access continues to be a source of frustration for me. It is very intermittent here at the marina and one minute I have a strong signal and as soon as I try to email or what ever, it drops down to almost nothing and so I patiently have to wait to see when it is strong again so I can hit send. It wouldn't be so bad if it was free wifi, but I'm paying for this so I want to be able to use it when I want to. Guess I have to re adapt my thinking and get used to things working at their own speed which is how things work in Mexico. In fact, I need to get over my internet and email addiction but that's hard when you've been 'plugged in' for the last 15+ years.
Anyhow, off to skype now... if I can.

11/03/2010 | Crew
Nice to see Ian standing straight again and love the glasses.
11/09/2010 | Ken and Carole
Sounds like all is well with you both..glad to see that Ian is OK!
11/12/2010 | Will and Marilyn(Shaman 1)
Where are you going to be in the near future? We are currently in Turtle Bay. We hope to be in La Cruz near P.V.
Hope to hear from you.
Will and Marilyn
We're Home on Kasasa
10/27/2010, San Diego

We are back! That was without a doubt the longest month and a half in our lives. As much as we had good reasons to leave the boat and return to Vancouver for that time, we spent a lot of time wishing we were back here.
But we did accomplish everything we needed to do in BC and we got to spend lots of time visiting with good friends and co workers too. We left on the 23rd and went to Annacortes in Washington to our friends Dan and Elaine with who we travelled from their place to San Francisco driving down the coastal highway. It was a good trip and we enjoyed it very much. We decided to fly from San Francisco to San Diego because we didn't have the time to continue driving down the coast, and the thought of sitting in traffic on the i5 highway did not sound appealing.
We flew in this morning and arrived at the boat early afternoon. Everything seems to be in good working order and there are no problems that we have found so far. We have already made a long long list of 'to do' jobs before we leave for Mexico in the middle of November. So we will get busy first thing in the morning!
I think it's going to take a few weeks for the reality of all of this to hit us. That we don't have to head back to work in the next few days or weeks or months! Not to rub in to all our co workers we said good bye to, but this feels really awesome. I'm sure we will have days that will make going to work in an office seem appealing, but I hope not to many.
Tomorrow we are off to the marine shops to pick up some of the items we still need to get. Then of course we will have to install them which is where the work comes in. Good thing Ian is a handy guy.

11/01/2010 | Wendy
Congratulations on retiring & getting prepared to go to Mexico!
11/01/2010 | jean
Wow! The "awesome feeling" comes through loud and clear in your words over the internet waves. It's great to be able to follow your adventure in this way.
11/01/2010 | Riley & Elaine
Glad you had a good trip home. Looking forward to reading about your future adventures.

Bye for now from raining Vancouver
11/02/2010 | reynaldo obuyes
Ian and ellen
we are glad to hear that every thing is in working order in your boat.
we will be folowing you to mexico so keep updating us I I captain .
What now...
09/28/2010, Vancouver

So here we are in Vancouver, boatless (boat is in San Diego) and homeless (not the street kind of homeless). It's a very odd feeling to not have our boat to go to or even our own apartment to go to.
So now what? We just visit friends, work, go to movies, work, and wait... Till the 20th when we finally finish our jobs and get to go back to our chosen lifestyle. Yippee!!
Ian is on the mend and is seeing the physio twice weekly. We are going to have to make sure we are both doing lots of stretching especially when we are on longer passages where we don't get off the boat to walk around. I know for me that when I was doing yoga on a regular basis, I had far less aches and pains. Can't wait to be able to do yoga on the beach... soon.
In the meantime we are going to get in some good visits with good friends that we won't see for a long time. Thanksgiving is around the corner and we will give thanks to our friends and family and all of their support in our endeavor. And we will give thanks to the fact that we are able to achieve our goal of going 'Cruising'.

09/28/2010 | Norm Cooper
Having Thanksgiving at home in Vancouver will be nice for you. I will be missing family that weekend! Glad Ian is doing better.
10/02/2010 | Carol Miles
Ian, Ellen! There you are. Give us a call before Tuesday or on cell after that. Will be OOT for a week. Long story. Love ya.
10/03/2010 | Paul Hunt
Hi Ian and Ellen, welcome back even for a short time. Hope Ian is mending quickly and you will be back enjoying your cruising.
10/05/2010 | Linda
Personally, I can't wait to see you go again. This blog rocks!
10/21/2010 | Linda
Can anyone tell me please.... is there really any website for listening to Kasasa radio chatter? A private email would be welcome.
10/22/2010 | reynaldo obuyes
have a good sailing when do you start your travel?good wishes and good health for both of you cheers ,captain ian shepperd
10/22/2010 | Ed Tack
Ian, Ellen I will be watching! I'll sail vicariously through the two of you. Have Fun.
Winning the race
09/16/2010, Chula Vista/San Diego

