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Banderas Bay
01/07/2011, La Cruz in Banderas Bay

We have spent the last week in La Cruz which is about 15 or so miles from Puerto Vallarta. We pulled in the day before New Years Eve and spent the first few days at the dock which was a treat. We had a great New Years Eve in the company of good friends Fred and Penny from the boat Tapatai and their friend Joe. Good food - drinks - music and people all for a reasonable price too! We returned to the marina just before midnight and went upstairs to the Sky Bar and watched the fireworks all around the bay. At any given time you could see 15 or so different fireworks displays as the big hotels each had their own show.
Since we've been here we have taken the bus to several places on day excursions. We spent a great day in a town called Sayulita which is a surfers paradise. There were lots and lots of people surfing, eating, hanging out, shopping and whatnot. Really busy place and quite fun to experience. Another day Ian and I went to Puerto Vallarta and went to the market to buy blankets for the cockpit. The cushions we have are covered in vinyl and in this heat you stick to them so I wanted to cover them. Puerto Vallarta is not my scene. Too busy and I can't stand the constant pressure from all of the vendors everywhere.
Tomorrow we are leaving to head further south with our next destination being Chamela another little beachside town can't wait to go swimming again. (water is way to dirty in La Cruz)

01/07/2011 | Camelia and Bob
Hi guys. Sounds likes you are doing a lot of exploring and having fun. Love those blankets and I am sure I will do the same when we get there as I hate it when the hair on my legs stick to the cock pitt cushions's like getting your legs waxed! ouch! We have a mexican blanket on our bed now however that is just not the same as being there!lol Take care! Cheers !
01/08/2011 | Dad & Kathy
Hi Ellen & Ian! Happy New Year! It sounds like
you are having a great time. We are so happy
for you. Looking forward to seeing you in Feb.
Love always.
01/09/2011 | Wendy
Happy NY to the both of you, it looks like you're having a good time. All the best to you for 20111 & we hope to run into you as you work your way down to Central America. hugs Wendy
01/10/2011 | Ken & Carole SV NautiMoments
Looks like you had a great Christmas and New Years. I bet it was different than those before; warmer I bet. I will need to get some fishing advice from Ian or Carole and I may starve. I have not fished in years. Chamela sounds great. Let us know how you like it there and we will add it to our places to go. We also like quieter places, but it is nice to experience the busier one once in a while. Sayulita sounds like a nice place, to bat there is no shelter there to anchor. Look forward to reading your next blog. We are off to our Offshore Weather course tonight at BWCA. Cheers! Ken & Carole
01/10/2011 | Sue Mountain
Hey Guys,
Got email from Elaine, happy new year sounds like you are having a good time. Keep the log going I will look forward to your emails. all the best Is retirement not great, Bruce retired Oct. what a blast.
01/12/2011 | pat and les
Lovely blankets! They sure do brighten up Kasasa. Glad you are having such wonderful adventures! It is snowing here like crazy today!

The picture shows us firmly at anchor in Chacala probably on the highway somewhere! This is how off the Mexican charts are from the GPS position. They haven't updated their charts in many many years and they were surveyed in the late 1800's and early 1900's. So when navigating in these waters, you have to be very prudent and not rely on your chartplotter. Thankfully there are lots of Guide books written for cruisers and they often will have the GPS coordinates of some of the more dangerous rocks and reefs.
Chacala is a beautiful place with lots of sand and palm trees. 15 years ago we were there with friends Lynne and Harvey on their boat. Then there were a couple of small palapas on the beach and the town was one or two streets with a couple of small stores to buy basic supplies. There was one hotel at the very end of the beach. Now it is very different with many big palapas on the beach and the street behind the beach is store after store of anything you might need to get you through a day on the beach. There are many small hotels and the shoreline for many miles has beautiful homes built for the gringos mostly as they are very luxurious and the average Mexican would not be able to afford these places. Actually I don't think the average Canadian would be able to either!
The interesting thing about Chacala is that it is a laid back community and really only gets hopping at Christmas and Easter as it is a destination for the Mexican during these holidays. About 30 big busses a day come in the morning full of people from the various inland towns and cities and they spend the day having fun on the beach swimming, eating, playing and enjoying the day. Then around 6pm they all return to the buses and once again the beach becomes quiet. I guess the rest of the year the gringo population must help to keep the economy going somewhat. It's a definate place to visit if your looking for some peace and quiet away from the tourist scene - just not at Christmas or Easter.
We hope to stop in there again on our way north when it is a little quieter. It was fun to see everyone enjoying themselves but the blaring music gets a bit much.

01/02/2011 | Pamela Carey
Happy New Year, Bro and Sis! That is a mighty fish, Ian - hope 2011 brings you smooth sailing and lots more yummy food on the end of that line! You both looked very fine in your hats. Much love, the P's Down Under xx
01/03/2011 | dick towson

Enjoy the weather and we will be down there soon when we get back in mid Jan. Save the warmth for us.

Best of the New Year to both of you.

