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Wyvern's Wanderings
Vessel Name: Wyvern
Vessel Make/Model: 1977 Irwin Ketch
Hailing Port: El Jobean, Florida
About: Charlie and Phyllis Atha
About: After living aboard our 42' Irwin for almost 10 years, we sold her and bought a home in El Jobean, Florida. Bought a storm damaged 1996 Hunter 45 and have been working on it for the past 3 years. THEN we sold the Hunter and purchased the Irwin back. Feels like home!
Extra: Both Charlie and Phyllis are USCG licensed captains and ASA sailing instructors.
Recent Blog Posts
10 April 2015 | Port Charlotte, Florida
On Jack and Kim's last day, we took them ashore to Key West so they could spend the day shopping, sightseeing and checking out all the famous bars there. Charlie and I stopped at the convenience store for some eggs and splurged on some bacon and Honey Nut Cheerios, though the prices were atrocious. [...]
07 April 2015 | Key West, Florida
Yesterday, After another of Charlie's great breakfasts of banana pancakes, bacon and eggs, we dinghied into the tiny harbor at Bahia Honda State Park. Made a quick foray through their gift shop/dive shop/deli, then walked out on the old Flagler trestle bridge, on top where they built the car bridge [...]
05 April 2015 | Bahia Honda State Park
Sailing and snorkeling sort of sums up our day. We dropped the mooring at Indian Key about 8:30. I made eggs benedict for breakfast underway. We motor sailed all day due to the wind being behind us and not enough velocity to keep our speed up. Our first destination was Coffin Patch, a snorkeling area on the reef, about 14 or so miles away. All the moorings were taken, it being Easter Sunday, so we had to anchor in the sand just outside the mooring buoys. I didn't go snorkeling because I had pulled a muscle a few days ago and it was just getting better. I wasn't going to push it., But, Charlie, Jack and Kim said it was a pretty reef to snorkel with all kinds of fish and coral. Charlie had traveled outside the reef trolling with a lure and a ballyhoo, but only caught some seaweed. We really aren't know for our fishing. From Coffin Patch, we motorsailed along the reef to Sombrero Reef Light, having lunch on the way. We had our choice of moorings here which really surprised us. Sombrero being a popular place. But it was getting close to 4:00. Kim outlasted Jack in the water. She actually saw a turtle, which is rather rare. We then headed in for the day, to Bahia Honda State Park. On the way we had a small pod of dolphins swim with the boat, at the bow, for quite a while. Kim was quite excited to sit on the bow and watch them. At Bahia Honda we anchor between the old Flagler bridge and the newer Hwy 1 bridge. They have cut a portion out of the old Flagler trestle bridge to allow sailboats to enter. Flagler financed and built the Overseas Railroad from Miami to Key West in the late 1800s. Before the railroad was established the only way to traverse the islands was by boat or ship. He built bridges from one island to the next all the way down the Keys. The longest being seven miles long. It was quite a feat. The railroad quit around 1934, due to the rails being washed out during a hurricane. The devastating damage being done to the rails on the islands rather than damage to the bridges. The bridges are still standing, a little worse for wear, but in surprisingly good shape, though they are no longer used other than for fishing piers, etc. When the railroad shut down, the state purchased the right of way and used the bridges to build a highway. Bahia Honda has the only trestle type bridge, which prevented widening the rail bed for vehicles, so they built the road atop the trestles themselves. Quite interesting. We arrived here about 6:00 and had enchiladas for dinner with rice, beans and salad. We will wait until tomorrow to go ashore. Lots of campers and visitors at the park though, even for a Sunday afternoon. The snorkeling areas were a bit rolly and bumpy today. But, we are sitting quite calm in the protection of the island. The current sure runs through this cut though.
04 April 2015 | Indian Key, Florida Keys
Yesterday morning, we motored from the Biscayne Bay side of Elliot Key, through Ceasar Creek to the Ocean side of the islands. We were able to put up the sails and sail most of the way out to Key Largo Dry Rocks Sanctuary to dive on the Christ of the Deep. A statue of Christ that sits in about 15 to [...]
02 April 2015 | Elliot Key
After Charlie’s fantastic scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, we all dinghied to shore and walked the half mile to the lighthouse for the first tour at 10:00. We heard a bit of history of the Key Biscayne Lighthouse. It was built in 1825, is the oldest standing structure in Dade County, was destroyed by an attack by the Seminole Indians and was rebuilt in 1846 and raised to a height of 95 feet. We were then allowed to climb the 107 steps to the top. I know, I counted, and my thighs will be able to remind me for the next couple of days. The light and lens itself is another 10-12 steep steps higher. They allow you to go out onto the outside deck and the 360 view is fantastic. We could see the seven remaining stilt houses in Stiltsville quite well. The half mile walk back to the boat helped relax the threatening cramps in my thighs. Back to the boat and weighed anchor to head south to Elliot Key. At first the wind was very mild and we motored, but the wind gradually built and we actually turned off the engine and sailed for an hour or so. Kim spent her time on the bow of the boat, reading, relaxing and watching the flying fish. I fixed lunch, then went to my cabin to read and take a nap. Charlie minded the helm and the sails. Jack kept him company in the cockpit. Charlie decided not to go up into the creek between Adams Key and Elliot Key to try and stay out of the current, so we anchored just west of Adams Key in Biscayne Bay. He didn’t really succeed though, because the current is just as strong here and has held us sideways to the wind for most of the evening. We are somewhat exposed to the chop, but it isn’t too bad. We are just swaying a bit. Everyone seems to be exhausted from our excursion to the lighthouse this morning and then all the sun and wind while sailing this afternoon. Not even 9:00 and Jack and Kim are in their cabin. Wind is blowing about 12 to 15 this evening. Just a bit cool.
01 April 2015 | Miami/Key Biscayne, Florida
Yesterday, Tuesday, Charlie and I motored a whole 4 miles across Biscayne Bay to Dinner Key Marina. We picked up our mooring before noon and dinghied into the dinghy dock. Charlie tried to pay for our mooring but no one was at the office. We decided to walk the mile and a third to the Enterprise rental [...]
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