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06 February 2014 | Paksong, Laos
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11 February 2013 | Akaroa Harbor/ Banks Peninsula
Since returning to the CHCH region we have enjoyed a variety of activities. Finding a safe moorage for the boat became the first activity. Lyttleton harbor along w/ being the epicenter for the earthquakes and all major south sea explorations in the past 100years was the site of a big storm about 10 years ago and the majority of yacht moorings were destroyed. Our first harbor was the Navy Point harbor but after 2 nights there and with strong encouragement from our friends on Cutty Hunk we moved to the inner harbor and sat out a Southerly front that accelerates from the high hills surrounding the harbor. Waitangi treaty day is a big national holiday and we went w/ the Bower's to a Moirori (native people) village. I was selected to help paddle one of the big (50) man canoes to the village then we enjoyed a traditional feast w/ 1cow, 2 pigs, 6 sheep and 60 chikens all buried in a pit w/ vegetables Wow! The following day we headed out to Akaroa harbor on the S side of Banks Peninsula in preparation for our trip to Stewart I and Fiordland. As we waited for the right weather window a call came in that Bill Anderson (Augusta's dad who visited us in Panama) was flying in the next day! It would have been a big surprise had we been out to sea but just like the rest of our trip someone is always looking out for us and it all worked out. The reunion was good we enjoyed a leg-o- lamb and agreed no-one has changed in the past year except for the kids. As we waited for weather we continued to hike and explore the hills around Akaroa and I got to sail in a regatta on another boat. The weather dictates our trip and after a week the "window" still is not opening so plans change and we are headed back to CHCH w/ Grandpa Billy as our new crew member.
Vessel Name: Water Musick
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg Rassy 49'
Hailing Port: Walla Walla, WA
Crew: Bill, Becky, Joey, Ray & Melody
About: The Musick family is traveling together in search of new experiences on their way to visit friends in New Zeland
Extra: We like ice-cream
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/www.musickplanet.com/
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The photos of our river cruse.
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Traveling through central Thailand has been a real experience. Visiting friends getting lost trying new foods and having fun
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after entering the country in Savusavu we visitied Kioa and Rambi islands both are settled by displaced pacific islanders and retain their traditional culture while co-existing w/ the Fijian's. We then sailed through the Lomaviti group where our kids went to a local school around the s end of Viti Levu to Beqa and around to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands
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Photos from Melodys 10th birthday and hanging out around Raiatea
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Photos from Papeete and the Leeward islands family pictures on moorea, Mare Tapatapautea on Raitea w/ crew from Mornin Glory, Papeete Market, kids at the cultural museum accosting a statue, Bill's Birthday tied up on Billionaires row, S/V Clementine "dressed" for Samanthas Birthday
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Photos from our time in Papeete Museum w/ Clemtine, Bill & Becky at the Market on Sunday am
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Photos from our time in Moorea during the Pacific Puddle Jump
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Fatu Hiva arrival port in Marquesas hike to waterfall and anchorage off Takuha
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With the crew of Blessed Lyndon, Rachel, Zoe, Ben and John, we explored the Smithsonian tropical research center. We were able to learn more about the ecosystem of Central American and viewed several animals difficult to find in the wild.
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With the crew of ZEST MArk, Ann, Dom, Christopher and Emy we transited the Panama Canal. !00 years old and still operational. We could see the construction of the new canal that will handle the post panamax boats set to open in 2014. we spent the night on the lake near the Centennial bridge this allowed us a day and night transit our wish all along.
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Fort Sherman
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Musick Travles

Who: Bill, Becky, Joey, Ray & Melody
Port: Walla Walla, WA