Ian and I are about as far from sailboat racers as you can get. (I especially do not like the way race boats get so close together before the race begins it makes me very nervous.) Yet we won our first sailboat race. The race is called the Downwind Race and it is sponsored by our club Bluewater Cruising Association, and Downwind Marine store in San Diego. Here are the rules: you must be the first BCA boat to arrive in San Diego in your own boat.
When we got to San Diego and tied up at the Police Dock which is where most cruisers will come when they first arrive, we realized we were the only BCA boat at the dock. Well as soon as I could I high tailed it down to Downwind Marine store to pick up our prize. You could call it a trophy of sorts but its much more practical. It is a Caframo fan worth about 80 bucks! We are going to need all the fans we can get once we hit the Sea of Cortez next summer!
To my knowledge we are still the only boat here from BCA but now that we are in Chula Vista who knows as we are a bit out of touch here 5 miles from the Mexican boarder.
We leave on Sunday to go back to Vancouver and are now busy (sort of anyhow) getting the boat tidied up and ready to leave her for the next 6 weeks or so.
Ian is feeling a little better, he has cut back on the T3's and has managed to walk a little bit more today. He is doing dishes right now and has had to sit down about 5 times to "rest" whether from pain or pain of doing dishes who knows. But joking aside this is a serious concern for us that we will need to take care of the minute we get back to Vancouver.

09/17/2010 | Camelia and Bob
Congrats! Good for you, at least you were able to get something that you could use. Glad Ian is feeling a bit better. Why is he having to stand and do dishes, what happened to you???lol See you soon my friend.
09/17/2010 | camelia and Bob
Hey maybe you could have picked up a few razors for Ian..............the next prize maybe!
09/21/2010 | Norm Cooper
Congrats on winning the fan and making it to San Diego!! Sorry to hear about Ian's hip. Hope it gets all healed in Vancouver. When do you fly back to San Diego? We leave on Oct. 25 on the Ha Ha.
Chula Vista Marina
09/15/2010, Chula Vista - San Diego

So here we finally are at the end of our trip on this phase of our journey. The goal for this summer was to get the boat down to San Diego and into a secure marina until we retire at the end of October and return to the boat. It feels really strange to leave as we are just getting into the swing of cruising and now we have to go home and work - it just feels wrong!
It's been quite a journey so far. It feels like we have been gone forever and have done and experienced so much in so little time. Being out on the ocean and relying on your own abilities to safely get you from point A to B really gives you a sense of accomplishment. Yes there were times I was scared and tired and worried, but I did it none the less and will continue the voyage when we return from Vancouver. There were also times that I was thrilled, amused and content. One of the things I remember the most and that has left the biggest impression on me is waking up in the v birth to the gentle rocking motion of the boat under sail and hearing the water gurgling by the hull of the boat. It was a soothing moment.
Ian is still somewhat incapacitated with his hip/leg muscle problem, but he is managing. He can't walk very far which is very frusterating for him as he loves to go walking. So hopefully a month of physio in Vancouver will set him right so we can leave in good health.
So far our impression of Chula Vista Marina is great. It's clean and very well run. There are showers, laundry, pool, restaurants, RV park and a gym. The staff are very friendly and helpful. It's a little bit out of the way but since we won't be here for most of the time, it really dosen't matter to us.
We leave to come back to Vancouver on Sunday and then back to WORK! That's almost a bad word. At least it's only for a month. Our biggest worry is packing up the apartment and moving out in the next week. It will be a challenge with Ian being out of sorts but that too we shall overcome.
See you all soon.

09/16/2010 | Crew
Will be good to see you two again. If I know your flight time I can pick you up
09/16/2010 | Camelia and Bob
Looking forward to seeing you. If Harvey can't make the pick up at the airport for any reason please give me a call as I have plenty of free time. Also I want to be able to help you with packing up your place so just let me know when to come and I will be there. Cheers!
09/16/2010 | Pamela and Pat
Well done, you two - we're proud of you. Ian, sorry about your hip/leg problem but knowing you, you'll soon be good as gold. I must say the dress isn't as good as the red satin one with the gold braid around the (plunging) neckline you used to wear! Love from us both xx

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