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Wyvern's Wanderings
Phyllis Atha
06 May 2012 | El Jobean, Florida
The moon was absolutely gorgeous last night. Glad it came up early, because we didn't last too much longer than sunset having finished another 36 hour sale. Started out from St. James City at 7:00 this morning. Beautiful clear, sunny morning, but no wind. We did raise the mainsail with hopes that the wind would come up. But, we ended up motor "sailing" all morning. We did get some wind later in the day. As we entered the Myakka River from Charlotte Harbor, Skip, Kim and a whole crew came by on their catamaran to welcome us home. Then Cher and Shari, out on their small sailboat, the Essay, yelled hello, as they sailed by. THEN, Mark, Salli, Kris, Snuffy and Sandy came out on Snuffy's pontoon boat specifically to greet us. They blew horns and set off firecrackers. As we came up the canal, Dave and Cathy were sitting on the seawall several houses down from their home to welcome us home. We were really touched to have all our precious friends from the El Jobean Yacht Club come out to welcome us home. Mark, Salli and Kris were on the dock when we pulled up to the house to catch lines and after hugs, some cold beers, and a short visit, they insisted on helping us unload the boat. I was glad I had packed up a bunch of stuff and had it ready to carry off the boat. They probably saved me at least a half day's work and a whole lot of climbing in and out of the boat. After they left, Charlie put the battery charger on the truck and got it started. Then we drove down to the Chinese take-out for Charlie's Chinese food craving, then on to Wendy's for a small burger and fries form me. We spent the rest of the evening watching TV. Haven't had any television for 5 months. Lots of work ahead of us. Getting everything put away in the house and getting the boat ready for the survey and sale. But, its nice to be home.
10 May 2012 20:08:53Z
Glad you both made it home safe and sound. Hope the survey and sale go smooth for you! Get your land legs back and get comfortable.
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