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S/V Bluebottle

Dropped anchor 10 minutes ago, 3:30pm. Averaged 6 knots, which is better than motor alone, got a good push from the tidal stream. The tide is still running in, I notice the anchor chain has its own little bow wave. White cliffs, gray skies, metallic gray water, a few other yachts here, it's quiet, a wilderness. But even in the wilderness, though, take note there is mobile phone coverage and internet!

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7 knots Past Kingfisher Bay!

Well, it's 2 o'clock, and we are here much earlier than expected; the tide has given us a boost and for some of the time we've been sailing. Right now we're doing 6.5 knots. So the decision is to keep right on going, until we reach Ungowa, 7 miles further down south. At the rate we're going, with the making tide barging us, we should be at anchor by 3:30pm, time enough to go ashore, to buy some milk, bread and fruit. It puts us within easy reach of the shallows which we must cross at high tide tomorrow, 7 am. 6.8 knots now! 6.9!! Hey, 7. Love that tide.

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Nearly to Fraser Island

It's 11:13, Thursday, 18th November (in spite of the date above).

Can see the cardinal mark, a post out in the bay, just ahead, the GPS has it 1.4 miles ahead, 15 minutes. When we get to it I'll log out with Marine Rescue Bundaberg and log in with marine Rescue Hervey Hay, on the VHF radio. Each coast guard station down the coast will keep track of us, just as the PacSea net did as we crossed oceans.

Now past the cardinal mark. the next waypoint will put us between Moon Bank and Woody Island, right in the thick of it, so my next logon will be when we anchor. Talk to you later.

Pic: trawler passes, we wave ...

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Goodbye Bundy, Hello Sea
11/17/2010, Hervey Bay

Thursday November 18

Underway, upped anchor about a quarter to five, dawn. Dawn is before sunrise, when light is gathering. Motoring now at 6 knots, headed for Kingfisher bay, in behind Fraser island. Distance: 51 miles. We have consulted the tide book, and have got an ebb tide to get us out - and across Hervey Bay - and when it turns to flood it will pull us in to the passage by Great Woody island.

Tomorrow we need the high tide, 7am, to get us past some very shallow patches. Then - by Friday night - the wind is going to kick in, hard, from the southeast, and blow 20 - 25 for 4 or 5 days. This puts our "back home for Christmas" plans in doubt.

We will hole up in Garry's anchorage until the southeasterly blows itself out. Beyond that, I can't predict, even that I can't really predict!

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11/17/2010 | Philip Lowe
My wooden leg failed the termite test.They told me to hop it.
11/17/2010 | Joe Blake
Wooden it make you mad?!
11/15/2010, Bundy

Yesterday, Monday November 15, we passed the test - termite inspection test - the last test for us to enter Australia, including clearing customs, importing the boat (paying large sums of money), immigration and quarantine. We are now past all official barriers and heading for home.

The man from Elders Pest Control was friendly and polite and went through everything that opened. Then the hound was brought in, looking very cute in her mini uniform put her nose down immediately and started sniffing. ---Time passed. --- The message came back: you're clear, Joe!

We celebrated with a couple of cold XXXX's and a sandwich.

A couple of days before the full moon, maybe next Saturday, we'll begin our journey through the multistreamed world behind Fraser Island. Do take the time to zoom in on it in Google Earth, you will be rewarded. Just type in Fraser Island.

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11/15/2010 | Quent
Stoked all went well with termite search will be in Brisbane Sunday night for a couple of days maybe we can catch up
11/16/2010 | greg
Looking forward to your imminent arrival back home. did you keep the dog ?
Went For A Surf Today

The sea was a warm 24 degrees celsius, the waves playful, and the cold shower was luxurious. I took a photo (see below) - you can't actually see the luxury ...

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11/13/2010 | Philip Lowe
The Promised Land.

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