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Wyvern's Wanderings
Restful Day
Phyllis Atha
20 April 2012 | Cambridge Cay, Bahamas
Woke up to a glorious day. Sunny and warm and just a mild breeze. We all spent the morning on the boat after Charlie's breakfast of French toast. Greg and Laura laid out on the deck soaking up the sunshine and reading. I soaked and pressure cooked some beans for lunch. Charlie took the dinghy davit lines off and untwisted them. After months of use, they tend to twist and after a while they want to wrap around each other making it harder to pull the ropes through the pulleys. Should be good for another few months. Then he scrubbed some rust spots off the deck around the stantions. Even stainless steel will create a little rust after being exposed to the saltwater for the winter. He was rather ambitious this morning and got one whole side done. Yeah, I'm being a bit sarcastic. After lunch, Charlie took Greg and Laura up to the Sea Aquarium and the sunken plane to go snorkeling. Laura saw a huge lobster. And besides the abundant fish at the aquarium, which is just a small island with coral and fish, they saw a shark on the way back. From what they said, they pestered the poor thing following it up the shoreline. I put on a pork roast for dinner while they were out. Everyone continued their restful relaxation on the boat when they returned. A very restful day. Weather was wonderful all day. The wind was blowing about 12 to 15 kts., but the anchorage remained calm behind the island. This evening is clear, with a beautiful sunset, and a bit milder breeze. Hard to imagine tomorrow it will be blowing like stink.
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