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Wyvern's Wanderings
Good Friends
Phyllis Atha
09 April 2012 | Highborn Cay, Bahamas
We weighed anchor at Powell Point on Eleuthera at around 8:00 and headed directly west to Highborn Cay in the Exumas. Started out sailing off the anchor, but soon discovered that we didn't have enough wind to even maintain 4 kts. of speed. The wind was only blowing 8 to 10 kts. and was mostly behind us. So, we started the engine and motorsailed the 25 nm to the north end of Highborn. Just as we were arriving we received a call on the VHF from Danny and Joanne on DJ's Casa. They were anchored at Allan's, only about 2 miles from where we were anchoring. They said they would dinghy over later in the afternoon. We arrived and dropped anchor about 1:00, and then had lunch. After lunch, Steve and Deb took the dinghy and went ashore at the small beach. Charlie and I stayed on the boat. Charlie napped and I read. Then I mixed some bread dough for pizza to let it rise. Just as I finished, Danny and Jo arrived. We had a wonderful time catching up. Deb and Steve came back from their dinghy adventure and met Danny and Jo before they headed back to their boat. I made two pizzas for dinner, one with pepperoni and veggies and one with just veggies. They turned out rather well. Skies were mostly sunny until later in the afternoon. So, the sun was warm, but the breeze was still rather cool. This evening it is a bit more cloudy and the wind is still cool. Fun to meet up with Danny and Jo again.
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