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Dolphins, Regattas and other things
03/02/2011, Chamela

It's been a while since I blogged but I seem to have a good internet connection today so I'll take advantage of it.
As you can see from the above picture, Ian got up close and personal with the dolphins in Tenacatita bay. That day he was cleaning the bottom of the boat and was taking a break just floating around and the dolphins decided to check him out. There are about 7 dolphins that seem to come into the bay almost daily and spend the whole day there swimming around and rubbing on anchor chains. One of the dolphins is widely known as Chippy because he has a chuck missing out of his dorsal fin probably due to a mishap with a propeller. It is so wonderful to get up in the morning and have your coffee while observing the dolphins so close up. We feel really privileged to have had the chance to see them so often and so close up for the 5 weeks or so we have spent in this bay.
On Saturday the 26th, the 1st Annual La Manzanilla Regatta took place. It was organized late and therefore there was not a lot of advertising for it so the number of sailboats that entered was small about 10 altogether. Ian decided he wanted to enter and since I wasn't interested in racing my house, our friend Al, a friend of his and a local Mexican that Ian had befriended were to be the crew. It was a great day both on the water for the racers and on the beach for the watchers. It was sponsored by Corona, a tequila factory, Puerto Vallarta Yacht Club and various other sponsors. There was a big tent up with tables and chairs with flowers on all the tables and table cloths - really it looked like a wedding was about to take place. There was free beer, free tequila, free food and 2 local bands playing music all day. Tons of fun! As for the race, in the class Kasasa was in, there were 6 boats altogether. Ian crossed the finish line 3rd, but due to handicapping we came in 4th place. We both had lots of fun that day.
That evening, since it was my birthday the next day, we went out for dinner with the rest of the crew and their wives. I got to choose the restaurant and I picked on that I remembered from 2004 when we were in La Manzanilla. It wasn't the cheapest place to eat but it sure was good. 3 of the dishes our table ordered were cooked right in front of us by the chef/owner. We had ceaser salad made at the table just like they used to do in the 70's, Ian and I had this amazing curry prawn dish that was cooked right at the table and someone had Crepe Suzette for dessert and that was made at the table as well as the special coffees. It was not only delicious but quite entertaining as well. Then the owner brought me a piece of cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday. So it was a great evening after a great day.
So our next blog will be from further up the coast as we are going to start heading north. Actually as I write this we are sitting in Chamela which is 30 miles north of Tenacatita. We are going to stay here until we get a weather forcast we like to go around Cabo Corrientes which is notoriously rough. We actually were on route for there yesterday and got about 8 miles north of Chamela when we got hit with 18 knots of wind on the nose and building seas. A boat that was 10 miles north of us was really into the chop so we decided to turn around and go back into Chamela for the night rather that bash into waves which slow us down too much. There is more wind expected today and tomorrow is looking like it might be the better option. That's okay since we didn't get a chance to stop here when we headed south we can explore it today.
I've put pictures of the dolphins in the Gallery and hope to upload some of the Regatta pics today too.

03/02/2011 | camelia and Bob
Glad to hear you had a great birthday. Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Those dolphins look big up close. I've never seen them that close I suppose. Cheers!
03/02/2011 | Pat and Pamela
Glad to know you had such a wonderful birthday , Dear Ellen! We both send you love and very best wishes xxxx
03/07/2011 | pat
Too cool!!! You guys are just having way too much fun! Hope the passage wasn't unbearably rough.
03/09/2011 | Ken and Carole
Love the blog and pics, we see you are having a fantastic time! What are your plans, are you staying in Mexico for a while?
02/18/2011, Tenacatita

Excuse me a BURP! Actually it stands for Bluewater Unofficial Rendezvous Party and we had one here in Tenacatita. Bluewater Cruising Association is a club we belong to in Vancouver that promotes offshore cruising. We have over 500 members and lots of them have been offshore or are planning on going. Anyhow we had 6 boats from the club in the anchorage so of course we had to have a get together. We were nice and invited the rest of the anchorage along too.
From Bluewater we had Bill and Janet from Optical Illusions, Ann and Dyck from Full & By, Wayne and Elly from Zeppelin, Jordan and Judy from Sea Turtle, Tom and Pam from Kewao and Ellen and Ian from Kasasa. Lots of fun!

02/19/2011 | Camelia and Bob
How cool is that! I am sure you guys had lots of fun together...we wish could be there now!
02/20/2011 | Linda Simpson
What a wonderful life experience you are having. Have enjoyed reading your blogs. On all accounts, Andy and Kathy certainly had a great visit with you.

