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Wyvern's Wanderings
Greg and Cherie Arrive
Phyllis Atha
18 March 2012 | Nassau, Bahamas
The Green Parrot had a band last night that played from about 9:00 to 11:00. Not bad music and they stopped at a decent hour. Got a good nights rest. Just some minor chores this morning to get ready for our guests. Change the sheets, put out clean towels, etc. Charlie started to wash the back deck and saw that a boat just left the fuel dock and decided we needed to go on in and get our little bit of fuel and water. Had a nice visit with Garnett while we were waiting for the water to fill. Charlie walked out to the convenience store and exchanged our 5 gallon water bottle for a full one. When he came back he tracked up the back deck he just cleaned with the black gunk from the street and parking lot. We came back and anchored right off the Green Parrot again. Figured the barge wouldn’t be back on a Sunday. Charlie rewashed the back deck and we had lunch. Went in to the Green Parrot about 1:30 to meet Greg and Cherie when they arrived. Jack and Kris came in and did wifi and waited with us. Greg and Cherie arrived about 2:30. We said our good-byes to Jack and Kris since we will be going opposite directions tomorrow, then came back to the boat. The barge did come back, but they just tied it up to the seawall. We should be out of here early enough in the morning to not inhibit them. Spent the afternoon getting to know Greg and Cherie and relaxing in the cockpit. Charlie and Greg dinghied over to Jack and Kris’ to take a shell to Kris that she had found and Charlie had hauled in his backpack and it ended up on our boat. Shrimp stirfry for dinner. Beautiful day. Sunny and warm. Breeze was very calm this morning, built a bit during the day, then has subsided just a bit this evening. Clear skies tonight.
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