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Wyvern's Wanderings
Piddle Day
Phyllis Atha
25 March 2012 | Nassau, Bahamas
We watched some fantastic fireworks last night. A barge came up between us and shore on the Paradise Island side and shot off an extensive amount of fireworks. They had some kind of gathering on the beach but we couldn't find out exactly what it was. Must have been a celebration though. Still had some music, but we closed the hatch in the cabin and that dulled it some and it didn't hinder our sleep. Never left the boat today. We did small piddly jobs. Charlie took the front toilet apart and cleaned all the calcium that had built up in it. It was just getting hard to pump, but now it pumps very easily. Still leaks some out of the shaft and we can't figure out how to stop that yet. I cleaned out the boat freezer, straightened up some, cleaned the front head after Charlie put the toilet back together, piddle, piddle, piddle. Read some, tried to get on the internet, but we have a south wind today which pushes us farther from the wifi source, so no luck. Charlie played solitaire on the computer. Weather was mostly sunny. Pretty windy from the south. Warm. So far tonight it is mostly clear and the winds have subsided a bit. Calm before the storm. A front is due to come through tonight and bring us 20 to 25 kts. from the north. The harbor is quiet and calm. Should stay that way since its Sunday.
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