02/21/2011 | Ken and Carole
That is so cool! You all look so relaxed and obviously enjoying yourselves. It is snowing as I type this at home. We really enjoy reading the blog. Cheers!
02/22/2011 | pat
That's cool. Sounds like you had a good time. It is only -14 here today in sunny Saskatchewan. and Ian are so brown!
02/24/2011 | pat
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLEN! Have a marguerita for me!
02/27/2011 | Gloria and Wayne
We Wish You A Happy Birthday Ellen!!!
Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!
Dad and Kathy's visit
02/11/2011, Barra, Tenacatita & Puerto Vallarta

Well Dad and Kathy have come and gone. It passed by that quickly. It seems like we were just picking them up at the airport yesterday and today we dropped them off to go home.
We picked them up in Puerto Vallarta on the 3rd of February and drove down to Barra de Navidad the next day. We spent 4 days in Barra where they stayed at the Delphin Hotel and we did various things during the days. One day we spent at the Grand Bay Hotel just hanging out at the pool ordering fancy drinks and playing crib (thanks to my friends Penny & Fred from Tapatai who gave us a pass to use the pool for the day). Another day we drove up to Colima hoping to catch a glimpse of the volcano's in the area. We did see it sort of. It was a big hill covered from 3/4 of the way up by a very large cloud. We did drive to the town of Comala where we enjoyed a sampling of appetizers that are continually brought out to you in the restaurants at the town square. You order a few drinks and the appys are free.
And we also spent some time just hanging out in Barra enjoying the small quaint town and the markets there. I think that both dad and Kathy really enjoyed this town. They also got a tour of the village Ian and I love called La Manzanilla, including the big crocodiles at the end of the village.
Then for 3 days we went out in the boat to the bay of Tenacatita and anchored out. We enjoyed the company of friends Beth and Norm from Sara Jean one evening. We were graced by dolphins in the bay swimming around the boat and finishing off their show by jumping 7 or 8 times just at sunset! One day Kathy and Ian took off in the dingy full speed hoping to catch up to the Humpback whales that were in the bay. Kathy was given a personal close up view and she also go spashed by the big waves in the bay but she loved every minute. She also had another first in that she swam in salt water for the first time in her life. Dad and Ellen spent some time playing crib together with dad winning most of the games. Oh Yes! We also had the pleasure of celebrating dad's 82nd birthday on the 8th! We had a nice dinner of barbequed fish at the palapa restaurant on the beach and then had chocolate cake on the boat later on. Happy 82nd dad and here's to many many more!
All in all it was a great 10 days and we are so happy that they came and spent them with us. We are hoping that they come again soon.
Check in the gallery for photos from their visit.

02/12/2011 | Dad & Kathy
Hi Ellen & Ian. We realy enjoyed our visit with
you! We can;t wait to do it again. That was a
million dollar trip. We did and seen things we
couldn't have done without you two! Thank you so much. Love you both!
02/13/2011 | Wendy
How wonderful your dad & his wife came to visit you, what a wonderful birthdday for him & the ultimate adventure for the both of them! You are very lucky to have a father who is adventurous...
02/14/2011 | Carole and Ken
Sounds like you had a fabulous time with your Dad and kathy visiting. Glad to see that all is well in Mexico!
02/16/2011 | Alan & Brenda
Great pic's and enjoy reading the adventures. I believe you have meet up with Lou & Cloes on S/V White Shell from Comox I saw some pic's of you and Ellen at the rafting party on there web site. It's great to see that your fully enjoying life and it help's me make it though all this snow at our new home in Ontario. Great sailing, Alan & Brenda
Huichol Artworks

This artwork is stunning. The colours are amazing and it is all done with thread pushed into wax! The Huichol indians are from central Mexico. They also do 3d artwork pushing beads into wax figurines.

Huichol Art
02/11/2011, Puerto Vallarta

More artwork.

02/25/2011 | jean
WOW! These are amazing Ellen. Thanks for posting. What intricate work.
Barra Sunset
01/31/2011, Barra de Navidad

This sunset picture I did take it was a beautiful evening and I rowed out a bit to get Kasasa in the shot.

01/31/2011 | pat
Love your photos Ellen! The stew looks yummy! I am in Saskatoon and enjoying -34 C weather.....brrrrr. I can just feel the warmth of Mexico. Have a good visit with your Dad. We will see you again this year....I need to warm up. Get the recipe for the stew, will you.
Lv Pat
01/31/2011 | Pamela and Pat
What beautiful photos! I've looked up the recipe for the stew on the Internet and will give it a go down at Apollo Bay next weekend ... it won't be the same without the lava bowl, though. We're in the middle of a heatwave (40 degrees C every day) and hanging out for some coolth. Love, P & P
02/02/2011 | Marilyn Kirk
Beautiful picture ... I just love it and love reading about all your adventures. Barra is a cool little town ... I have pictures that I took on my walls.
02/05/2011 | ron howell
hey Ian and Ellen, looks like a sailors delight, I am very envious, take care
02/06/2011 | Gerald
Hello: I hear that Andy and Kathy made it out their. Glad to hear. Hoping that Andys hand is OK. The pictures look beautiful. Lets hope that the weather stays as beautiful as the pictures? Tell them Gerald and Tammy say HI.
02/07/2011 | Tony
Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories. Helen and I miss you for our morning breakfast meetings. I'll be in Hawaii April 14-25 if you are in the hood...
02/25/2011 | jean
gorgeous photo! What reflection.

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