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02/11/2013, Akaroa Harbor/ Banks Peninsula

Since returning to the CHCH region we have enjoyed a variety of activities. Finding a safe moorage for the boat became the first activity. Lyttleton harbor along w/ being the epicenter for the earthquakes and all major south sea explorations in the past 100years was the site of a big storm about 10 years ago and the majority of yacht moorings were destroyed. Our first harbor was the Navy Point harbor but after 2 nights there and with strong encouragement from our friends on Cutty Hunk we moved to the inner harbor and sat out a Southerly front that accelerates from the high hills surrounding the harbor. Waitangi treaty day is a big national holiday and we went w/ the Bower's to a Moirori (native people) village. I was selected to help paddle one of the big (50) man canoes to the village then we enjoyed a traditional feast w/ 1cow, 2 pigs, 6 sheep and 60 chikens all buried in a pit w/ vegetables Wow! The following day we headed out to Akaroa harbor on the S side of Banks Peninsula in preparation for our trip to Stewart I and Fiordland. As we waited for the right weather window a call came in that Bill Anderson (Augusta's dad who visited us in Panama) was flying in the next day! It would have been a big surprise had we been out to sea but just like the rest of our trip someone is always looking out for us and it all worked out. The reunion was good we enjoyed a leg-o- lamb and agreed no-one has changed in the past year except for the kids. As we waited for weather we continued to hike and explore the hills around Akaroa and I got to sail in a regatta on another boat. The weather dictates our trip and after a week the "window" still is not opening so plans change and we are headed back to CHCH w/ Grandpa Billy as our new crew member.

02/12/2013 | Pat Musick
How fun it must be to be "in" with the natives...they were perhaps testing your skills; you surely had fun, no matter! mom
02/13/2013 | Ron Seifert
As so many have already said, ...WOW... I admirer and envy you all. A trip that will never be forgotten by you or us. Bless you. Bill, it is that time of year. Golf three times a week and ski one or two. Be safe and take care. Ron
02/06/2013, Lytelton, NZ

Lytelton harbor was the epicenter for all the earth shakin activity the past few years on the S island. It is still in dissaray but hopefuly will be brought back to it's original glory some day. We are tied up in the harbor after a big S front came through but all is well now. This as also the epicenter for polar explorations from Shackelton and others. It remains the center of shipping activity for the polar research station and a ship left yesterday am headed south. We had considered driving the remainer of the S island but it did not seem fitting so plans have been made to ship out tomorrow am for Stewart island then Fiords on the SW coast.

02/06/2013 | Lyndon
Pack your woollies! Have a great time guys, we love you so much. See you when you when you start heading north once again.
02/10/2013 | David H
I still enjoy viewing your posts! Hope you have found your paradise! Still missing my golfing buddy in our own WW paradise! I'll give you 3 mulligans on our next round!
Capt Cook
01/28/2013, Ships Cove/ Marlbourough Sound

We spent the night in Ships Cove @ the entrance to Endeavor Inlet. Capt. Cook visited here 5 times during his 3 voyages in the Pacific, to take on water from the waterfall just off our bow and to careen the ships for repair on the lovely beach. There is a great monument commemorating his achievements (his first voyage was @ age 39), but also discussing the Maori people and their influence on the area. This is also the terminal for the Queen Charlotte track one of the great hikes of NZ durring the day it was busy but @ night it was our own to enjoy. We talked w/ the park ranger for a while, he is in his 80's and spent 3 years traveling N. America and Europe by camper-van when his kids were the same age as ours. He was an amazing person able to recall all the places he visited and sights along the way, we will try to meet up for a cup of tea when we reach Picton.

02/03/2013 | Pat Sharkey
Loved the video, brought tears to my eyes seeing you guys living the dream....
02/06/2013 | Nanny Candi
Hope Everyone has a Great time Celebrating
Waitangi Day in New Zealand. Keep up
the great stories. Hi to all. Nanny Candi
02/06/2013 | Zoe
Hey, are you rockin' and rollin' w/ the tsunami waves in Nelson or hanging on the lee side in CC? Sure is a volatile part of the world. Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis ... I imagine surfing is big fun. But hope you don't personally experience a cyclone. Hang tight. And update your photo gallery!
02/06/2013 | Daryl Musick
Joe you look like a girl, mellie you look wonderful, ray I don't like the looks of, always deep in thought, but alli all you look good, love Unele Musick
The Pallouse of NZ
01/28/2013, Durville Island

Looking out I am reminded of NE Washington State w/ it's stunning landscape carved by the floods of the last ice age. We are @ Durville Island the entrance to the Marlborough sound, it also has the last ice-age to thank for it's creation. Strange that when I get somewhere new instead of just saying WOW I have to think how it reminds me of some other place? oh well. We are cruising again having cast of the dock lines from Nelson heading around the N end of the S Island on our way down to Christchurch and possibly further S. Navigation is a little tricky w/ strong currents between most of the islands some w/ giant whirlpools threatening to send you wherever whirlpools send you, but w/ a keen eye on the tide tables all is well. The sound was made popular by Capt. Cook as the best anchorage for ships in the S hemisphere. Today it is know for great wine and as the mussel capitol of the world. The fishing has been poor but you can gather up a bucket of mussels in no time so we will not look a gift horse in the mouth.

01/30/2013 | pat musick
Wow expresses our realization how nature dictates the shape of our world! and we get a kick out of 60 degrees in Jan. Here's to mussels on the beach! Hi to all. Gram
02/02/2013 | duane lucas-roberts
Bill and Becky, Kathleen and I moved to Vancouver, WA about 4 months ago for a new job and challenge. I just got up to speed on the last 4-5 months of your incredible journey. Aren't you so glad that you made this decision? You will never regret it I know.
Peter's NZ Vacation

Slideshow of Pete's visit over the holidays in CHCH and The Abel Tasman Natl Park.

01/26/2013 | Zoe
Ahhhh. Really enjoyed relaxing vicariously on Peter's trip. It is definitely NOT summer in Ohio. Slide show was great, but one question: where's Ray? After New Year's, he's disappeared from your shots -- did you toss him into a volcano to appease the Tasman deities? We may require photographic proof that he is, indeed, still alive. Can't wait for that and your next blog. Hugs, z
Laundry Day
01/18/2013, Nelson, NZ

Even in paradise we cannont excape certain realities, Laundy being one. Our boat looks like it might bring down the property values w/ all our clothes flying in the breeze but no one seems to mind. We are back in Nelson and it is strangley quite, we have had a full 6 weeks since arriving in NZ. My parents visit, touring the N Island, sailing south visiting w/ the Bowers then Peters whirlwind visit from WW. It is fun to just do a few projects and read a bit but friends and relationships are what this world is about. Our plans for touring continue to be in limbo, should we take the boat S and risk more storms and fewer harbours or be content w/ cruising by land yacht? Cheers

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