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Wyvern's Wanderings
A Blowin'
Phyllis Atha
22 April 2012 | Staniel Cay, Bahamas
Up early to get Greg and Laura off for their scheduled 8:45 a.m. flight. This is the worst weather we have ever sent someone off the boat. We had rain showers off and on all night. Wind was up a little, but not too bad. When they were getting their last minute packing done, it poured. Slacked up just a bit as they got loaded into the dinghy. Wind continued to pick up and the rain continued to fall. Steve met them at the marina with the golf cart and he and Charlie took them to the airport. Their plane was delayed, not surprisingly. Someone there at the airport called Flamingo Air and they said it was just leaving Nassau, so should be arriving in an hour. Greg and Laura insisted that Charlie and Steve come on back. They had intentions of eating breakfast at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, but the power went out, so that was nixed. Charlie came back to the boat and had breakfast. In the meantime, the wind built up to about 30 kts. And the direction changed to the southwest, so we had considerable chop. Charlie had arranged to meet Steve back at the marina and go and check on Greg and Laura. The chop was so bad that Charlie couldn’t get into the dinghy. Instead, we pulled up both anchors and moved the big boat around to the west side of Big Major Spot, just opposite the entrance to the Sound. Much smoother. Just about all the boats in the yacht club left, since they were all bouncing so much from the chop. Deb emailed and said they would go check on Greg and Laura. At least their connecting flight was later in the afternoon, so they wouldn’t have to worry about missing it. Charlie and I cleaned on the boat off and on all day. Hung out towels and rugs to dry that got wet during the rainstorm, or was used to wipe up water. The boat is all ready, or just about, we have a few last minute odds and ends. Will move the boat back up by the yacht club tomorrow morning. Troy and Lori arrive Monday afternoon, then Steve and Deb will come onboard Tuesday morning when we head to Cambridge again. It stayed windy all day, just subsiding slightly throughout. No more rain after our big shower. The sun even came out. This evening is much calmer, wind only blowing 10 kts. or so now. The anchorage is very quiet and just a slight roll from residual waves.
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