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Wyvern's Wanderings
Hiking Day
Phyllis Atha
01 April 2012 | Royal Island, Bahamas
This morning when I got up, all but 3 of the other cruising boats were gone. We guessed they had left early to take off for the Abacos and then on home to the states and Canada. Throughout the day boats came in and anchored. We have 9 cruising boats in the anchorage tonight. This morning Charlie, Steve and Deb went to shore at the old estate to go walking.( Deb Here! On our excursion venturing thru the ruins here we were stunned at how intact this1930's "villa" is. I actually saw original handpainted tiles haphazardly still left intact. So we spent a wonderful time ooohhhing and aaahhhing how we could refurbish this place with stunning views!! Then after all the ruin site seeing we continued on down road to the other side of the island and i was so pissed that I forgot the CAMERA,,,SNORKEL...AND MASK I will nevef forget again!!! So we come to a beautiful harbour that has loyalist walls, the old villa road that was use to bring in provisions to the villa. Charlie is scouting around for the turtle krawl that he swears he remembers from 12 years past and has not seen it since till Deb found it Yahoo! It really exists. This turtle krall was dug into the island where the tides could still supply it with fresh water and to keep the turtles until they could be sold to sailing ships, back in the 1700's. A rain squall came by and drenched the island. Deb and Steve shucked their clothes and swam in a place like the "blue lagoon". We saw the biggest sea cucumber we have ever seen. The water was warm and beautiful. It was a great adventure. Phyllis back again: .After they returned and lunch, Charlie and Steve used the hooka rig to scrape some more of the bottom of the boat. Deb made a delicious salad for dinner plus hotdogs for the guys. She used a can of pidgeon peas with coconut water that she purchased in Nassau. A unique ingredient.
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