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Wyvern's Wanderings
Here Again
Phyllis Atha
12 April 2012 | Nassau, Bahamas
Beautiful calm night. Charlie and Deb went dinghy exploring a canal system up into Rose Island. There is a resort being built, but abandoned. A gentleman they met said it was stopped 6 months ago, but Charlie says it looks like it was stopped years ago. But, the canals are wide and deep. There is a large home with beautiful landscaping that is for sale there. Guess if we are ever in Nassau and a huge storm comes, we can go up in the canal, you think? Any safe harbor in a storm. Steve and I stayed on the boat and discussed sailing and boats. They are interested in purchasing a boat and cruising a few months out of the year. They really like DJ's Casa, which just happens to be for sale. We left Rose Island and motored into Nassau Harbor. Steve again navigated and steered the boat. He's a quick learner. He even docked the boat at the fuel dock, which can be quite scary the first time. He did great. After topping off the fuel and water, we came out and anchored. Danny and Joanne were already anchored and headed in to the Green Parrot. We joined them for lunch and internet. I came back to the boat and did some piddly little jobs, cleaning and getting ready for new guests on Saturday. Everyone else dinghied in to the liquor store. Deb trimmed my hair some more, so it is fairly short now. Hopefully I won't have to do any styling. I have better things to do than mess with my hair. Had dinner on the boat, eating up what was left of the fresh salad veggies and some baked chicken thighs. Weather was gorgeous today. Sunny and quite warm. Just a gentle breeze. This evening is clear and just a teeny bit cool in the wind. But, you have to consider that I'm in shorts and sleeveless blouse, so probably not that cool for most people.
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