Anne and Dick
"Full & By"
01/04/2011 | Carol & Kelly
Happy New Year - you are leaving us far behind in your wake as we still work on projects at the dock...but soon we hope we'll cast off and head south. We are inspired by your descriptions of your stops and by the great fishing experiences...enjoy and perhaps we'll see you on your way back north.
01/06/2011 | Lyle and Lark Balmer - Aleydabeth
Looks like a great fish you caught! Got your comments on our blog...good to hear from you. Staying in La Paz area until our daughter's visit at the end of the month. The islands are spectacular. Hope to see you again soon!
It's o-fish-al
12/27/2010, Chacala

Just a quick blog here as I'm in an internet cafe at 20 pesos for 10 minutes! Just wanted you to know Ian has not lost his touch after all. He caught this dorado about 5 miles before Chacala. YUMMY!

12/27/2010 | Linda
12/29/2010 | Bob
Now thats a fish!!!!!!!!!!!
12/30/2010 | pat and les
WOW....nice one. Les is jealous that we missed both the warm weather AND the fish! Happy New Year!
01/01/2011 | Al&Jude
Hola Amigo,Amiga, looks like you have broken away from the clutches of the El Cid , very good., now depending on how long the mighty Banderas Bahia holds you we should see you down in la Manzz around mid to late feb..
I am on vhf ch 9
Al & Jude SV Marova
01/02/2011 | Poul Hansen ( NWLTP)
Happy New Year to you -I am now retired - looks like you enjoy your self - keep the sail tight mate -
A Christmas Tradition
12/26/2010, San Blas

For the last 20+ years, Ian and I have spent Christmas with a wonderful group of people in Vancouver. We have for all of these years maintained certain Christmas traditions that brought much hiliarity and fun to Christmas day. One of these traditions is making a Christmas hat. This is usually done with the bits and pieces left over after everyone has wripped into their presents. So in the spirit of it all, Ian and I decided to carry on this tradition here in Mexico. You can see the results for yourself in the photo. Although we couldn't be with our friends this year, we were there in spirit and we did send them the photo.
It was a very different Christmas for us being here with out our family and friends. On Christmas Eve, we decided to go into town and see how the Mexicans were celebrating. The streets were full of people but that's not unusual as they often are, but there were lots of family gatherings going on and parties. As we got to the town square, there were lots of people there, the stalls were open for last minute gifts and people were just out and enjoying the evening. We walked down to a restaurant that had live music going on. We were the only gringos in the place it was full of Mexican families enjoying a nice Christmas eve dinner and entertainment. The music was beautiful Mexican folks songs that the audience seemed to be very familiar with as many of them broke into song.
As we left the restaurant, we heard the church bells ringing. It was 10pm and there was a service about to begin. We were looking into the church and listening to the beautiful singing as the priest came by and invited us in. We sat at the back of the church for about a half hour of the service and it was quite nice.
Christmas day was very quiet there were no fisherman going up and down the esturary, the town was very quiet as well. We spent a nice morning reading and making our hats, and then we cooked a chicken curry to take to the pot luck over at the marina. We met some very nice people at the pot luck and will no doubt run into some of them again along the way.
All in all is was a pleasant experience and now we have New Years festivities to look forward to.

12/26/2010 | camelia and Bob
Love the hats and great tradition to carry on. Bob says Ellen's hat matches your dress quite good. Ian that sun beam on your tummy, makes you look quite round ??? lol Can't wait to see what the New Year brings you both. Cheers!
12/26/2010 | Linda
Hmm... The Sultan of Fishing (Ian) is now performing well so that the High Style Parisian Wife (Ellen) can halve what they spend in the fish market. It has been a very good year to watch Kasasa and the the magic persists. Love xxoo
12/27/2010 | Ron Howell
Merry Christmas Ian & Ellen, although a little late, looks like your having lots of fun, play safe and have a great new year, hope to see you somewhere, out on the sea...
Finally a fish!

We finally caught a fish! It was on the trip from Isla Isabella. We actually caught 3 fish that day but only kept the Dorado. The first 2 were Crevalle Jacks which are not a nice fish for eating. The Dorado was small but was very delicious. Actually when Ian caught it, he pointed out to me that it's mate was swimming along side the boat. I was depressed for about an hour afterwards. I wish he hadn't pointed that out to me. But it didn't stop me from eating and enjoying the fish. The photo was taken after the fish had lost all of it's beautiful green and yellow colours which happens when they die (that's depressing too).
We are still in San Blas and quite enjoying this small Mexican town. Yesterday we went on a Jungle Tour (see photos in the photo gallery). There were so many birds flying and turtles and crocs it was really great. The trip included a stop at a fresh water spring that you could swim in. The trip back, our guide sped through the water which was both frightening and exhilarating. Frightening because the river is about 12 feet wide and full of twists and turns and with the mangrove trees you can't see very far. There are other tour boats coming and going so you just have to hope that they are able to stop in time which they always seem to be able to do. Maybe they have supersonic hearing and can hear the boat coming towards them!?!
Today we went into to town for breakfast and to provision. Shopping in small towns is an experience as you always need to visit at least 4 different stores to get everything you need. First we went to one store that had good bacon. Then to another which only sold Banana bread, then to the market for veggies and fruit which meant going to 3 stalls to get what we wanted. Then to the hardware store. All in all, it takes about 3 hours to get 40 bucks worth of groceries but it is all a part of the experience. I enjoyed it much more that I ever did going to Safeway.
Tomorrow I think will be a beach day and there is a rumor of a Cruisers Christmas Potluck at the marina on Christmas day. So that is looking like the plan for now we will see how we feel in the morning...
Merry Christmas to everyone!

