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Wyvern's Wanderings
Laundry Day
Phyllis Atha
13 April 2012 | Nassau, Bahamas
Well the beautiful weather is gone for a few days. We awoke to overcast skies. It was still warm, even a bit humid, due to the storm front approaching. Deb and I cleaned on the inside of the boat this morning, while Charlie and Steve scrubbed the deck. Deb had all their stuff to pack up. Still have some to do, but we quit and got ready to go into the Green Parrot for lunch, then on to the Laundromat. Danny and Joanne met us at the Parrot. They were going to the grocery store today, basically the same route as the Laundromat, so after lunch we all walked. Deb, Steve and I went on to start the laundry, while Charlie walked with Danny and Jo to the grocery store to pick up some bread, eggs and coke. Tomorrow will be our big grocery shopping day. Can’t do two major things in one day! After we got back to the boat, Charlie took Deb and Steve back to shore so they could catch a taxi to the hotel. We all arranged to meet over at Atlantis for pizza dinner later. Danny came by after he stopped at our recent new neighboring boat. He met Rob and Juliette on Haven. They will be joining us for dinner. We met at Marina Pizza at the Marina Village at Atlantis. We dinghied our tiny, worn-out, scuffed up dinghy in amongst the huge mega-yachts to their dinghy dock. One boat was so huge it had a garage for all the water toys, jet skies and such. This was actually the size of a two car garage with a door that opened down to make a docking platform. The thing looked like a small cruise ship. There were many more of various sizes. We walked along the dock gawking at the boats and the people eating dinner on china and crystal on their back decks. While we were eating, the storm front, or at least a squally wind came through. No rain though. Made it back to the boat safe and sound, though chilly. The wind is blowing up and down, probably 15 to 20 kts. Much, much cooler
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