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Wyvern's Wanderings
One More Day
Phyllis Atha
05 May 2012 | St. James City, Florida
We were able to sail all night without the engine, but our speed finally got down to averaging less than 3 knots about 5:30 this morning, so Charlie started up the engine and we motorsailed the rest of the day. Just not enough wind, so I guess we are happy we went ahead and sailed last night. Tiring though. I did manage to get about a half night’s sleep, but Charlie only took cat naps, and not much of them. I made a big pot of pinto beans for lunch. Then cleaned some and packed up a few more things so they are easier to carry into the house. We pulled into Fort Myers Beach for fuel about 5:30 this afternoon and left there at 6:00 headed another 7 miles or so to St. James City on the south end of Pine Island. This will make our trip shorter tomorrow. We dropped the anchor just before sunset. Briefly thought about going into the restaurant for dinner, but decided we were both too tired, we’d just eat beans for dinner. Other than basically no wind, it was a pretty day, nice and warm and sunny. This evening is clear and comfortable. Home tomorrow!
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