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Raining Bananas
05/15/2012, Pacific Ocean

Good friends on the sail boat Catharken Blue gave us a bunch (hand) of bananas before departing the Galapagos. This very appropriate since I love the banana boat song, the only problem w/ so many bananas is they ripen all at once and hanging from the mizzen boom, the bananas fly off with each roll. We have been eating bananas, fruit salad, banana bread, banana muffins, banana smoothie's and banana pancakes ( almost done). The stars have been amazing not too much light pollution 1300 miles from shore, the shooting stars continue although tapering in their intensity. The flying fish that sail along with our boat must have poor night vision since the deck always has a few that missed re-entry. One fish hit our dodger so hard both eyes popped out of his head and were found on the deck about 10' away. This was very interesting to Beck and gross for the rest of the crew.

05/17/2012 | PAT MUSICK
05/17/2012 | Tammie
Ohhh, had to laugh out loud at that. Sorry Becky, you just can't get away from work. Good thing they don't have teeth Bill. Take care guys. Hi to the kids.
Happy Mother's Day!
05/13/2012, Pacific Ocean

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there reading this, especially to mine and Bill's Mom :) Hope you have all been pampered as I have today. I haven't done any dishes and barely been in the galley. My one request was for fresh fish, preferably dolphin fish aka mahi mahi aka dorado, and last night Bill and Melody brought in, you guessed it, a lovely dolphin fish. And they are lovely; yellow with blue and green along their back and dorsal fin. They also baked a large chocolate chip cookie, 8" cake pan size! They really know the way to my heart - chocolate! Today has been sunny with blue skies and light winds. Couldn't ask for a better day. Thank you to my family for making such an effort!


Fish On
05/11/2012, Pacific Ocean

Melody caught her first! brought it in by herself before telling anyone a beautiful dolphin( fish) and I was wondering what to cook for dinner. Sailing along with a favorable current 18kts of wind making 200 miles in the last 24hrs. for non-sailors that's really fast, 2300 miles to go still so we hope the wind holds and the pacific lives up to its name. Happy Mothers Day love you MOM

05/11/2012 | Tammie
Exciting to read your posts. And kudos to Melody!!! Way to go! Nothing is the same here. Lots of excitement, not all good. Take care and well catch up in a few years. :-)
05/13/2012 | Nanny Candi
Way to go Melody. Trevor says Great Job!
Happy Mothers Day Becky! Balloon Stampede
was fantastic. Great Weather. Love to All.
Candi and Loren
Joes watch
05/09/2012, Pacific Ocean 3'S 93'W

Our 3rd day out headed towards the Marquesas only 2,700 miles to go! Last night Becky and I woke to the sound of whistles since our life jackets have them we assumed the worst. Rushing to the cocpit we found Joe resting his eyes and a open motor boat yelling in Spanish. It was a long line fisherman and we were about to run his night,lucky for all of us trouble was avoided. We are 700 miles from shore and he is out in a open 20' boat now that's brave. Later we saw the mother ship but what a way to make a living. All is well sailing along 8kts 15kt breeze and riding the equatorial current. life is good

05/10/2012 | Pa
Yikes! I've always said,"you have to be lucky." Happy sailing!!
05/11/2012 | Camille
Thank God you've got those angels watching over you! Late birthday wish to you Joe! Godspeed..
good by Galapagos
05/08/2012, Galapagos

After 6 short days we are sailing again. What a amazing place! you could spend months but the Pacific awaits and with 3,000 to go before the Marquesia's I felt the pressure of time. The Pacific cruising season is bracketed by the Typhoon season and you want to be out before that season rolls around. yesterday we walked to the beach/ national park near our boat, the ranger said to do summer-salts in the water and watch what happens. The seals see this as there invitation to play, what a blast and highlight of the trip for me. The Galapagos islands remind me of our Denali not a easy park to get around in but the approach to preservation hopefully works for future generations. \The diversity is astounding and you can understand how Darwin may have been inspired only 150 years ago. Joe enjoyed his 14th birthday scuba diving with the sharks and other marine animals showing his naivety is much greater than his fathers fear. There are about 10 other boats making the crossing with us strung out over 1,000 miles we don't exactly pop over for sundowners but it good company.

05/08/2012 | David Mumm
Hey Musick Five! Thanks for the updates. Your trip sure sounds like fun. Can you give us a notion of where your next 3-5 stops will be? We're all waiting to know.
05/01/2012, San Cristobal Island Galapagos

After 8 days we spotted the Galapagos Islands off our port bow about 6:30 am. The start of the Aquarids meteor show should peak in a few days put on a good show last night. I would enjoy a few more days sail with no land lights but not sure the crew would agree. Overall a very easy passage with great sailing and the Pacific at it's kindest.

05/01/2012 | David Mumm
We're excited to see that you aren't wandering around the Pacific looking for land anymore. Enjoy the Galapagos. We all miss you all, but we're thrilled that you're having a good time. =)
05/01/2012 | Zoey
So glad to hear of your safe passage. This was prep for an even longer sea crossing to come, huh? Thanks so much for updating the photo gallery! Can't wait for the next installment. Godspeed.
05/01/2012 | marge childs
land-yeah!! so happy the pacific ride was easy on you and crew --- hope you see lots of interesting things down there - we are in fl and leave for transatlantic cruise to amsterdam on sat.

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