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Wyvern's Wanderings
Cave Snorkeling
Phyllis Atha
02 March 2011 | Cambridge Cay, Bahamas
24 18.18, 076 32.40

Played Uno and Skip-Bo with Mike and Cindy last night. Never played Skip-Bo before, but I managed to win all three games! Beginners luck I guess. Last night was calm and still. Guess the front went through this morning. It was fairly mild. But, the high winds are suppose to come in with the high pressure system. This morning started out pretty cloudy, but gradually they blew on through and the rest of the day was mostly sunny and warm. The winds gradually increased throughout the day. Charlie fixed banana pancakes for breakfast this morning. Then he, Mike and Cindy dinghied over to the Rocky Dundas to snorkel the caves. Mike said they got there just in time for the sun to come out and shine through the opening into the cave. He thought they were pretty impressive. They stopped at a small island on the way back. Cindy came back with a few trinket treasures. While they were gone, I made homemade soup from canned veggies and chicken, then I moved some canned and packaged goods from storage into the galley and emptied the locker under the v-berth where the macerator is. Figured I'd store stuff there that I won't be needing until we get home. Like some cold weather clothing, some dirty clothes that we won't be wearing, shells and stuff I've collected, etc. We had soup for lunch. Watched a Lagoon catamaran move from one mooring to another. They had quite a time catching the mooring. He yelled over that he knew we needed some entertainment. Turned out their names are Tony and Ann from Seattle and have only been on this boat for a few months. Charlie, Cindy and Mike stopped by their boat to chat with them. Tony was having problems with his outboard. After lunch C, C and M dinghied into the beach. Someone told Charlie about a trail he wanted to hike. While they were there Cindy and Mike found a cat with a halter and tags. It came to them when they called and they got the information off the tag. They went by the Exuma Park Volunteer Host's boat and told them about it and gave them the information. They made several calls on the VHF trying to find the owner. They notified the Park Headquarters and the guy who checked us in yesterday came down in a powerboat. He and the volunteer host came by and picked up Mike and went back to shore. They found the cat and put it in a cage in the boat. The guy from headquarters was going to look after the cat and try to find the owner. Sallie should be very proud of Mike. While they were gone this afternoon, I made enchiladas and a chocolate pie, and went through our mountain of dirty clothes. Picked out the stuff I wanted to wash, packed the stuff we really didn't need and I will wait until we get home to wash. Wind is blowing about 18 kts. Suppose to continue building to maybe 25 or better. We are rolling a bit also. Not uncomfortable, but a little irritating.
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