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S/V Bluebottle
Storm Winds And Moonrise

The winds blew over 30 knots today and I canceled a dentist's appointment to stay on board, in case another boat dragged. It was a wild day, until the evening when everything became still, and the moon rose, entangling itself in the wires of the Glebe Island bridge.

I put another of my Uke Plus Richard songs up on YouTube:

Chatanooga Choo Choo

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12/22/2010 | Jacaranda
Wishing you both a Happy Holiday and healthy New Year! Chuck & Linda (La Paz)
12/23/2010 | colin williams
Loved the songs on the uke, so good to catch that side of you. I want a uke too now, less stowage. Oh and you look just like I expected you to look, funny that as we've had no pictures till now. Hey have a very merry Christmas my friend.
Me and child prodigy play I shot the sherrif in Dom Rep, enjoy
Georgia On My Mind? Thanks, Richard

My old painter mate Richard Cutler came by the boat today and read poetry and told old tales from our nearly 50 year history together. And I videoed him reading Seamus Heaney's poems, and he videoed me singing a few songs. the first one is up on YouTube right now, and you can get there by clicking:

To hear Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans go to:

Do You Know What It Means

And ... To hear The Monkey Song go to:

The Monkey Song


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12/19/2010 | phil lowe
you shouldn't do that to man with incontinence problems.having said that,Hobart
needs real characters.
New Anchorage in Sydney Harbour

Having anchored two nights at Collins Beach (the second ashore at Claire's house) near Manly, today we motored almost the full length of Sydney harbour, to a new anchorage in Rozelle Bay. The photo shows us approaching Sydney Harbour Bridge.

My daughter Emma came on board for lunch with Adrienne, Nick and me.

Bringing this boat here has been a dream of mine! Now achieved.

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12/19/2010 | Philip Lowe
quis donatum rodentus rectum.
Bluebottle Enters Sydney Heads

The raw sandstone that underlies the whole of Sydney shows in the craggy bluff of North Head, glowing with the light of the setting sun, as Bluebottle rounds the corner and speeds toward her anchorage.

Eight O'clock daylight saving time we dropped anchor in Collins Bay, near Manly, just a tuck and a splice inside North head.

All quiet.

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12/15/2010 | Quent
It warms my heart to read of your home coming as I sit up here on the shore of the patialy frozen north sea.
Well done Joe and Adrienne a great achievment for which I achnowledge and admire you.
Enjoy your sojourn and the run to Tassie.
Bluebottle Heads for Sydney - Again!

Yes, after two days and nights at glorious Palm Beach, Pittwater, we are once again out on the briny, heading South in light winds, expecting to be anchored by 8 pm tonight.

Working the high tide and the forecast Nor'easterlies, we are hoping for a fairly quick and painless cruise to the land of my childhood and growing up, university and art school. Just like Tonga or French Polynesia, this is a foreign country - childhood, the young man breaking out, hopes and dreams, so far away, and poorly remembered. Yet the air tastes like home.

Sydney is a great town. Tomorrow some time with Claire, Adrienne's daughter, and Nick, who will sail with us to Hobart, then the next day to sail the whole length of the beautiful harbour, go under the harbour bridge, and find ourselves an anchorage in Rozelle bay, in the working port area.

Then to visit with my daughter Emma. Plenty of time, to catch up with friends. And have a bath.

Pic: This morning we bent on the original mainsail, mended in Nuku Hiva, after sending the ripped one back with Nick. Adrienne will sew it back together at Claire's house.

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Postcard: Crossing Bass Strait
12/14/2010, at sea

Dear friends,

As at 6:30 pm Thursday, January 6 -

We are 70 miles from Flinders Island and at the same latitude as its northern tip. Position 39 deg 37.5' S 149 deg 50.6' E, and 167 miles from Wineglass Bay. Almost certain to get there by Fri night/Sat morning, if the forecast strong NE'ly arrives soon. Smooth seas so far.

Love from the Capt. and crew of the good ship Bluebottle!

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