12/24/2010 | Rick and Deena
Merry Christmas! Congratulations on the fish and being in warm beautiful waters. We are in Boston to see family and it is cold! Great to read of your adventures!
12/24/2010 | François Gamache
Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année à vous deux.
It's nice to see you enjoying your dream. Keep going.
Amitiés sincères
12/24/2010 | Ken & Carole (NautiMoments)
Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year. It is great to read about your adventures. We are taking pointers from you for out departure next August. Our boat is on the hard getting things installed (expensive things). Even though we do not comment often we look at your blog every day to see what you are doing and enjoy it immensely. If you are still in Mexico next year maybe we will meet up.
All the best of the season to everyone. Health and happiness for the new year.
12/25/2010 | Diana Vetter
Merry Christmas Ian and Ellen!!
12/25/2010 | Pamela and Pat
Merry Christmas to you both! We're so enjoying reading all your stories and loved all the photos from the jungle trip. Hope you'll have a good Christmas - we'll drink a dop to your good health. Much love from your Bro and Sis down under xx
12/25/2010 | Debbie & Bob
Wishing you both a very merry Xmas and also here's wishing for a wonderful New Year, how great that you are both living the dream. Much love from us.
12/25/2010 | Kelly & Carol
Feliz Navidad - enjoying reading about where we hope to sail as well. Intrepid splashed on Thursday and we'll be in Guaymas another week getting ready to head south. Hope to catch you somewhere again. Happy new year!
12/26/2010 | pat and les
BEAUTIFUL!!!! (Fish that is....oh, and yes, you too, Ian) Wish we were there to enjoy the fish.
Isla Isabella

What an amazing place Isla Isabella is. You walk on the island and there are birds everywhere! Thousands in the trees and in the sky. And the Booby birds are on the ground as that's where they nest. The Frigate birds are in the trees or flying. If a Frigate bird lands on the ground it will die as they are not able to launch themselves from the ground they have to be on a perch or a trees or off the ground on something. When you walk around the island you see quite a few dead ones on the ground as they were unable to fly and there fore starved to death. We went for a hike with a guide while we were there. It was great because he spoke fairly good english and was really good at explaining the island to us. At one point we saw a Frigate on the ground and him an Ian were able to pick it up and launch it into the air. You do have to be carfull of the 6 inch beak!
We also loved the snorkling there. Fantastic! So many kinds of fish and in vast quantities. There were some small jelly fish though that managed to sting me in about 4 places. I'll need to find a licra suit I think for snorkling.
We were in the south anchorage with 3 other boats. Each evening we were there we all got together on one boat or another and had an evening happy hour. It was great fun.
We are now in San Blas we just arrived in town this morning so I'm getting my internet fix. We will stay a few days and then who knows where our next stop will be. We are living it day by day...
Merry Christmas to all of you and our thoughts are with you for a great Christmas season and happy New Year.

12/21/2010 | Angela
Hi Ellen and Ian!! Glad to see your trip is going well. I'm so jealous. Of course, working here at the Now is pretty damn amazing too. chuckle chuckle. Enjoy the Holidays! And Ellen, get Ian to pee on those jelly fish stings! Miss you! Big hugs!
12/21/2010 | pat and les
shorts and tee shirts?? we are jealous! how is it we joined you for the "cold" part of the trip???? Glad you are having fun. Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. We are so happy that you are living your dream! Love ya!
12/22/2010 | Dad & Kathy
Hi Ellen & Ian. Merry Christmas to you both.
So glad that you are enjoying yourselves. See
you in Feb. Can't wait! Love ya!
12/22/2010 | Anne and Dick

So glad you are enjoying the best this year! Maybe next year there will be better!!

The Best Merry Christmas and an eventful New Year anywhere in the world!

Sorry we are in the cold but will be down soon.

Anne and Dick
"Full & By"
12/22/2010 | Jenn
So happy to read about all your fabulous adventures. Have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs. J
12/22/2010 | Camelia and Bob
Merry Christmas you two. So happy you are enjoying your daily adventure. Hope to see you there next year if you are still in Mexico.
wow, talking about living the dream .
enjoy . merry christmas and happy new year to both of you.
12/23/2010 | Terri-Lee
Hi Ellen and Ian,
Merry Christmas!! I guess there's not much chance of snow where you are! Here either, rain... rain... rain. But we are just finishing up at the paper and looking forward to a few days off. Miss you! Those birds sound really interesting! At least you saved one!! lol Look forward to hearing about more of your travels. Take care.

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