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Wyvern's Wanderings
Phyllis Atha
13 March 2012 | Shroud Cay, Bahamas
Before we set off from Wardwick Wells, Charlie, Tim, Diana, Jack and Kris went for a short hike on the island to see the loyalist wall and ruins. They came back a bit warm, tired and enthused. Jack and Kris stopped by for a "Captain's Meeting" to discuss our destinations. We had decided to skip Hawksbill Cay because of time constraints and go to Shroud. Since Jack and Kris had spent two days at Shroud, but had never been to Hawksbill, they decided to stop there for the night and explore it tomorrow. Charlie gave them a quick rundown on where to anchor and where to find the trailheads and what beaches he liked the best. Thirty minutes later we were on our way. We hoisted the mainsail and then sailed off the mooring. The winds had died just a bit overnight, just as predicted, so we had a great breeze of about 15 kts. Started out directly downwind, so we just used the main, but as we were able to turn more north as we rounded the shallows, we put out the jib. We had an absolutely perfect sailing day. Sailed right into the Shroud anchorage. We did start the engine to anchor, only because there were a number of boats to maneuver around. We spent rest of the early evening relaxing in the cockpit. Had enchiladas, beans and rice for dinner. This evening is a bit more cloudy, but still only about 15 kts. of wind. Perfect!!!!
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